Watch: Episode 3 of Transolar Galactica – A Star Trek Spoof

In June TrekMovie posted the first two episodes of Transolar Galactica, a web series that spoofs Star Trek, especially the look of the 2009 Star Trek movie. The third episode has been released and you can watch that below. 


Transolar Galactica Episode 3 "The Will To Live"

To catch up, watch the first two episodes, then come back for episode 3.

Description: When Samson, the Communications Officer of the S.S. Transolar, is injured, the crew has to decide what is to be done to "save" him…

NOTE: Contains adult lanaguage

(also on YouTube)

More on the series at

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Who are these guys, they’re fantastic!

I *wanted* to laugh. :\

I think these are really well done. Congrats!

Not that funny really.

It was that funny, really.

Yeah, pretty funny really.

“Always, with you, is bitch, bitch, bitch.” hahaha

Nah, these guys need to get jobs or something. If they don’t need to work then how about finding some charitable work? Either way it would be a far better use of their time.

@ #8: Oh Buzz lighten up. How bout you worry about your own life rather than opining on how others should lead theirs.

I will add that its horribly ironic that a guy who posts on a Star Trek forum as much as you do is speaking on other people wasting their time doing something unproductive ;)

These are really well made… but, of course, since I’m a Trekkie, I must bitch. They’re a little long, even at 3 minutes. If, on the other hand, you guys were to commit yourself to something with a real plot and to carefully pace it, you could have something really cool… along the lines of a “Dark Star.” Just a thought.

These are great. Keep up the good work…

Hilarious. I liked the part where he shot him and that music box music played. XD And the asian guy is my favorite~

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