Video Demo & Review of Star Trek PADD app for iPad

On MondayCBS released their new Star Trek PADD device for iPad. The new product has got a lot of buzz in the media with people saying it is an obvious match, but what does the new application actually do and how well does it do it? Well you can find out in the video demo and review below.


Video Demo & Review of Star Trek PADD for iPad

By: CBS Interactive
Price: $4.99 (iTunes)

What it is: Comprehensive Star Trek database covering episodes, planets, ships, food and more along with official Star Trek social networking feeds.

Pros: Very comprehensive content with fun to use LCARS navigation and Star Trek sounds

Cons: Some gaps in the database, Twitter and Facebook are read only, pictures can not be enlarged (these things can be rectified in future updates)

Bottom Line: A fun application worth the $5



here is another demo video of Star Trek PADD for iPad from ArcTouch (who made the app for CBS).

The STAR TREK PADD app is now available for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store  for the iPad in every one of the more than 120 international markets where the show’s five series are licensed.

Joseph Dickerson is a writer, User Experience Architect (and Star Trek fan) focused on designing effective and innovative on-line and mobile applications. For more from Joseph visit or follow him on twitter: @josephdickerson.

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