Clip: Leonard Nimoy Reminds Sheldon Of His Human Half On ‘Big Bang Theory’

Leonard Nimoy is playing Spock yet another time. This Thursday Nimoy’s voice will be heard voicing a Spock action figure in Sheldon Cooper’s dream on The Big Bang Theory. And you can watch a clip of that dream below!


Leonard Nimoy reminds Sheldon of his human half

Watch the video clip from this Thursday’s The Big Bang Theory, airing this Thursday at 8PM on CBS.

via THR.

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Love the classic Mego figures!

Why spoil it BEFORE the episode airs?

Not logical! :)

God, i want to click that Phaser into the belt, why didn’t someone click it in place!?

Love the show! Can’t wait to see it

love all the poses!

Cant wait for the episode. TBBT does it again. What a great show. Kudos the actors, writer and all the staff of the outstanding and continuing episodes. You know the writers had fun with this one

LOVE THIS!!! :D Can.Not.Wait!! :)


Keeps getting more unfunny as the series creaks on…but to each their own. :)

Can’t wait! Love the poses!

big bang rocks love the show!!!!

Sweet, that was awesome!! :-)

Scene would be funnier without the laugh track…


That’s got to be the cutest use of logic I’ve ever seen. :)

As I get older I more and more dislike traditional 3 camera comedy, mostly because of the laugh track. Single Camera Quirky comedy is better as the jokes have to exist on their own and you dont need to be prompted to laugh…

As to spoiling it before the episode airs… This is an official promo, it doesnt give away the plot to the episode… not everyone who watches is a geek or trek fanatic

Mego Treks (and Marvel heroes) were my fav toys from childhood!!!!


The purpose of a toy is to be enjoyed – not to played with. So one can enjoy a toy without removing it from its packaging.

Not that I have toys (boxed or unboxed). But I couldn’t resist arguing a point of logic with Spock

I really hate laugh tracks.

I enjoy the thought that some part of Sheldon believes he’s Vulcan.

Did you know the show is taped in front of a live audience?

#13 The reason I can’t hack watching the show, or any show that does it.

This is the ultimate awesome!!!/ I still have my original Mego SPOCK…the only one of teh original bunch I have left…with utility belt, phaser, communicator, and tricorder. His rank stripes started to come off, but still in great shape.
but not as good as Mr. L looks for 81!! \V LLaP!

The laugh track does not hinder my enjoyment of this clip. Thank you Leonard Nimoy for not fully retiring, again.

Too funny.

I bet Mr. Nimoy will appear on the show before it ends.

Lets hope this years dvd set has a behind the scenes feature on this episode.for those interested this set has been a doorbuster at black friday for many stores

I told ya’ all that he would never stop.

Love to see that without the laugh track.

I love that show!!!

I’m betting that Mr. Nimoy will show up in person in Thursday’s episode. I’d make sure to watch through the credits. (No inside information, just a guess.)

Doesn’t anyone besides me find it slightly disquieting that the last likely performance of Leonard Nimoy as Spock is as a doll on a sitcom? ;)


Oh, he ain’t finished yet!

Very funny.

Where’s the funny?

Is that all Nimoy will be doing in the episode? If so, what a profoundly bad idea to show that before airing.

@30@35 I’m hoping that we get to see TheRealNimoy as well.
Then why have Nimoy come to the set? Mere courtesy?
If the part just involved voice work, he could have recorded it anywhere or phoned it in like Shatner used to do on the animated series.

Hey, there’s a new comedy show opening at Second City here in Toronto.

It’s called……..Live Wrong And Prosper!

The funny thing is, I don’t think there’s any Trek-related stuff in the show.

Still, I think I’ll check it out!

The show is occasionally funny, and Kaley Cuoco is mostly really gorgeous, bit I can’t get into it. It just misses my funny bone most of the time. Funny enough scene, though I was hoping Nimoy would show up in person. Oh well.

Saw the episode a while ago — it was fun! I guess you could say it hit all the geek bullet points you’d expect, but fun stuff all the same.

What was the Gorn doing on the Guardian of Forever planet though? And does this mean Harlan Ellison is going to sue the ever-loving crap out of everything in sight now?

Watched the Nimoy episode tonight. I’ll tell you, the writing on this show is pretty mediocre these days. Did they get new (cheaper) staff?

I love this show and as a collector, really enjoyed this episode. While watching I tried to repress my deeply geeky side, but couldn’t hold it in. When Penny gave them the two transporter toys, I tortured my partner by blurting out; “Those have to be repro-boxes, otherwise they blew a lot of money on toys just for this episode”.

Then I again couldn’t stop myself when Sheldon was playing with the transporter toy and it broke. I said “Oh my god. I hope that was already broken when they got it, or there will be a thousand Trekkies watching this in tears”. Finally after it was over, I pointed out that the Spock doll was a Diamond Select re-pop and not an original from the ’70s, because he still had the silver foil on his badge…unlike the one in my collection.

Boy, they know their audience. Thank ( insert deity here ) that my partner understands and indulges my geek passions.

Did that toy really exist? I remember having tthe mego bridge ( with transporter). But I dont ever recall see ing that. (But I never saw the Mission to Gamma Hydra 4 playset either.)…A year later Mego created a wizard of Oz playset and the transporter became the ‘tornado action’ that transported Dorothy to oz.

@39 was it the quardian planet ? I got more the vibe of the vulcan plataue from STTMP…..(that would explain the gorn….in addition to kohlinar they also offer anger management classes on alternating thursdays.

It was a true geek moment….I used to love to spot stuff back in the trekless seventies….always remember the ‘tholian’ spacesuits turning up on Mork and Mindy..anyone remember any others?

Excellent episode! I laughed throughout all the Star Trek bits.