Watch: More Kirk v Shinzon in Int’l Trailer For ‘This Means War’

New trailers have been released for Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pines’ next film, This Means War. The McG-directed action comedy is a "spy vs. spy" face-off with Pine fighting Tom Hardy (aka Shinzon from Nemesis) to win the heart of Reese Witherspoon. Check it out the new trailers below, plus the new poster. 


More Kirk v Shinzon in ‘This Means War’ Int’l Trailers

Star Trek’s Chris Pine will be facing off against Star Trek: Nemesis bad guy Tom Hardy in the action-comedy This Means War. The two CIA agents are fighting over the affections of Reese Witherspoon. The McG-directed film comes out February 17th, 2012. Here is the new international trailer.

UPDATE: And here is another international trailer

And here is the official teaser poster for the film

You cal also visit the official site at

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On that poster, they both look like they’re about to shoot Reese Witherspoon in the boobs. Which seems counterproductive, considering the plot.

I think the latest international trailer is not presented in this article …

It is in the link below:

:-) :-)

…I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Chris Pine’s character is saying:

“I am a crew ship captain of a very large vessel. My small friend here is a kickass travel agent.”

………… funny…. Captain Fine!… :-) :-)

Trailer looks good, I might check it out in the theater, I need a good laugh.


If you are really so sensitive … you’re in the wrong place …. :-) :-)

I know these trailers have received the usual negative crap that people love to liberally put about on the internet, but I have actually enjoyed watching both trailers, and it is not just because Chris Pine appears in them. I think there is some genuine humour. I hope what is seen in the trailer is not the only humour to be had in the film. I doubt it. The film debuts on 16 February here in NZ, one day before the US. I don’t need to tell any of you where I will be on that date…:)!

Looks like a good buddy – spy – comedy … thing
I bet Hardy replaces D Craig as the next Bond . After DC makes his last one.

Wow, this really looks like crap!

I got really annoyed watching the two minute trailer. I think I would slit my wrists if I had to sit through the entire movie.

#9 Well just don’t slit your wrists anywhere near me…Lord have mercy.

Love the actors. Oh boy, McG. This director is all about stupid action. I’ve seen his Terminator and it could have been much better. Will wait for the critics before I see this film.

as a screenwriter these trailers excite me. the film looks like a lot of fun. on another note…Pine is hot but Hardy is sooooooo HOT! :P

I am beginning to think that McG is good at doing over-the-top action comedy like Charlies Angels, which I loved, but perhaps not so good at more serious action type movies. Therefore I am actually quite hopeful that this movie will be a lot of fun.

Of course, I am going to have to disagree with kevin…Hardy is hot but Pine is soooooooo HOT!…;)

@13 I was thinking the same thing with McG and his over-the-top action comedies.

on the other note…


But … they’re fighting over Reese WItherspoon.

I don’t know if I can suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy this.

I think that the Lauren character may be what they think they are fighting over, but I think that it quickly turns into a competition between the two of them with a lot of point scoring. She’s just the initial excuse.

I read so much criticism and even hate towards Reese Witherspoon. I just don’t get it and I don’t really want to either. Too much hate in the world already.

I actually liked the Charlie’s Angels movies. Particularly the scenes around Griffith Observatory.

This movie has a similar vibe, so maybe it’ll be fun.

Good to see Tom Hardy again. This looks very promising.

How can anyone say this looks good? This film looks like absolute rubbish. Directors like McG and Micheal Bay should be making video games for X-Box, motion picture…They are everything that is wrong with modern cinema.


1/ Hire good looking people
2/ Come up with a generic script that is full of tough guy dialogue that appeals to a crowd that is barely sophisticated enough to follow along with your avg sitcom.
3/ Lots of quick cuts
4/ Lots of loud things exploding.

This looks like an early contender for The Razzie Awards.

This looks cool.

Thing is, 19 (Ivory), the opposite could be true. They could be appealing to the (so-called) lowest common denominator and in fact have a decent movie with a good plot.

