CBS Extends Licensing Deal With Netflix To Canada & Latin America – Star Trek Included

There is potential good news for Star Trek fans outside the USA who feel they miss out on some of the latest things. Netflix and CBS have announced new licensing deal for streaming TV content in Canada and Latin America. The deals will include at least some Star Trek series. Details below.


Netflix & CBS extend licensing deal to Canada and Latin America

At the beginning of July Netflix began streaming every episode of Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise to subscribers in the USA. Deep Space Nine will also become available in October. The Star Trek content is part of an overall licensing deal with CBS. And now Netflix and CBS have cut a new international licensing deal for Canada and Latin America.

TrekMovie is still trying to confirm what Star Trek shows are included in the new deal. So far the only thing confirmed in the official press release are the original Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation for Netflix in Latin America. Netflix announced in early July that it would be launching in 43 countries across Mexico, South America and the Caribbean later this year. However, it is possible that more Star Trek is coming Netflix in Latin America and Canada.

TrekMovie will provide an update when we get more info from CBS and Netflix.


press release


CBS Corporation [NYSE: CBS.A and CBS] and Netflix, Inc. [Nasdaq: NFLX] today announced a two-year, non-exclusive international licensing agreement that will enable certain television shows from across CBS Corporation to be streamed instantly to Netflix subscribers in Canada and Latin America. The agreement follows a separate domestic deal announced between the two companies in February. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Beginning in September, and for only $7.99 a month, Netflix members in Canada will be able to enjoy both the current and complete back seasons for CW hit "90210," as well as past seasons of critically lauded fan favorites from SHOWTIME such as "Californication," "Dexter," and "The United States of Tara." Canadian members will also have access to a broad range of CBS library programming, including "Numb3rs," "Sleeper Cell," and "Twin Peaks."

Netflix announced in early July that it would be launching in 43 countries across Mexico, South America and the Caribbean later this year. Under this new deal with CBS, previous seasons of series, including "90210," "Medium," "Nurse Jackie," "Californication" and "Dexter," will be available for Latin American members to watch instantly, as will a broad range of library titles, including the original "Star Trek," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Charmed," and "Twin Peaks."

"We are pleased to be partners with Netflix as they rollout their superb service to new markets," said Armando Nunez, President, CBS Studios International. "This new arrangement—which does not compete with U.S. ratings or SHOWTIME’s domestic subscriber base—underscores the popularity of CBS content around the world, and illustrates yet another meaningful way for us to realize incremental value from our vast library of content."

"We are delighted to be expanding our successful relationship with CBS to our newer markets in Canada and Latin America," said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix. "We aim to provide the widest possible range of great TV shows so our members can always find something compelling to watch wherever and whenever they want."



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Its about time they tought of this.

The fans are saved a trip to the DVD store, unless you have your own collection.

any word on DS9?

Why is DS9 being launched in October?

yess !!!!

Good to see trek getting some great news. About fracken time.

@ 5

Hell Yea !

Just glad netflix canada is getting more content. I’m very satisfied right now. Netflix is a great invention.

I can’t stand Netflix; it’s mostly old crap & it doubles my bandwidth usage, which could cost me more money.

My cable provider has had a better on demand service for years, sure it costs more, but the quality of the stream is worth it, so is not clogging up my internet connection.

Netflix is also raising their rates, a trend I would expect to see them continue, as they expand to become just another TV provider.

I’ll take blu-ray thanks; it’s 1080p vs. Netflix 720p, things are never removed from my library unless I loan them out & i don’t have to sift through hoards of junk to find what I want.

Interesting. I was trying to watch Dead Stop (ENT) on Netflix today but for some reason they have that episode and A Night in Sickbay switched. So, I watched both. Could have been wose – they were both decent episodes.

As a Canadian may I say to Netflix; Sold!

The really good news is to those who were smart enough to buy Netflix stock back when it was cheap.

8. Interesting! I’m a real ENT nut and even I don’t like A Night in Sickbay very much… Maybe I need to see it again, it’s been a while and I was never very keen on revisiting it.

Dead Stop I loved and I liked the fact it continued on from Minefield, with the damage still not repaired and Reed recovering from his injury.

Oh, there’s a display model in Mayweather’s quarters, sitting on a shelf. It’s in the scene where Reed and Archer are discussing Travis’ final activities.

It’s supposed to be the Nomad probe from an Original Series ep called “The Changeling”.

