Anthony Montgomery: Enterprise Characters In Star Trek Sequel Could Bring Closure

Anthony Montgomery, Ensign Travis Mayweather of Star Trek: Enterprise, thinks that the cast for the last Star Trek TV show had more in them, and in a new Q&A suggests that some Star Trek sequel movie cameos might bring some closure for the fans of Enterprise. Excerpts below.


Montgomery thinks Star Trek Enterprise fans want closure

Anthony Montgomery just answered some fan Q&A at the official Star Trek site, here are some of the more interesting excerpts:

Montgomery on if four seasons was time to call it a day on Star Trek: Enterprise, and what was waiting to be seen with Travis:

Montgomery: I personally thought that we had finally found our sea legs, or our space legs, if you will. I thought by season four we’d actually hit a very nice stride. So I thought we would be around for three more seasons and do several movies, and everything. I really felt that after the Xindi arc, after we’d saved the world, that people were really enjoying the two- and three-episode story arcs that the fourth season was composed of.

Montgomery: Oh, we barely scratched the surface of Travis. I wanted to actually see and meet some of his alien girlfriends. We talked about them, but we never got to see any of them. The one girlfriend that we saw over the 98 episodes was human. I was like, “Wait! I wanted an alien girlfriend.” Also, I wanted to meet his sister. We had the episode (“Horizon”) where his father passed away, but I remember that we’d talked about Travis having other relatives, having a sister, and her having a husband. I was looking forward to actually learning more about his family. And because we’d done it so quickly in “In a Mirror, Darkly,” I was looking forward to playing Evil Travis again. That would have been a blast, because I think Empress Sato (Linda Park) and Evil Travis were about to run the mirror universe.

Montgomery wanted to return to the mirror universe

On if he would appear in the next JJ Abrams Star Trek movie:

Montgomery: Of course I would! And I would because I’m a J.J. Abrams fan. The guy is phenomenal, where his vision goes, and I think he did a great job with Star Trek (2009). I think it would be a lot of fun. I think if you brought in a group like us (the Enterprise cast) and mixed it with the inner mechanisms of the Star Trek (2009) world, I think it would be a complete hit with the fans – and the fans from every generation. Truly, I think for every fan that’s a fan of all of the series and all of the movies, those guys would actually love it. The fans had started to buy into us more by the fourth season of Enterprise, and I think they wanted to see more of us. It was like cutting their legs out from under them when we were canceled so abruptly as we were. And including us (in the next Star Trek feature) would give a lot of people closure.

On Scott Bakula’s assertion Paramount planned to do movies based on Star Trek: Enterprise:

Montgomery: I do remember them saying that they were not going to do movies for Voyager and that as long as the numbers kept getting better, then they did plan on doing movies with our series.

Montgomery (L) in Enterprise finale – thinks appearance of Enterprise cast in next Star Trek would give closur

For much more from Montgomery, check out the full Q&A: Part 1 & Part 2.

Montgomery on VH1’s "Single Ladies"

If you want to keep up with Montgomery’s latest project, he has a recurring role on the new VH1 sitcom, Single Ladies, appearing in the pilot and the second episode. Here is a clip.

You can watch both episodes with Montgomery at

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There will never be an Enterprise movie.

“There will never be an Enterprise movie.”

Thank God for that.

That’s a shame. I really liked the show.

I always figured that still existing prior to Nero’s arrival, at some point the films could reference an unseen event the NX-01 crew were involved in.

Like in TOS episodes, when Kirk and Spock would be investigating a planet a Starfleet crew had visited before. Repurcussions they left behind like “Return of the Archons” or “A Piece of the Action”.

There would be logs of course and cameos from that crew.

why not with movies… unless paramount simply didnt care to make any?

ENT was terrible. Recycled beyond belief: generic, unoriginal, safe; boring. Please, no ENT cameos in the new film. Let’s see the new crew. No Kirk Prime; no one else. The eyes of the Trekkies look to the future, not the past.

I’m pretty sure the villain is going to be the Klingons: once more! Hopefully, we get some of the great Klingon theme and other music; and lots of Bat’leths, Birds of Prey, Battlecrusers, and those Klingon outfits from Generations: you know the ones.

I think they (CBS) should have followed thru on the Direct to DVD idea and continued Enterprise that way.
How would that have hurt the feature film franchise with JJ Abrams when in order for someone to see new Enterprise they would have to buy it so no over exposure on TV.

