Watch: Simpsons Holiday Episode Full Of Star Trek Gags

For their holiday episode this year, The Simpsons went into the future where we can see how things turn out for Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa. And this Simpsons future is full of nods to Star Trek. The episode is now available online, see clips below.


Simpsons go Star Trek

The holiday episode of the Simpsons "Holidays of Future Passed" took the Simpsons family into a future where Bart is a divorced dad, Lisa is married to Millhouse, and Maggie is a Lady Gaga like rock star soon to be a single mom. The future was also full of Star Trek gags. And here they are (via Hulu, sorry non USA people):

Bart’s apartment (as his old school) includes a transporter:

Homer’s holographic book has been Borgified (look closely)

Dr. Hibbert gets a cool Geordi VISOR:

And the dog and the cat have evolved into what appear to be Talosians. Also note the Simpsons Christmas Card has mention of Rigel VII (from Star Trek and home planet of ubiquitous Simpsons aliens Kodos and Kang).

Enterprise in previous week’s episode

The holiday episode made two weeks in a row for Star Trek gags on The Simpsons. The previous week’s episode (The Ten-Percent Solution) had a quick glimpse of the USS Enterprise at the Museum of TV.




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I must have blinked when the bullet ricocheted off the Enterprise as I was expecting to see the model.

Argh! They have blocked these video clips to International Trekkies!

I’m missing the borg reference on the holobook.. Can someone help me out here?

Love it!!!

not ONE of them is available in germany. argh!


Homer was reading “The Hardy Borgs” book and the book cover showed two borg dressed as the “Hardy Boys”.

@#2 and #5 – Can’t see the videos here either…

you non usa people can at least see the screen caps though right?

yeah, we can see the screen caps. like seeing the cover of an book, without getting a look at the pages

Wow, not one laugh in the lot. Pathetic. Just cancel the show already!

Just go to wtso or sidereel or somewhere and watch it…
Best episode since season 21.


Cool silly stuff.

if any show they need to cancel is ALLEN GREGORY,

ive actualy found this season of simpsons FUNNY the past 5 years have sucked,

ALLEN GREGORY SUCKS!!! PURE GARBAGE, i can hear Joha Hills career CRASHING………..

#3. Read the title of the book.

Has anyone noted that the title of the episode is a spoof on the Nicholas Meyers book “The Seven-Per-cent Solution”.

Meyers co-wrote/directed Star Trek 2 and 6 and co-wrote Star Trek V.

Just sayin…

oops… I meant to say “co-wrote Star Trek IV”

The difference in one roman numeral is staggering…

Trek tech is not quite there yet.

One day these clips will be open to the UK!

However, more awesome proof that Trek is in the very blood of worldwide pop culture.

Merry Christmas everyone x

USA, USA, USA! haha. : )