Win A Walk-On Role For Star Trek Sequel In Super 8 Sweepstakes + Abrams Gives Brief Update

st100Getting a chance to appear in a Star Trek movie would be a fan’s dream come true. Well Paramount and JJ Abrams are going to give you a chance with their new "Super 8: Watch It & Walk-On" Sweepstakes. Details below, plus a very brief comment from Abrams on the status of the sequel.


Win a walk-on role for Star Trek sequel

As part of their promotion for the release of JJ Abrams Super 8 (due in stores on Tuesday), Paramount Home Entertainment has put together a sweepstakes that can land you a walk-on role for Abrams Star Trek sequel.

The “Super 8: Watch It & Walk-On” sweepstakes will award two winners (non-speaking) walk on roles for the movie (which TrekMovie recently reported starts production on January 15th). Winners also recieve travel and accomadations for two nights.

To get a chance to win, just visit and answer three Super 8 trivia questions. The sweepstakes starts today (November 20th) and runs until December 4th. The contest is open to adult US Residents (18 years old) and you can submit one entry per day. 

Pick up JJ Abrams Super 8 this week on DVD or Bluray. You can pre-order at Amazon.

Abrams brief Star Trek sequel update

Speaking of JJ Abrams, Super 8 and Star Trek. The director gave EW an interview for the home video release of Super 8 and the subject of the Trek sequel came up in the context of Abrams trademark secrecy. JJ gave this very brief summary of how things are going:

EW: But by being so mysterious about your projects, like Super 8, you make people even that more eager to figure out what it is ahead of time.
Abrams: I think a fun aspect of not knowing is wanting to know. I think we’re so accustomed to getting what we want instantly that it’s nice to have to wait it out. It’s never meant to be a trick to get people excited and freaked out. The fact that that ends up being a result of not getting all the information and knowing answers to what’s going on in a show or in a movie, it says that there’s a kind of value in it. There’s fun to be had in anticipation, there’s nothing wrong with living with that and being a little bit hungry for the answers. It will make the answers, if satisfying, that much more rewarding. Getting the answer instantly deflates the importance of the moment because the instant you had that itch, it was scratched. I think there’s something great about protracting that itch a bit so that when you finally get there and see the movie and get the answers and understand what the story is, you’ve lived with and you’ve engaged with it and it’s more meaningful because of

EW: Coming on the heels of that, this question is going to be both ironic and quite likely hypocritical: How is Star Trek 2 coming?
Abrams: [Laughs] Good, good. It’s coming along great.



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How cool! Good luck everyone!!

I wanna be in the movie!

Yet again, you have to be 18. Poo on that.

US Residents?…D.h..m… What about Moon Residents??… Hellooo JJ Abrams!!!……… LOL

I wanna win! Will I? Highly unlikely.

Good, good…………….then good…….. :-) :-)

Entered! :D

I like the way JJ is quite happy to take box-office revenue from all over the world, but only willing to hand out prizes to US citizens. Those rules are screwy!

Spoiler alert!! Geeez JJ!

me me me me

@8: It’s not a JJ-specific thing. You’d be amazed how many contests you get screwed out of just by living in Canada — or Quebec, if by some miracle the contest is open to Canadians… :P

Just entered. I was surprised by how well I remembered those questions, considering the fact I’d only seen the movie once, a couple of months ago.

jj punishing us harry, sucks to live in toronto sometimes. Would have been awesome to get into the next movie and get blinded by the bright lights and try to mack on zoey

I would like to think my request a few days back had something to do with it, but I’m sure this idea was set in motion long before.

In either case, I’m entering!

i entered the contest & I found the answers easly by serching some websites about super 8 & i have not seen the film yet hum.. so good luck every one!

9.boborci – November 20, 2011
Spoiler alert!! Geeez JJ!

what to super 8 or star trek, bob the gig is up mite as well spill the beans on trek!

we fiugred it out ha!

Well, that sucks. So, in essence, Star Trek starts and ends in the USA. Kinda makes me laugh in a sad sort of way – Star Trek is supposed to be about exploring other places, people, civilizations etc and yet the very wealthy makers of a movie series with such an expansive and noble mission, cannot make a competition that is open not only to two US residents, but also to two non-US residents.

Newsflash – The USA is not the whole world. There are billions of people and more than 100 nations outside the USA.

And some Americans wonder why some others in the rest of the world (ie the majority) may not always have such a high opinion of the US on how it interacts (or doesn’t) with non-US residents, except, of course, when it comes to taking their money.



Usa only contests and online clip usa only region links has always pissed me off.

Prolly has something to do with taxes, rules and regulations and govt red tape.

Winner, here’s what they don’t tell you,,,
Your going to be on a set (a warehouse, prob a hazardous waste plant) all day long, you won’t be able to wander around, you won’t be able to do much. When the time comes it will be akward, your part will be cut or at the most run by so fast you won’t even be able to tell it was you.

Still want to win this contest?

@ 19 David Jones/790

If I were 20 years or more younger: Oh Hell yes!!!
At my age now: Life is too short. Screw it.

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE let me be in the movie. I saw Super 8. Said nice things about it, too.

It is not a JJ Abrams thing, and it is not a United States thing. Sweepstakes fall under a tangled ball of international laws related to gambling. Every country (and sometimes, as with the US, different provinces within one country) has different rules. Advertising firms and Hollywood directors don’t hate people overseas just because their country’s laws on gambling make it difficult to run a sweepstakes there. There are certain states within the US where they are prohibited as well.

But let’s sensationalize absolutely nothing into yet another international internet argument. Please.