Also, in the past I have seen a lot of negative comments about Mntgomery’s acting ability but every character I have seen him play since Enterprise has been done well so it had to be Berman and Braga’s writing and the way the actors were directed which explains the other actors hit or miss acting.

No, no and definitely not. Enterprise is done, they got their little shout-out in Trek 09, no need to go beyond that.

they think audience are too dim to understand how tv series and movies could differ in terms of canon

“Closure”? Seriously? Perspective people. It was not a tragedy that the show ended.

I think they should put star trek enterprise in the new star trek film, because the events that happened in the 22nd century was not altered by the timeline. star trek enterprise is part of both the original and alternate universes, plus it could bring some closure to the series.

I think Anthony is a little delusional about Travis’s future in the Mirror universe. Empress Sato will kill him 2 milliseconds after his usefullness ends.

On the Mirror Univers. How do we know that Archer was actualy Dead. The Poseon that Sato gave him may not have killed him. That is the way it is in the Terran Empire.

I’d rather have a decent TNG closure…

I agree with what others say that Enterprise is done. Would I have liked to see the full 7 years? Of course, I feel that Enterprise was really starting to get good with seasons 3-4 and I think the way they hit it with season 4 and the multi episode arc worked great. I’m surprised that not many sci-fi series with the exception of Clone Wars have tried this kind of storytelling – 3-4 episode arcs rather than season long or simply episodic, and its worked for Clone Wars too so far (say what you want about animation).

Still, I wouldn’t mind a cameo of Archer in Trek ’09. I love Bakula as an actor and would love to see him again. We do still have the novels coming out though, so if you need an Enterprise fix that’s where you should go. I feel the same way with SGU – a series that was just getting good canceled in its stride. I feel its the way the TV industry punishes writers because when a series is performing poorly in ratings, they want improvement. They deliver improvement the following season but because of already poor ratings ratings don’t improve and thus the show gets canceled. It doesn’t help that both SGU and Ent were promoted poorly by SyFy and UPN and were limited to small networks that just attract a niche audience (despite what SyFy might want, it will never reach much beyond its sci-fi audience because it already has a reputation of being a sci-fi channel and will never loose it).

13. Some might say TNG stole ENT’s, despite having said goodbye twice already.

“All Good Things”, probably the best series finale any Trek series ever had. Then “What You Leave Behind” from DS9. A huge gap… then VOY’s “Endgame” and bringing up the rear, “These are the Voyages…”

A shout-out to Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country, which gave Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest, their dignity back.

If only Nemesis had used that film as the template, instead of riffing off Wrath of Khan.

As much as I love enterprise and would love to see it come alive again, the fact is they would be VERY old. Jolene Blalock already proved she can’t play an old person to save her life. I shudder to think of how horrible the old people’s makeup would be if they brought the whole crew back.

As for the entire Ent. cast in the Trek sequel, uh, no simply because it’d be slightly stretching credulity that they’re all alive almost 100 years later. Elderly and angry Admiral Archer with Scott Bakula? that 100% needs to happen. And you can get away with T’Pol too. I forget was Pholx’s Denoblian species supposed to be long lived?

But, yeah, Really Old and Really Mad Admiral Archer chewing out Scotty over the conn would be gold.

Inconsistencies arise.
Just how did Archer’s dog live that long as to appear in ST09?

My wish for any next Trek would be a PLOT that has NO holes.
My two cents.

Enterprise characters should be referenced in any new property that depicts or refers to the history of the Federation and Starfleet. Haters be damned, ENT is canon!

A scene in one of the upcoming ST movies going back to the ENT era would be welcome, in my book. And another note to the haters: any ENT-era character in one of the new movies would get the new movie treatment, not the ENT-show treatment. Don’t go whining until you see it.

Lets pretend this show never happened.

18 – I just assume Archer went a little wacky in his old age and kept Porthos on ice and just defroze him once in awhile for a good pet / game of fetch / piece of cheese / transporter experiment.

If they couldn’t give the characters closure in their own finale, an appearance in someone else’s movie could never do it.

I like ENT, but they shouldn’t revive it. Just concentrate on the current movies and then make a new series based on the new universe.

21 – Or it’s Porthos’ great-great-great-great-great-etcetera grandpup. D’Artagnan the Fifteenth. Bob Barker is still around to tell people to have their pets spayed or neutered, but Archer clearly didn’t listen.

Ummmm….I consider myself an Enterprise fan. When the series aired its last episode, I had closure. Simple as that.

Don’t need or want 100 year old Enterprise characters showing up in Star Trek 2.0 to give me closure.

