First Look At Titan’s New Mr. Spock Bust

Titan Merchandise has just announced the latest addition to their growing line of Star Trek busts with a classic Mr. Spock, coming this summer. See below for a first look and more details. Plus info on the rest of the line coming this year. 


New Mr. Spock Bust coming this summer

Titan Merchandise has announced the latest addition to their range of limited edition Star Trek Masterpiece Collection of busts with a classic Mr. Spock statue. This will be the fifth release in this growing Star Trek line of 8" detailed polystone busts.

Titan promises:

The Mister Spock Maxi-Bust celebrates Leonard Nimoy’s legendary performance as the one of the greatest Star Trek icons of all time – the unforgettable Mr. Spock. This is an incredibly detailed piece with a note-perfect, never-before-seen replication of Spock’s Starfleet uniform, tricorder and phaser.

The retail price for the Spock Bust is $79.99 and it will be available in June or July.

More Titan Star Trek busts for 2012

As noted, Titan has previously announced four other Star Trek busts for this year. You can pre-order all of them at Entertainment Earth.











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Really want the KHAAAAAAAANNNNN one!

Make it so…

These are really well done! If only I had the money…

OHHHHHHHH GOD, WANT. *grabby hands*

Good likenesses!


Hire a sculptor who understands how eyebrows work!

Likenesses are good if each of them is about to turn into the Hulk.

There is only one type of bust I care to invest any time on & these aren’t it.

Perhaps the worst likeness of Quinto I have seen yet.

Those look good! Kirks always seem to be hard to get right, both old and new, but that Kirk bust actually looks like Shatner.

Likenesses are decent on most of them, but not close enough for me to want to buy.


Look at the pics again. The Spock bust is based on Leonard Nimoy.

That closeup of Picard makes him look like he rides the short bus.

And this bust of Mr. Spock shows how you hold the Tricorder so the TV camera can see it, instead of it being convenient for you to use.

If you click to enlarge the Kirk bust, I swear he has a slight touch of a Next Generation Romulan forehead going on lol.

WHy not just give me the entire doll?

Would of preferred Kirk & co in their movie uniforms for a change. But if McCoy is on the way…I’m in

Nice likenesses, but seriously, why not a 12″ full statuette?
They all look like double amputees.

That’s not the kind of bust I’m into but I must say that the likeness to Nimoy is most impressive!

They still can never get a sculpt of Shatner right. He may just have one of those faces that can’t be replicated. Lol

Pretty nice – too expensive. Glad they went with the original actors on the TOS models.

18 (Ciaran), they used a mask of The Shat’s face for one of those horror movie franchises. It WAS slightly modified, though, but not by much.

So I guess that proves that you CAN make a sculpture of his face, but it might be quite “horror”-ble.


Wow!! Very Spock-ish!!:) It looks just like the real thing!! I WANT ONE!!! :)

20. Hat Rick – January 24, 2012

True. The original (and only) “Halloween.”

These really are good likenesses, especially the Data and Khan busts.

Any chance of a full-face example of the Spock bust? The example pics are all profiles – can’t really judge the likeness.

…I wish it were either just the head and shoulders, or just finish off the legs and call it a statue. I’d love to get Spock and Kirk but it looks like their melting! Very odd.

Gotta have the khan one !!! He tasks me !!! and the Spock I’m already gearing up the funds ready for a purchase !!!!

I like the Spock one.

@#7 MJ

That’s Nimoy’s Spock. If the facial features don’t do it, then the light blue shirt gives it away. Quinto’s beautiful blue shirt is darker in ST09. :-)

Wow! Gonna get them all and put them right on my fireplace mantel for all the world to see.

Yeah…William Shatner’s is usually the furthest off and that’s how it looks to be once again. Lol

If I had only seen his head and was asked to identify him, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

It’s a better William Shatner likeness than usual though.

Very well done! I just know have to think of a way to break it to my wife that there is something else I want for the collection….


…but probably too much cash, for me…

In my humble opinion, in order of verisimilitude (likeness), the busts are:

1. Khan
2. Spock
3. Data
4. Picard
5. Kirk

However, Picard and Kirk look particularly furious. Maybe that’s what they look like when they’re furious. We rarely see them when furious, after all.

Ironically, Khan doesn’t look mad enough, and he’s the madman. Khan looks almost beatific.

I’d like to see a bust of Mad Khan, the way he was when he was spitting at Kirk from Hell’s heart. Man, what a nut he was.

I love the picard bust

The Kahn, Data, and Spock look good to me.

Kirk & Picard don’t look right to me. Kirk’s forehead looks odd, and Picard looks really sleepy.

The Spock bust needs to have the glossy paint on the hair toned down a bit. Why so shiny!?

New starship toys please! PLEASE?

These guys do some pretty amazing Doctor Who busts as well.

I think the reason Spock’s hair is so shiny has to do with his sheer intellectual brilliance.


Spock Lives!

I actually think the Spock one looks pretty good.

Agreed, Rico. The likenesses are indeed … likeable.


I’m loving these!

I may have to get this- the likeness to Nimoy is stunning- they even got his quirky right earlobe right. I wish his hands were not curled up like they are, but he did hold that instrument oddly at times.

Those (all five) look amazing!

Thank god for Spock with yellow-tinted skin and green-tinted thinner areas of skin/eye areas/cheekbones.

Green blood, people!