TNT Cancels Scott Bakula’s Men of a Certain Age

Earlier this month Star Trek: Enterprise’s Scott Bakula finished up the second season for his TNT show Men of a Certain Age. Despite critical success, TNT has just announced they will not be picking up the show for a third season. While you wont be seeing Bakula on TNT, both LeVar Burton and Jeri Ryan will be appearing on TNT shows this year. Details below.


No 3rd Season for Bakula’s Men of a Certain Age

For two seasons Scott Bakula has starred in the critically-acclaimed drama Men of a Certain Age, along with Ray Romano and Andre Braugher. The three play close friends who are dealing with life in middle age. The second season wrapped up on July 6th. Over the last two seasons the show has picked up a WGA nomination and two Emmy nominations for Braugher (including one just this week). However the ratings were not enough for TNT who issued the following statement on Friday (via EW):

TNT has been proud to be a part of Men of a Certain Age for two seasons. While the show has featured great storytelling and impeccable performances, the audience simply hasn’t built to the point where we can continue the series. This was an extremely difficult decision for us. We wish Ray Romano, Mike Royce and the terrific cast and crew of Men of a Certain Age the very best and look forward to exploring new programming possibilities in the future.

Here is a preview of the season 2 episode "Whatever Gets You Through the Night"

Here is a video (from a Paley Center event in March) of Scott Bakula talking about the show, including the low ratings.

Scott Bakula is the second Star Trek captain to have his show cancelled this year. In May CBS cancelled $#*! My Dad Says, the sitcom starring William Shatner.

TNT giveth while taking away

While TNT has cancelled Bakula’s show, in May they did give a greenlight to Perception a new drama created by Star Trek: Enterprise producer Mike Sussman and Star Trek Voyager producer Ken Biller. The show about an eccentric and brilliant neuropsychiatry professor who works with the FBI will also feature a recurring role for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton. And Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan will be returning to play the grifter Tara Cole for one episode in the current season of the TNT heist-show Leverage. The fourth season also features episodes directed by TNG’s Jonathan Frakes. No airdates yet for Perception or Ryan’s episode of Leverage.

LeVar Burton on the set of "Perception" with Ken Biller



have also greenlit Per a  new show feauting a Star Trek The Next Generation’s

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