I don’t want closure! Closure is not necessarily a good thing.
Please don’t make the new Star Trek movie look like…like…well, like a Star Trek convention.

If the crew of ENT need some cameo work, why not lobby for a reboot of Enterprise as a new TV show, where they do it right this time, and then pad that property with cameos from the now aging stars of the old show.

Please do not cross-contaminate the new movie with any show other than TOS.

What’s wrong with him? Closure? He’s obviously mad… and a little stupid seeing as his character would probably be dead in the world of the next star trek movie. Enterprise STILL never happened in my books and it would ruin the next Star Trek movie completely.
I actually chuckeled at the notion when I read his comments.
But then again he did say “So I thought we would be around for three more seasons and do several movies, and everything.” and anyone who thought that is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Regardless of what you want, do you really think Hollywood cares? The bottom line is the Dollar. If they think it will sell that is what you will get. How many of you worried that JJ would cross Star Trek with Star Wars due to comments that were made before the reboot? And in my honest opinion it was a well founded concern considering with what they eventually ended up with. While it was a good movie, I don’t feel it hit it’s mark. Plenty of action with no real thought provoking ideas. Star Trek is best suited for TV. How many times can the galaxy be saved by Kirk and crew or whoever in a Trek movie and continue to generate interest?

No movie for Voyager…too bad because they never got a proper send off.

With a good enough story just about any character could be welcome by moviegoers. 100 years old or no. What I wonder is whether anything new will ever happen again in the trekiverse. Taking away history and planets hasnt created new yet. Is it all frozen in a fixed set of principal aliens and fixed leads and “we all fly around in superduper ships” (NASA era) thinking? Will any being ever actually be allowed to have an unattractive side or is it all still “we’ve evolved beyond that” and even if we’re villians we have internal integrity? Is it all military heirarchical teamwork and nothing else for the feds? Is the recipe set forever?

“Enterprise STILL never happened in my books and it would ruin the next Star Trek movie completely.”

Pretty funny that so many people feel that way, the irony being of course that after Trek 09, Enterprise is the only show to survive unaltered in the new trek univers.

Star Trek: Enterprise was a missed opportunity to reset Star Trek canon in a more positive manner rather than the nuking it got in the most recent Star Trek movie. Now I really enjoyed the movie and thought J.J. Abrams saved the Star Trek franchise with his rebooting, thus insuring that Star Trek movies would continue. It was the movie that should have been made after Star Trek VI. As for Enterprise the producers had a whole new century to explore, one that all the previous Star Trek movies and TV series had barely scratched the surface. Rebooting the Enterprise time frame actually makes the most logical sense for a new Star Trek series. It can be linked to the new movies as a prequel or just call it a remake with a different ship and crew with a more accurate linkage to the original Star Trek canon. They could throw in some references to the original Enterprise series and characters if they want. I wouldn’t. Just let it be a parallel universe story or just rumors and be done with it. If it was up to me the new series would be set in the build-up to the Earth- Romulan War or the cold war period that followed it with plenty of flashbacks to actual battles of the war. And it’s about time we actually saw what kind of world Earth is in the 22nd century. Not a utopia but a practopia. A nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. Kinda like the United States after the Civil War, or the post-war period after World War Two. There’s no way the Earth could come out of a war with the Romulans unscarred. As General Sherman said, “War is hell”.

Sorry Anthony- no one cares about ENT.

Haters gonna hate… Season four was pretty good imo. The series finale was a slap in the face but I don’t know that the new Trek universe is the place to rectify that.


Taking a throwaway line a bit seriously, aren’t we?

No enterprise cameos. No one wants next gen cameos and they would be preferred over anyone other than original cast.

I would settle for the next book in the “Roman War” series :(

“some Star Trek sequel movie cameos might bring some closure for the fans of Enterprise. ”

Yeah. All 3 of them.

Enterprise, and Anthony Montgomery in particular, does not need closure because it was awful, and so was he. On the worst Trek show, he got less material to work with than TOS Uhura – why would anyone need closure on that?

Since Ent was the only show that’s still canon due to Trek09, that makes it more appealing to stubborn people who’ll only watch trek from the abrams-verse.

So, I guess it’s inevitable.

I can’t believe people hate Enterprise but love the Star Trek: Phase II stuff… which IMHO is very damaging to people who are starting to explore Star Trek after the movie.
Of course I understand how much love and effort has gone into them…but they really are not a good representation of how good Trek can be.