I absolutely love the way JJ thinks and handles things. From a fan’s perspective it’s perfect and yet horrible at the same time. I like to learn bits and pieces of spoilers but at the same time I want to be surprised going into the theater and letting the emotion hit me for the first time. JJ is the best.

I wanna win … walk on with a Star Wars Light Saber…

Oh I am so go9ing and entering!!! Geez Bob,you think you could give us a spoiler too? Like,do you have the lights working where you plan to flim? :)

So will the walk on role be a Klingon henchman, or Khan’s Henchman, or as a carnivorous tribble :)

or maybe a…………..GORN!!!!!!!

19. Well yeah. That’s what being an extra, or walk-on, or hell, even one of the cast is like. I’ve been an extra in movies before and I always found it kind of annoying when people would complain a lot. It’s a job like anything else and you’re working for them, not the other way around. It just so happens to be a job most of us would covet, even if we don’t end up on screen.

I don’t want to be in it, i’m worried i’ll end up in a life-long feud with Chris Pine and you guys will all hate me for it! :-p

Not news….

I’m still awaiting on my green card! :-}

I wonder if Paramount in other countries might consider doing such a competition.

Mongo wonder why people not get contest rules. Mongo live in U.S. Mongo know that other country have contest Mongo not allowed to enter. Mongo OK with that. People mad at U.S. because of cooler contest? How that make sense?

Also Mongo know that Star Trek about all type people from all over. But Star Trek show is business based in U.S.

Mongo know that you not always escape reality with fantasy.

Mongo want contest peoples to know he be good in movie.


Knock it off, will ya? The rules are what they are. There’s no conspiracy going on!

Maybe your best approach would be to ask Bob if J.J Abrams would consider filming at least a portion of the (potential) third movie in New Zealand.

Oh wait, I forgot, you were complaining on the Hawaiian thread about how the studios were getting tax breaks to film there, and how that made you angry!

Bob, when I win this please put me into a scene with Zoe, OK? : D

19. David Jones

Yes. BTW, since when is a brewery considered a “hazardous waste plant”? heehee.

signed, sealed, delivered – 2nd entry!

@19 – Oh and though you probably won’t meet anyone other than casting crews or see much during the walk on, it is still exciting to see some of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Especially something as near and dear to our hearts as Star Trek!-

When I wasn’t working with the costumes on Secretariat, as an extra, I was quietly watching, out of the way, not bugging anyone for many hours of re-takes on a cold, rainy day at Churchill Downs. Only a glimpse of me and my family in the movie. But, that didn’t matter, it was about my favorite horse. Though I don’t know if I would do it for just ANY movie. I did it on Secretariat because I would have loved to have seen him race, and it since I was too young to see his accomplishments, it was the next best thing.

I collect Secretariat items as well as Star Trek items. That’s it. (aside from telescopes) It was so ironic that I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for a movie to get to work on about something I cared about. How fun would it be to be able to do both movies?

Long shot yes, but worth a shot… :D

OK. I did not know what the rules were for Sweepstakes but if these kinds of rules apply to doing Sweepstakes, why not do a different kind of competition which can be more inclusive?

BTW, RDR, I was not the only one pissed off either by not being eligible to enter because we were not US citizens.

That person asking JJ the questions needs to get up to speed- Star Trek 2 came out several decades ago now. I guess JJ was just too polite to point that out.


The movie that came out almost three decades ago was actually “Star Trek II”, not “Star Trek 2”.

Therefore, the person asking the question was right to refer to the upcoming sequel as “Star Trek 2”.

The sequel to “The Motion Picture” was denoted with the Roman numeral II, leaving the #2 free to be used at a later date. That’s the beauty of it all; the ability to have two different “Star Trek Two”s!

Winner: It’s a real honor to be in your new Star Trek movie Mr. JJ, uh, sir!

JJ: Yeah, that’s great kid! Here, take this pad and stand over here in front of this flare light. You’ll look great! ACTION!

Imagine William Shatner would win this… ;)
I wonder if they would deny him the part… :)

Good try, RDR, but i’m not convinced. ;-)
Besides, they’ll be giving the new one a title and not a numeral or a number so we’ll just have to muddle along until then.

41. Admiral_Bumblebee: Imagine William Shatner would win this

I hope he does!!! And if I am the 2nd winner —WOOT

#42 RDR is correct. Using arabic numerals to distinguish this movie from the movie using roman numerals makes sense. Sure, they both represent the number “two”, but within a different series of films.

People usually refer to “Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan” as either TWOK, or “Wrath Of Khan”. Hardly anybody refers to it as “Star Trek II”.

So the next movie could be called “Star Trek 2: Giant Space Log” and more people would refer to it as “Giant Space Log” then “Star Trek 2”.

The “Star Trek 2” part would be done to distinguish it from the TNG movies.

The first J.J Trek movie was simply called “Star Trek”. So it would be natural to call the next one “Star Trek 2”. It’s a new series of movies.

But on the other hand, maybe they’re going to go the James Bond route and leave “Star Trek” out of the title.

And of course, I wouldn’t expect the next movie to be called “Giant Space Log”. I just made that up.

From here on out, until we know differently, it shall be known as “Giant Space Log”!

Make it so!

Mongo want know if movie called Giant Space Log if that mean it about Doomsday Machine? That be only TOS show Mongo want see as movie.

Mongo think that change Nemesis to Giant Space Log. That what movie smell like.

Do giant space logs smell?

Mongo say they do if not have stuffy nose.

unless i missed it, there is no “submit” button on the sweepstakes/questionaire site. i entered all my information, but there is nowhere to “submit”??