Video of the Day: Orchestral Inner Light

"The Inner Light" is considered one of (if not the) best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is why it landed a spot on the new "The Next Level" Blu-ray being released today. The episode features one of series’ more memorable musical scores as well. So today we present an orchestral version of the theme from "The Inner Light."


Orchestral Inner Light

This orchestral version of Jay Chattaway’s theme from "The Inner Light" was recorded in 2005 at a concert in Landau, Germany.

(posted to YouTube by MusicMan2107)

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Sweet sounds! Love it ! First?

Love this piece. My only regret is not incorporating it in to my wedding ceremony somehow.

It is a beautiful suite, it would make a great theme tune for a future show.

Just Beautiful. Love that Ep.

The only downside of “The Inner Light” is that I just hate hearing Goldsmith’s main theme over the episode’s end credits, not because I don’t like it, but because it ruins the mood. They should have broken tradition and gone with a short suite by Chattaway for the credits.


I really wish the producers of shows were more flexible when it came to that. You’re definitely right, and I’ve noticed it in a few other shows as well. The best films use the credits to let the mood breath before they swing into some medley or whatever that plays over the longer stuff.

Twenty years after it’s original airing and still, hearing that lone piccolo still gives me chills. Not only is it a beautiful piece of music, but the story of this episode was very emotional/moving.

Despite the blanding of the music in later seasons (and the firing of the wonderful Ron Jones), this is a terrific piece, and nicely demonstrates how beautiful some of the TNG soundtracks really were.

@5 Agreed! I often find the use of Goldsmith’s theme at the end jarring. I think my favorite version of that theme is from the First Contact soundtrack. Magnificent!

Marvelous. Sad, but (appropriately) unforgettable. Just wonderful.

I like this version, but nothing beats the flute and piano in the jefferies tube from the episodes lessons.

Either the videos off or the admiral doesn’t know how to conduct. :P Good tunes. :)

very well done, It never gets old and I made this my ringtone on my Iphone a few months ago

this is the theme Id have used for Enterprise

Mongo like this song. Mongo play on penny whistle all time. Only downside to piece is melody play on piccolo and not on penny whistle. That good piccolo player though. Mongo just think that penny whistle have just right amount “not-in-tune” for make melody more organic.

Still not real complain of piccolo player.

This episode make Mongo cry every time. Patrick Stewart mans one good actor mans.

The conductor appears to be wearing a Trek inspired jacket! Very nice touch for those in the know.

One of the aspects that I love about the various Star Trek incarnations is the music. Starting with the simple but lovely Alexander Courage theme onwards, there has been a wealth of lovely, original music within the Star Trek television and movie franchise. This music from the “Inner Light” episode is no exception. What’s not to love.

You’re absolutely right Keachick, theres always a good theme from Trek and it’s great to see how it’s evolved. From the different series to the different films, there’s always been at least one great theme from each of them.

Just an outstanding show on every level–story, script, acting, and production, including this wonderful, simple (but haunting) melody. Other versions of Trek may have been moodier, or edgier, or just plain more fun, but “The Inner Light” represents the best of what TNG could be.

Wow, what a lovely piece!

Mongo play on piccolo and it harder than penny whistle.

Mongo hat off to piccolo player again.


Couldn’t agree more. The two of them in the jefferies tube gets me every time.

WOW, that music is so…. pure! As is the most haunting “Gene Roddenberry” philosophy stated in the story’s dialogue: the following sequence of the actual shooting script brings me to the edge of my seat every time I hear Patrick Stewart utter the line “…Seize the day…!” Just as the music brings me to weep over the storyline. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO PICARD’S LAST LINE SHOWN BELOW, and tell me you agree that we all hear G. Roddenberry’s BEST in that one statement:

….PICARD: I haven’t reached any conclusion. A good scientist doesn’t function by conjecture.
MERIBOR: A good scientist functions by hypothesising and then proving or disproving that hypothesis. That’s what I did.
PICARD: Hey, why don’t you spend more time with that young fellow Dannick?
MERIBOR: You are changing the subject.
PICARD: No, I’m not. I’m just hypothesising that he’s in love with you.
MERIBOR: You’ve taught me to pursue the truth, no matter how painful it is. It’s too late to back off now. This planet is dying.
PICARD: Perhaps I should have filled your head with trivial concerns. Games and toys and clothes.
MERIBOR: I don’t think you mean that.
PICARD: No, I don’t. It just saddens me to see you burdened with the knowledge things you can’t change.
MERIBOR: Father, I think I should marry Dannick sooner rather than later, don’t you?
PICARD: Seize the time, Meribor. Live now. Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.
MERIBOR: I love you, Father….

To me, that statement, as well as Gene’s statement at the end of the first movie, “The human adventure is just beginning,” is what STAR TREK says best.

BOB ORCI & CO. — remember that in the new films you write for this franchise: it’s everything in a nutshell. Or, warp shell, as it may be. Live Long And Prosper, EVERYONE.

That nice.


As a Band Director myself, I feel I must say that… that is a band, not an orchestra.

Since no one has pointed this out…. it must mean that it is a fairly well playing band. :-)

Also, it is a “transcription” of the orchestral version that can be found on GNP Crescendo’s “30th Anniversary” Star Trek CD complitation.

26. nick11a – “As a Band Director myself, I feel I must say that… that is a band, not an orchestra.”

As a bear of very little brain… and cloth ears… I feel I must ask… What’s the distinction?

Orchestra (and orchestral) generally implies strings…. and many times with winds, brass and percussion.

Band (or Wind Ensemble) features woodwinds, brass and percussion….. and features a woodwind family not usually found in an orchestral wind section (such as the saxophone section.)

28. -> There are no strings in this video (i.e. violins, cellos, etc.) That’s what makes this a band.

Yes because no band ever has a violinist or a cellist obviously…

Nice effort by the arranger, but the piece should have ended with the main theme being played by solo piccolo as it was in the episode. By the way the main theme has been altered a bit in this particular “cover version”.

#2: I knew I found true love when my wife, who hadn’t seen Star Trek before meeting me, told me she wanted to walk down the aisle to this piece.

It really is wonderful wedding music.

#32 morns uncle… It’s not just a “nice try by the arranger” because the arranger is the composer himself as he wanted it arranged. Jay Chattaway (the original composer of the episode) arranged this for the GNP 30th anniversary best of star trek album. It’s just reorchestrated for wind ensemble here.

In tears by 0:52. Gorgeous.