Cryptic Reveals USS Enterprise F for Star Trek Online

Back in May Cryptic announced the winner of their Design the Next Enterprise contest. Since then they have been developing the design into a functional model for the Star Trek Online game and this week they have revealed the final ship. Check it out below and weigh in on what you think about it in our latest poll.


The next Enterprise

Here is the USS Enterprise-F for Star Trek Online.

The Enterprise F (click to enlarge)

The new Enterprise is based on the winning entry to the Design the Next Enterprise Contest from Adam Ihle.

Winning entry

You can read more about Cryptic’s process of building this Enterprise at

POLL: What do you think?

Weigh in on the new big E.




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Is this a new Enterprise or a Voyager refit?

Intrepid x Oberth

In typical fashion I expect lots of people won’t like this simply because it’s new. I admit I was skeptical when I saw the original concept design – primarily due to the necks extending to the outer edge of the primary hull – but I think the Cryptic art team has done a great job of cleaning it up and making it look professional.

If it was too similar to the previous ships people would have complained just as much. It has two necks, big deal. It’s a new ship class.

I looks like they’ve gone a bit overboard with the streamlining, it just looks a bit like a juiced up Voyager and no where near as elegant as the 1701-E did. It’s not a terrible design, it just looks a bit too streamlined. This is space, streamlining has no affect on the ship. Yet somehow it’s ended up looking like this. I’m not a fan.

Has nothing to do with it being new. It’s ugly.

But I’ve never much liked the direction that the ship designs went after TNG.

I hate how the saucer section is not really a saucer anymore. I don’t like how the main hull has been gradually fused in with the saucer section to make it all one continuous shape instead of separate.

To me the classic Enterprise designs, which includes the 2009 version are the best. When I look at these new designs it doesn’t say “Enterprise” to me. It’s just a space ship.

Great work, and very well done!

But I think it looks too much like the Enterprise-E.

Both in terms of shape and details.


#4 I agree. I don’t understand why the ships have gotten more and more streamlined, or airodynamic. This is space. The last several designs, and even the D version were moving too much in that direction. Too organic.

These ships look like they are designed to fly really fast through an atmosphere, or even under water or something. They don’t look like the Enterprise to me.

It’s not that interesting, I dislike this not because it’s new but because it’s not new at all… John Eaves and Herman Zimmerman ran out of decent original ideas it seems this just follows on from that kind of thinking, not very bold, not very imaginative and could have been stuck in the background of any past Trek TV series.

It just looks like the Enterprise – E and Voyager combined with the Prometheus.

Seems like Star Trek never dared to be different beyond TNG until Abrams took it over and gave the ships a faithful yet original look.

It’s just recombined pieces of the E-E.
How about something really new? Saucer & nacelles, but with new elements.
Dunno, just thinking out loud.

I think it looks like a vagina.

Looks like a whale. Enterprise should resemble a great bird of the galaxy.

Wow, and folks make jokes about how bad the JJ Enterprise is….that ship is ok, this one, kinda like voyager fell off a few more branches of the ugly tree. Still, kinda cool that a fan got to design it.


f is for fugly?

I’m just tired of this “generation” of design. More and more the ships look like they’re designed by designers, not by engineers. 1701 (movie edition) is still my favorite. It has a nice balance of engineering practicality and sex appeal in the lines.

PS. I liked that the original design combined elements of the d and the e (the f’s saucer wasn’t as integrated and had more of the shape of the d’s) – the final version’s profile is pretty simular to the e, and they made the saucer that voyager arrowhead. With everything else so streamlined, those gills on the side look really bloated.

So, yeah, looks too much like the e for my liking… and the parts don’t quite fit together.

Two words. Not Canon. There I said it.

Ugly, ugly, ugly. Looks like a pregnant guppy. Honestly, with so many better designs out there (Vektor’s USS Grandeur, for example) why do they keep going with this crap?

# 10
Grow up.

I like it, love the deflector dish, looks like a natural progression from the E.
And as far as the F goes, i’d like to see any of the critics do better… and win!

Sharks in space. Perfectly authentic late 23th/early 24th Century ship from the looks of it. In a sense, this sums up why I’m not very interested in going forward from Voyager, Nemesis etc. I wanted to see the Next Generation get a better farewell adventure than they did (possibly with the odd DS9 character like O’Brien along for the ride) but that was about it for me. Facinating for all those who are deeply into the political landscape that far ahead into the future.

If anything my facination was the 22nd Century and how the NX-01, other Earth Starfleet ships evolved in design toward the Federation ones. Also how that organisation came into existence. Enterprise built towards it, but at a pace that suggested its makers thought they had time to waste. Hints along the way, mainly the role Archer was going to play and incorporating the Romulan (Vulcan agents too?) threat introduced in Season 4… More that was to come and be explained.