And in any event, not everything has to be a postmodern interpretation of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Sometimes we just want to take our significant other or friend (etc.) to a popcorn movie that they may like for the eye candy, kewl ‘splosions, and associated appeal.

While not necessarily nutritious, sweets are okay in moderation.

Soon as I saw McG’s name, I knew – this one is going to be so bad, not even MST3K could make it enjoyable.

@21 well put.

there’s room for every kind of film for all movie-goers. while I might not agree with how Hollywood is run I have no problem with popcorn movies or serious Oscar contenders.

This is Tom Hardy’s first foray into comedy – not so for Chris or Reese. From the little I can tell from the trailers, Tom does not seem to be doing too badly. I think that most Tom Hardy fans might see this, just to see how he handles doing comedy.

Thanks, 23 (Kevin).

I think Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor. Just watching him in a British drama called The Take. Fantastic piece of work. Glad Nemesis didn’t finish his acting jobs

Sorry, but Chris Pine will NEVER be Kirk, only the Shat.

Chris Pine is already Kirk and will be again in the upcoming sequel.

@24: He should be pretty good — he was lots of snarky fun in Inception.

“You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” :D

This is the kind of crap Ashton Kutcher would make…Pine should 1/ look for better material 2/ Fire his agent.

Even it is the kind of crap that Ashton Kutcher would make, the mere presence of Chris Pine, along with Tom Hardy, immediately turns any “crap” into classy “crap”. If I am going to watch crap, I want my crap to be classy!

Of course, none of us have actually seen the entire movie yet. I think it really depends on whether the glass you are looking at seems to be half full or half empty…

“Even it is the kind of crap that Ashton Kutcher would make, the mere presence of Chris Pine, along with Tom Hardy, immediately turns any “crap” into classy “crap”. If I am going to watch crap, I want my crap to be classy!”

Uh, no. You sound like a real fanboy (or girl) with that statement.

Ivory is 100% correct…This movie looks like simple minded trash that will soon be forgotten except by the Razzie Awards.Perfect Ashton Kutcher material. What a night it would be for the simple minded to watch Kutcher’s “Two and a Half Men” and then run to the cinema to see “This Means War”

People are so easy to please these days.

Uh … I am seeing that there are people sophisticated and classy here who know a lot about “Ashton Kutcher”… ah trolling sophisticated is everywhere … :-) :-)

#30, #32 – I have not seen much of Ashton Kutcher’s material, so I wouldn’t know. However, it does appear that you two people do know a lot about his work. How simple minded of you to bother watching what you call trash and then come here to talk about it, comparing it with a movie that has not even been released for general public viewing. Now that is DUMB.

BTW, I live in NZ and we have not seen the latest “Two and a Half Men” series with Ashton Kutcher.

Do you have a problem with fanboys (girls)?

I must say that I’ve never enjoyed that Charlie Sheen show and that after how Sheen made a complete and utter [rude word for a close relative of a donkey] of himself via what was popularly thought to be drug-fueled and/or brain-addled rants and assorted stupidity, I would never want to.

Sheen’s misbehavior is part of why Hollywood is such a laughingstock of the world, to the extent that it is. It makes a circus maximus of what already is a place of dubious morals and, by now, nearly nonexistent moral authority.

The media make a much bigger deal out of the shenanigans of people like Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan than they ever make of people living and working in Hollywood who carry on working hard, doing what they can for those less fortunate through charities etc. It is the filthy old squeaky door that gets the attention while the decent, well oiled doors get ignored and largely taken for granted.

Of course, if the press does highlight any good done by any actor/celebrity, then people often see this as posing for publicity and narcissism on the part of the actors/celebrities. Some of it may be, of course, but I like to think that this is not always the case. Sometimes you just can’t win.

24 – “This is Tom Hardy’s first foray into comedy” – so Star Trek: Nemesis doesn’t count? >;>}