‘Enterprise’ characters’ cameos in ‘Star Trek XII’? In the immortal words of Geordi LaForge: ‘Theoretically, it is possible.’

The new timeline and the known timeline have one series in common: ENTERPRISE. It is logical to continue the series SOMEHOW. It could bring together Roddenberry, Berman AND Abrams – Fans, if they would make it good.

But the idea is too good for going into production, I think ;)

#33 no one cares about enterprise… aside of a few million fans who are ignored by cbs and paramount ;)

If there had been more Romulan War and less Xindi the show would have worked but regardless of its flaws, the way the finale was handled was very disrespectful to the cast of Enterprise.

The only characters from ENT that would make sense to have a cameo in the new Star Trek would be either T’Pol or T’pau or maybe even both.

32. @Phil Edgly Good-O! I LIKE that idea. You’re right; there is so much pre-history to explore. And it might have tremendous relevance to what we are going through now in the real world: Peak Oil, constant war, inflation, food riots, natural disasters…what appears to be The End Times.
A re-boot of Enterprise, showing all that dark stuff that we know preceded TOS would be wonderful.

And we can explore a lot of near Earth history: First Contact, the Eugenics Wars and the rise of Khan, the infancy of Starfleet. WOW! You can even bring in other villains from the TOS universe who we know have visited Earth before, basically anyone who refers to Earthlings as “my children.”

Although the show would be kind of dark, embedded in it would be a message of hope. We know that the TOS universe (or at the very least, a re-booted TOS universe) is on the other side. Even George Soros seems to feel this is our destiny. In the 1990’s he predicted that we would be going through some prolonged hard times, but that on the other side there would be a bright future.

Paramount are you listening? Look it is not bad business practice to have a Star Trek TV show on the air. The fans are a little, you know, frustrated, that we have only: a rare movie or two, gaming, and books. Please consider the option of another TV show, and in this time frame it is not going to “dilute the brand” because it does not interfere with the movies, at all.

Just keep Bad Robot away from this one. Thanks.

Enterprise had it’s fans. There were still millions out there watching it. It didn’t live up to the same number as The Next Generation, but a few million are not peanuts. I agree with Montgomery that by season 4, Enterprise was on track (let’s not forget, for TNG and DS9 they really did not find their space legs till season 3 and 4 either). Paramount pulled the plug too early. Manny Coto brought a fresh perspective and finally put the linkages to what would be the original series there. Paramount was impatient. They wanted the season 3 and 4 success of TNG right from the gate. For anyone who has not seen the series, I always recommend they start with the 4th episode of season 4 and work backwards by season from there.

At the same time, I don’t forsee a mass Enterprise reunion in the next film. Perhaps a brief Archer cameo, but it is very doubtful all of the crew survived to 2258 and after. Like another poster noted, if you are a fan of Enterprise, the relaunch novels are out there and they decided to tackle the Romulan War (I think it is highly unlikely we will ever get an on screen treatment of The Romulan War now). I thought Michael Martin (and Andy Mangels on earlier novels) did a decent job and am looking forward to the next Romulan War book. As an aside, can someone tell me why there’s a 2 year gap between novels. Seriously, they’re going to need to put a synopsis of what happened to this point because I don’t know if I’ll remember everything.

Cancelling Enterprise was a travesty. Thanks to the suits lack of bravery, this series never had the chance to realise its full potential, which was very apparent in the last season.

Now we have a whole new universe, who’s events guarantee the unlikelihood of the 1701-D crew ever existing at all. Wiping out an entire planet and race that figures prominently in alpha quadrant history will have an enormous effect on how the timeline proceeds. Say goodbye to Picard & co.

Be sure to thank Paramount for taking the easy way out.

As always the needs of the many are outweighed by the needs of the few, or the one.

However, I also believe that the voice of the one, or few should not be overshadowed by the scream of the many.

I’d like to see more of any Trek, especially Enterprise. I think having the entire cast shoehorned into Trek 12 seems a bit unlikely, but, something a bit more than Admiral Archer’s beagle this time would make me happy.

ENT had closure just not with TATV (we can ignore that), am I the only person who doesn’t really want any cameos in Star Trek XII? I mean let the new cast stand on their own feet.

If push comes to shove ENT cameos would be preferable to TOS cameos.

I would however like references like in XI, ENT is canon and it’s the only series still canon in the alternate reality.

It’s too late to bring ENT back unless you want to actually remake TATV when they have actually aged 10 years and no pointless deaths.