20. CORRECTION – D’oh!

Perfectly authentic late 24th/early 25th Century ship from the looks of it.

NOT 23th/24th.

May Harve Bennett forgive me.

I’d rather watch Rebecca Black and Howard the Duck sing Phantom of the Opera.

Jesus, this looks worse than a DS9 kitbash.

I should add though that the design fits in with the rest of STO.

Looks ugly like the stupid Voyager design, they should go back to the classic design or the D style.

No wonder STO isn’t doing well.

22 – Not only is that wicked specific…but it’s hilarious.

And I have to agree that I am not a huge fan of this ship, but mostly because it looks like Voyager and the Enterprise-E were the victim of a transporter malfunction. Plus, no ship will ever be cooler in my eyes than the Enterprise-D.

Still…as far as being consistent with the look and direction, very nice work for whoever did that.

I should add I haven’t voted that I like or hate this. If I had to vote… it would be for okay, probably.

It seems to fit exactly with what I imagine would come AFTER the U.S.S. Enterprise of First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis.

Not a radical departure, as say the D was from anything seen up until that point. It’s a safe design as others have pointed out. Moving on from the E silhouette slightly by making it wider and keeping the sharp looking nacelles, with some callback to the U.S.S. Voyager.

No 10 – LOL

Its pretty….. but I would of rather of seen the Century Class Enterprise F instead (Those that play star Trek Bridge commander with mods knows what I am talking about…)

Finally a nice ship in ST:O. It is a beautiful ship. I like it.

I’ve been watching the updates on this over the last few months, and I really like it. It’s got enough familiar to D and E to seem part of a continuum, but also enough new things like the twin necks to not be a yawner.

I’d like to see a few more angles as well as how it looks separated, but I guess we’ll get that chance in the game.

All of the canon enterprise’s were fantastically designed. In my opinion the designer(s) of the F were trying too hard. Unfortunately an F is the socre it gets in my book.

Too squidlike. Too VOY. (And I hate VOY.)
What the hell were they thinking??
The JJ-prise is a masterpiece by comparison.
F this F.

I’ve been following since the beginning myself and I too am happy with it. When they first announced the winner and showed the concept art I didn’t like it, I felt it was too bulky, but now seeing the final modeled product, I like it a lot more now than I did then. It feels like a fitting evolution of the starship, especially given the starship designs that we’ve seen since the big E (Voyager and Prometheus).

Lots of questions though. Like what’s the history of this baby? What class is it? What type of armaments/crew capability, when was it commissioned, who is the captain?

And the biggest question of all – what happened to Captain Data and the crew of the Enterprise E? Did she go down in a blaze of glory like the Enterprise C or was she simply decommissioned at the end of her life, like the Enterprise A?


When you look at the progression between the Enterprise 1701 to the Enterprise D there is an evolution of design .
The Enterprise E was a huge change due to the fleet getting wiped out at Wolf 359 and better designed ships getting built to cope with the borg, but I cant see the reason of a Sovereign and Intrepid kit-bash and slapping a F on it.

Don’t really like it or hate it. It’s just okay…

I just looked at the Century-Class USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-F(that #30 said that everbody should look at). IT LOOKS GREAT-That’s what the ENTERPRISE-F Should look like. Thanks #30.

Whats the class name?

It’s ok…but I vastly prefer the design Mark Rademaker came up with for the Vesta-class USS AVENTINE. To me *that* ship is the Enterprse-F.

35, 40: Odyssey class. They even made a patch for its fictional development:

It looks like something that could swim under water, very squid like or whale like!

love it!

The Enterprise must have a round saucer…

@ 45. Khalifs

Round Primary hull -_-‘

Olympic Class u mean?

it’s ok. it obviously continues the look of tng-era trek. i prefer the design direction of j.j.’s trek.

That’s not a good design IMO. It doesn’t seem to flow at all. It has nothing to do with the fact it’s new. It has everything to do with it being, IMO, a bad design. It looks very Voyager and I thought Voyager was ugly. It does have an Enterprise-E look, but an ugly version. Again, IMO.

i like it. astetics aside, its a warship. its meant to project power. The sovereign projected power. IT also was meant as a warship.

and like some above already said: Not Cannon. so what is the problem?

until someone has the ballz t bring ST back to TV (not ever gonna happen, sadly), then the question of Cannon/Non-Cannon doesnt matter. its either you like the art or you dont.

but as far as STO goes, i hope to drive that big b*tch my self one of these days…

I’m with number five