First Look At Joe Corroney’s Cool Alternative Cover Star Trek Ongoing #2

Comic Book artist Joe Corroney has revealed the second cover for Star Trek #2, the second entry in IDW’s new ongoing comic book series set in the new Star Trek movie universe. The comic hits stores in October. Check out the cool new image below.


Joe Corroney’s cool cover for Star Trek #2

Comic Book artist Joe Corroney has revealed the second cover for Star Trek #2, the second entry in IDW’s new ongoing series set in the new Star Trek movie universe (due in October). Corroney tells TrekMovie that it is his vision of a Starfleet recruitment poster (and so not really directly related to anything in the specific issue)

And if you missed it, here again is the regular cover and synopsis for Star Trek #2

Star Trek (ongoing) #2 (32 pages, $3.99)
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Stephen Molnar
Covers by Tim Bradstreet and Joe Corroney.


The lead-up to 2012’s Star Trek sequel continues here! Kirk and Spock face off against one of their own when crewman Gary Mitchell is possessed by an entity of unfathomable power. The next chapter in the adventures of the Starship Enterprise, a creative collaboration with Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Cover A:

Star Trek #2 cover

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AWESOME!!!!!! I want it!

McCoy with a yellow shirt? o.O

pants are wrong

I added a female andorian security chief to my own star trek Youtube comic. I hope she features as a more than cannon fodder. Out of interest, where do women display their rank in the short-sleeved uniform? They don’t have epaulets do they? Seems like an oversight unless they’re on their underpants? Stefan, you might be confusing Garry Mitchell with McCoy if you are talking about the cover of issue 2, although there is some resemblance.

Is it just me, or does Kirk look like he is checking out the Andorian girl’s butt

Er….the Vulcan (I presume Spock) can’t do the Vulcan salute properly?….ok

#2 – Huh? Where do you see McCoy in a yellow shirt?

#2 – One assumes that is a possessed Gary Mitchell, not McCoy. Though the resemblance is striking.

Yes, the actor that played McCoy in the movie would have been a perfect double for the actor who originally played Gary Mitchell. That would have been cool!

10 — I thought that was Gary Mitchell on first view, and I still think it is. McCoy never had laser eyeballs.

Oh, and Anthony, of course Kirk is scoping her assets!

That’s Gary Lockwood’s likeness, not Karl Urban’s.

Oops — my note at #10 was to #2; I didn’t mean to post to myself.


Would he be looking at anything else at the moment? ;]

And the comics look cool! Cant wait to get my hands on the first issue.

Spock doing the Live Long and Prosper hand thing WRONG??? Tsc, tsc, tsc…

Whatt bad cheesy cover, wrong in so many ways… by Kahlass, I could do better after drinking a barrel of bloodwine.

Kirk has a dumb college frat boy look to him. So yeah, he probably is checking out her butt and being obvious about it.

17 – Your point?

16 – Bloodwide is… wine, right?

Reminds me of the Gold Key comics, complete with inaccurate art!

Why is she standing like a model/stripper?

19. I loved how completely different those covers were from what was inside.

Is Mitchell a crewman or an officer? Is there a difference?

Kirk is checking her out. looking good.

@21 TOS Mitchell was a Lieutenant-commander and might even have been first officer (it was never clear in the second pilot). Star Trek loosely follows the rank system of the modern day navy. Key positions will be manned by officers who have undergone specific command training (Ensigns through to Captains usually) and they will have crewmen who are not officers below them doing the more menial jobs – Scotty doesn’t fix the ship on his own! Amongst the crewmen there will be non-commissioned officers (e.g. petty officers and chief petty officers) who have been promoted due to their experience (like Miles O’Brien and Janice Rand). They are technically inferior in rank to ensigns but may be given key positions. Some, like Rand, will undergo officer training and become fully fledged officers later on.

@ 18 You just popped in to nitpick, right? Thanks for the service!

20. Because it´s the 1960´s again, groovy!

Star Trek #2 cover …AWESOME!!!!

:-) :-)

Kirk’s totally checking her out. Who could blame him? haha

And that does look a little bit like Urban there. lol

15. Gracian – August 9, 2011

I agree.

Someone got my memo about more sexy Andorians I see :D

damn, that moves Andorians from #3 to #1 on my list. (#1 being WoW’s Draenei, #2 being Mass Effect’s Assari (what can I say I LOVE blue aliens))

The artist said it was a recruiting poster…so who says that’s supposed to be Kirk and Spock? The hair and rank insignia don’t look right for ‘Captain’ Kirk. I felt it was probably a random Vulcan and a random human.

Is it my imagination, or does the Enterprise look better in that drawing than it does in the movie?

Glad to see Stephen Molnar doing trek again, I loved the issues with the final mission of the Original Enterprise, also had the occasion of meeting him in Montréal, he was nice enough to autograph all 5 issues!

What happened to the Andorian’s thighs? Are they made on Jell-O?
Doesn’t make me want to join Starfleet that’s for sure…

@31 “Is it my imagination, or does the Enterprise look better in that drawing than it does in the movie?”

Who said that was suppose to be the Enterprise. I felt like it was a random ship in some random fleet.


31. Random Vulcan, random human and random yet hot Andorian. Go boldly up our officer’s miniskirts!

Hmm, that looks like one of Tobias Richter’s renders of the Enterprise in cover #2, I hope he’s ok with that.

what’ next?

are they going to remake TOS with puppets?

Honestly, this is awful.

R.I.P. TOS IDW books- you were good while you lasted & didn’t need that facelift-

Gary Mitchell – God of Lens Flares :))

@34 My only complaint with the “new” enterprise was the connection from the neck to the engineering section was too far back. In that picture you can’t tell if that’s the case or not. That makes me like it more just based on the angle alone.

I’m looking forward to the re-telling of “Mudd’s Women”!

(…and perhaps it will be Kirk, not Pike who has the first adventure on Talos IV to fit into the new continuity!)

Looks like the artist just photo-shopped the images used for the Halloween costumes.

@ Khan was Framed!

Amen dude, Amen!