Just thought I’d bore you all stupid with that facto. :)

MINEFIELD & DEADSTOP are 2 great episodes from season 2 of ENT. Its too bad you cannot get the commentary on DEADSTOP like you do on the DVD. Mike Sussman wrote that episode and he has an Audio commentary that has some nice insights to that episode.

A NIGHT IN SICKBAY is one of my wifes favorite episodes. I remember when they held the auction of the props from ST shows and that fake Porthos was one of the items for sale. I forget what issue of the current Star Trek magazine that showed the props and the dog was pictured.

Hi Anthony, when are you going to put up your review of Cowboys and Aliens? Thanks!

14. Lt. Bailey – Got to be honest with you. It’s the DVDs I watch… not being in the US.

So I envy you lot able to see ENT in High Definition. I’ve never actually seen it that way. I wish they’d hurry up and get the show on Blu ray… not that the 2005 discs aren’t bad looking upscaled.

Plus even if could, my broadband is limited to only so much GB a month. I already get threatening emails that I’m nearing my allowance, after 2 or 3 weeks! LOL.

My issues with A Night in Sickbay, just boil down to making Archer even more of a prick than usual… From the haters point of view, he was always like that I guess. :)

I also like Singularity a lot… Enterprise’s take on the “Let’s make the crew go apeshit at each other” storyline. Trip’s obsession with building the Captain a throne to sit on… we wouldn’t actually see a better chair for Archer until Season 4.

@1 Not only are they saved a trip to the DVD store: They’re saved well over 60 bucks a pop (for each season) of the show.

I for one am glad they’re doing this.

About time.

Great news. This will also help get a more international audience. I’m here in Cincinnati and am catching up with Enterprise. When the show came out on UPN, it was on a low powered station and was hard to get here in Cincy. The more I see of Enterprise the more I like this show.

And this will be extended to the UK…. when?

Deadstop is in the right order as it is the 30th released enterprise episode-netflix just has the titles listed in the wrong order–i didnt notice anything that looked like nomad-was it steralized?

>Netflix is also raising their rates, a trend I would expect to see them continue, as they expand to become just another TV provider.

From an article on the very matter….

“Netflix isn’t changing the $8 monthly price for an Internet streaming-only option…”

Not yet anyway. They raised the price of the DVD rental option, not streaming. If you’re streaming only, like I am, then nothing changes. I never understood the allure of mail ordering DVD’s…but I guess there are locations with limited selections.

21. It’s a transformer space probe! It’s on its side, and looks uncompressed together (if that makes any sense).

In The Changeling, were told it merged with another probe called Tan-ru. I think there’s a moment where they bring up a computer-library image of Nomad as it looked before.

Subscribed to Netflix three weeks ago. Love it. Watched “All Good Things” last night and the streaming was flawless. Much better than cable and with no commercials.

Good for NETFLIX users. I used to subscribe but at the time it was early so I didn’t get value from it. Plus, I cancelled right around the time Shaw started messing with their High-Speed service and magically by usage shot down by 30GB a month.

Luckily several months ago thanks to Costco & their heavily discounted pricing I picked up every Season of Deep Space Nine & Voyager. This past weekend I got the entire Enterprise series for $29/season. Only thing left to do is get my hands on TNG but I’m going to wait until CBS/Paramount gets that all remastered.

Slowy working its way to the UK?

I live in hope!

Just bought a smart brain for my dumb TV that includes Netflix, so I’m pleased Trek content is coming to Canada. However, my picture quality is less than great, kinda pixelly. Audio is fine. Not sure if that’s the brain, the TV, my current ISP package, going wireless down two floors, or all of the above.


By default Netflix now only streams low-res content in Canada (because of the CRTC’s decision to let ISP’s charge by the megabyte). To switch to HD you have to change a setting or two in your account settings!

#23 Chris,was it long skinny looks kinda like a wood sculpture rocket ship? i guess i did find it now-thanx

I LOVE Netflix!!! I can watch TOS any time I want to. And with the computer plugged into the 42″ LCD HDTV, I can watch them on the big screen without sifting through my DVD collection. One wierd thing, last week I watched TMP and TUC on Netflix and there were several other Trek movies available. But now they’re gone. I don’t get it. And the picture quality was great!! But now none of the movies except jj-trek are available. I wonder if they’ll fix that?

New error with TA

In the last couple days Star Trek: TNG has gone missing from Netflix Canada. When I look at my viewing history, the episodes viewed are listed, but when you click them the status states: Not Available. WTH?

TNG was available? I only joined 2 weeks ago. Any update on this? It would be great if we had the same ST selection as the US version