Watch: Ships Of The Line Get Animated

Today we share another great video from Doug Drexler featuring animated versions of the 2012 "Ships of the Line" from the calendar of the same name. Check it out below.


Ships of the Line: Active Duty.

This video comes from the DrexFiles and was put together by Matt Boardman who put tother animations from the various artists who made the 2012 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar


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i just nergasmed. TU.

Doug is the man, as is everyone who contributes to SOTL.

Love it! Want more.

Ok. Get these ships in a new Animated Star Trek Series.

That was great!

Fan freakin-tastic! – Nerdgasm for sure!
Thank you all!

That is very, very cool. Nicely done!


Nice video!!!!


Nice, but the word “CALENDAR” close to the end is misspelled…

Absolutely Trektastic.

I’m glad he animates better than he spells. :-)

Wow! Think about that animation replacing the old animated series animation plus Secret of Vulcan Fury, Judgement Rites and 25th anniversary video games. Also for a brand new animated series! Incredible. Do it!

33 seconds and 1:35… make me want to pop in the classic movies! Most of it is really cool but those ones are my favorite.

I agree CGI animation like this proves that Star Trek can suceed as an animated series and since we’re not getting the next Star Trek movie before 2013 at the earliest, they should do an animated series in the meantime.

Seeing compilations of all the series and movies depicited gives me the idea that maybe the animated series could feature all incarnations of Star Trek and tell stories during or after all the shows took place and feature the voices of the real actors.

There could be something for everyone in the series. It’s a cool idea anyway and hopefully we will see an animated Star Trek if they won’t give us any live Star Trek show until the movies are through.


As someone who hated the JJ-Enterprise, I have to say that maybe it was down to shot composition as much as it was the actual design. Because in some of this, it actually looks pretty decent.

Great! I hope, they will make a good 3d animated series in the near future. It is possible to produce decent, nice, stunning moments as we have seen here.

Please issue a 6″ calendar this year. PLEEEEEASE!

WOW! This made my day.


That was AWESOME!!! The shuttle craft maneuver to haul @$$ away from the Klingon ship @ 1:05 is SWEET!!!
Two minutes of what I really want Trekwise!


Super Cool!!

I hate to admit it but Trek lovers can really only agree on a few things….Spock is awesome, we still don’t know if picard or kirk was the better captain….and Doug is the man. thanks guys for posting this one. Awesome stuff

okey….does any body want to help me get a petition going that basicly says the CBS should sponser a series or a series of semi low-budget animated movies based off these animations an a totally new Star Trek crew having great adventures….I say yes. How about you?

Oh…and sorry to be posting like this, but I had to say that this guy MATT is also the man (it must be noted he is the only who actually put this together) that is it I promise, and I will totally understand if I get penalized for this.

Nice job…

It’s Kirk.
We’re sure.



Almost fainted…… ;) Excellent work!!!!

Superb work people.

And it’s definitely Kirk

Nice. Especially loved seeing the Enterprise NX-01 refit on the move. I hope we’ll see some more of that one day.

I’ve done a couple of tribute videos to the prequel series, which celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Sept. 26th.

Teaser ► (3m 10s)

Tribute ► (8m 23s)

That last one is series wide, covering everything that is ENT… from the beginning.

Great, great stuff. Being a blueprint/sketchbook fanatic, I’m a big fan of Drex’s site.

Hell, even Church’s ENTERPRISE looked good in that. Almost.


Beautiful stuff. Absolutely beautiful. I’d also love to see more video clips like these.

And now for a little basic math: Kirk > Picard

God I am SO SICK of overly-dramatic choral music in trailers.
Animations were lovely though. :)

Very, very nice!

that was awsome!