First Look At Line Of Star Trek Rockets Coming In September

Round 2, who make Star Trek model kits, are launching a new line of model rocket kits including three Star Trek rockets. The new Trek rockets will come in various sizes and each is decorated as a different Trek vessel. Check out our exclusive first look at the entire line below.



Model maker Round 2 has announced they are entering the flying rocket model kit market with their new MPC rocket line. They are starting off with six branded rockets including three for Star Trek. The first wave will be available in September of this year. The three Star Trek rockets are each themed around a classic Trek vessel: the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, and the U.S.S. Reliant NCC-1864. Each Trek rocket is a different size and use graphic elements from specific Star Trek ships along with self-stick fin decals and ship graphics on the parachutes.

USS Enterprise Rocket

USS Enterprise rocket is 28.71" (72.9cm) long with a diameter of 1.58" (40mm) and uses C6-5 Estes and Quest engines. It includes 2 pre-decorated paper body tubes with self-stick decals and parachute.

USS Enterprise Rocket

USS Enterprise Rocket parachute

Bird of Prey Rocket

Klingon bird of prey rocket is 20.87" (53cm) long with a diameter of 1.38" (35mm) and uses A8-3, B6-4 and C6-5 Estes and Quest engines. It includes pre-decorated paper body tube with self-stick decals and 18" parachute.

Bird of Prey Rocket

Bird of Prey Rocket parachute

USS Reliant Rocket

USS Reliant rocket is 13.23" (33.6cm) long with a diameter of 0.87" (22mm) and uses A6-4,A8-2=3, B6-4, and C6-5 Estes and Quest engines. It includes pre-decorated paper body tube with self-stick decals and 18" parachute.

USS Reliant Rocket

USS Reliant Rocket parachute

Round 2 say the kits are easy to build and should take less than an hour. All of the MPC rockets make use of existing Estes® and Quest™ engines (engines, engine igniters, recovery wadding, launch pad and launch control units are sold separately).

The new Trek rockets will be out in September. Pricing will be announced later.

Not Trek’s first rockets

While this new line is a first for Round 2, it is not a first for the franchise. Star Trek rockets were first released back in the 70s by Estes.

Estes Star Trek rockets from the 70s
(magazine scan via MyStarTrekScrapbook)


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Very nice, brings back great memories!

The delta shield is backwards on the fins and graphics?

Star Trek has no rockets…

Now I’m flashing back to the first (and only) flight of my R2-D2 rocket, sometime in the mid 80’s. It reached an altitude of *maybe* 12 feet before falling to the ground (breaking off one of the clear plastic fins) and then, in true Wile E. Coyote style, the chute popped. I think I use too much glue.

Oh, and they got the arrowhead backward on the Reliant kit.

Ack, AND the Enterprise kit. Who’s in charge of licensing QC at CBS these days, anyway?

12 feet? Impressive!

man, i remember building my estes saturn v rocket many moons ago. good times…gooood times.


Star Trek does indeed have rockets, well one anyway, the Phoenix.

5 & 6 – Ya, how did they screw those up?


You should have known better than to buy from Acme Rocketry.

Chuckling over the mental image of the chute popping out after the crash.

Ah, childhood… I can still smell the burning propellent from those little rocket engines.

I tried building the Klingon rocket when I was 10 years old. Man, that was waaaaay out of my league. :)

12 inches….much more impressive….:)

Enterprise, Reliant, and Klingon Bird-of-Prey themed rockets? But they cancelled the nuEnterprise model kit? WTF?

What CBS Consumer Products should be doing is putting out models of the ships from the J.J movies. Kelvin, Narada, Enterprise. And whatever ships are featured in the next movie.

The merchandising campaign, at least in regards to the new movie series lately, has left a lot to be desired.

Best trek model rocket was that one Soran fired off in GEN. Wonder if that company is still in business … ?

These new ones are just tubes. You guys need to look at the OLD Centuri and Estes catalogs. There was something called the Pop Pod Boost Glider that turned into two separate horizontal gliders after firing off, just beautiful, and there was the QUASAR , which had gloriously retro lines.

The Cineroc had super-8 camera inside … trouble is that the rocket had a tendency to tip over and fly horizontally, which led to the thing crashing into my high school’s gym roof. The film was not recovered, sadly.

Unless nacelles pop out of one of these in mid-flight, I’m not interested.

@15, you can get small resin kits of those ship at

Kinda pricey though.

@5 LOL

Ah, I remember those Estes rockets from the 70’s…..I also remember how you’d get two or three flights out of one, then they’d self-destruct in mid-flight in a most magnificent way…………LOL! They made Boy Scout camp fun……..

I remember those 70’s kits very well, they were the first kits that bothered making the decals for the bottom of the secondary hull and saucer section

@3 Yes, the delta shields have been printed backwards. Looks like knock off junk once again…..yuk………………

I can think of nothing less Trekish than a rocket. Dead end technology.

Okay, it is a compromise between the fact that the usual Enterprise-like modell would simply not fly and the wish of fans to let fly something “trekish”. I think it is okay, but my first thought was also: there are no rockets in Star Trek. Well,… maybe we will see some rockets in Star Trek 12 ;) Maybe they will let explode the Enterprise, because Rockets are so much better and easier to shoot. So they have done it with the D. The “E” was more “Rocket”-like formed… Okay, just a ironic joke. I think the rockets are okay.

