Video and Pix Of Paramount Rose Parade Float With USS Enterprise

As reported earlier, Paramount Pictures had their first float today as part of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. Celebrating their centennial, the studio’s float featured some icons from Paramount films, including the USS Enterprise soaring over the Paramount mountain and gate. See video and images of the float below.


Star Trek Part of Paramount’s Rose Parade Float

Paramount Pictures featured the U.S.S Enterprise from Star Trek amongst other Paramount Pictures icons such as the Grease car and Transformers Bumblebee at the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade. The “100 Years of Movie Magic” float included the Star Trek 2009 version of the U.S.S. Enterprise. (As a note of correction to our earlier article, TrekMovie was originally told by Paramount the float would include the original series ship design). The float also featured a person dressed as Mr. Spock waving to crowd with a Vulcan salute!

UPDATE: Video from NBC coverage (Al Roker does brief Kirk impression, saying "Bones!")

Check out video of the float from Hallmark Channel.

The float is 55 feet long and 26 feet tall, and the Enterprise was decorated with rice, silver leaf protea, and black seaweed and it included blinking lights. The makers of the float also released images of the build in progress on Flickr.

Rose Parade Paramount Float-10

As a “six degrees of Star Trek” trivia note, the Paramount float also features the plane from Wings, the 1927 film that was the first to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was direct by William Wellman. Wellman’s son, William Wellman Jr. has appeared as a Bajoran on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s episode “Favor the Bold” and played Charlie Evans in the Tim Russ directed fan film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

Congratulations to Paramount Pictures on both its 100 Anniversary and its Tournament of Roses float.

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