See! Even Estes knew the truth in the ’70s: the Enterprise was constructed in space NOT Iowa! ; )

I always wondered if an Enterprise shaped rocket would fly. When I was a kid back in the 90’s a local hobby shop had one, a big one and I wanted it desperately. Luckily my stepdad had the common sense to say no since I most likely would have killed myself or lit something on fire…

I still wonder though, would that Starship have soared into the heavens or just fell over and blown up lol

On Tuesday Star Trek The Next Generation finally makes the move to high definition with the release of “The Next Level,” a sampler of four episodes from the new project to remaster the entire series. Today TrekMovie takes a detailed look at The Next Level.

The Estes versions rule.

Here you go #26 AJ.

Stone knives and bearskins.


My R2 made it up 25 feet before slamming into a streetlight. I could just imagine the “WOAAH” sound effect.

My Estes Enterprise fared a bit better. It made it up about 30 feet, and then did a 180 and plowed straight into the ground. The parachute deployed 6 inches from the ground. The ship’s fine, but the body tube is unusable. I’m planning to tie the ship to a space balloon someday.

Neat, but these would be so much cooler if the words “Star Trek” were not on the tubes. It’d be better if they looked more “in-universe.”

I CANNOT BELIEVE that we have an article on rockets…but no mention of William Shatner’s birthday today…

@5 Datacable…
Haha wow the EXACT same thing happened to me with my R2D2 rocket kit! And I though no one else understood… It was my most hilarious (of many) failures in my model rocketry career.

Happy…birthdaymister…William…SHATner. May-you-have…many…MORE.


And yeah, Happy Talk Like William Shatner Day to everyone else, too.

My friends and I celebrated the fictional launch of the Botany Bay in 1996 with a rocket party. My brother built a Space Shuttle one that, like the R2D2 unit mentioned above, launched about 12 feet high. It then made an arc straight for the ground, hit it, bounced, and then released the chute. It was the funniest thing anybody ever saw. We still talk about it. :-)

Happy birthday, Bill Shatner!

a remote controlled enterprise that i could fly around my neighborhood would be awesome lol

Wasn’t looking NOT like a rocket the whole point of Matt Jefferies’ original Enterprise design? ;-)

Now this is old…STARTREK.COM last week…whateverrrrr…these are cool and bring back some awesome Estes memories… HAPPY BDAY MY CAPTAIN……..THE SHAT LIVES LONG AND CONTINUES TO PROSPER!

Happy Birthday indeed, to William Shatner, the one, the only CAPT James Tiberius Kirk!

Lets all celebrate with some Romulan Ale or Saurian Brandy…or we could launch one of these rockets. They were a whole lot of fun back then, but no one ever blew their fingers off or blew up the neighborhood…that I knew of.

I remember buying the enterprise shaped rockets back in the early ’90s. i never launched it, it was not pretty

@25: I was just going through the comments to see if someone had beat me to that remark. Good eye!

My first ESTES rocket back in 1978…the “proton torpedo” from STAR WARS. My Dad and I got into rockets in a big way, buying many rockets including the Klingon Cruiser.

The biggest loss was a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Colonial Viper. Shot up *really* high and then drifted over into a fenced off area of a reservoir in Riverside County. My Dad was heartbroken, he’s an expert modelmaker and spent a lot of time and money on that Viper.

30. Crusade2267 – one of the competitions at scout camp was the annual rocket-building contest. We had an assistant scoutmaster from another troop who was into Estes rockets, big time. The first one he lit off that day was the Saturn V – the BIG one. 43″ and a three-engine cluster in the first stage. For the first couple of seconds, it slowly started to clear the pad, like a real Saturn V. Then it fell on it’s side, and sent at least 150 scouts scrambling for dear life, until it hit a tree. His next one was the Interceptor. Beautiful launch, except for the low cloud deck. It disappeared about 300 feet up into a cloud bank, and he ran out into the field yelling, “Baby! Come back!” He organized us into search teams and sent us into the woods after it. We brought back a wing and a wing pod, and one kid spotted the ‘chute about a hundred feet up a pine tree, with bits of plastic hanging from the cords. Otherwise, nothing was left.

Me? I launched a Scout with way too much paint on it. Went went through so many paint schemes, I finally painted it silver with a red star on it and nicknamed it ‘The Enemy’. It got about 10″ of altitude, lost a stabilizer fin, flipped 90 degrees, and disappeared out the front gate of the camp like drunken bumblebee. (Damn thing even flew like a Soviet missile, at that.) Needless to say, a lot of folks ducked when they saw this unguided projectile coming at them at roughly eyeball level. Kinda lost my taste for model rocketeering after that. I was also discovering girls about the same time, so that also probably had something to do with it, too. Model rockets weren’t as soft and didn’t smell as nice. LOL

LOL @ 45. Viking … Good times.

One of my friends had the Saturn V, and we launched that thing in our back yard. His flew waaaaaaaay up there. Impressive!

Existing rockets with Star Trek decals slapped on them. “Woo-hoo”… next!

My Estes Enterprise rocket, which I built 40 years ago, is still proudly displayed in my home. I flew it once, then carefully protected and displayed it through a lifetime of moves.

Re 20: So you got a glimpse of ST III: TSFS as early as in the 1970s :)

So, whatever happened to that Akira class model kit we were supposed to get a few years ago??

I wish they would license out something like this…