Read: Wil Wheaton & Simon Pegg’s Nerdiest Trek Chat Ever

Star Trek’s Simon Pegg (author of "Nerd Do Well") and Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton (author of "Just A Geek") had a Twitter exchange this afternoon that will go down as the nerdiest, geekiest Trekkiest chat ever, involving comparing Enterprises, nannites, Spock’s harp, Riker’s holodeck programs and more. Check it out for yourself below.


Wil Wheaton and Pegg nerdiest Trek chat ever

Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg will be appearing on Conan and after announcing he was headed for the taping he got a reply on Twitter from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton who is shooting an episode of The Big Bang Theory on the same lot. What ensued is probably the geekiest Trek chat ever on Twitter. Here it is for you to judge for yourself.

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Funny, Like Pegg, I’d rather the Enterprise D too ;)

Oh no! The sequel is going to be that hippies in space TOS episode. LOL.

Now that is neat!

Most awesome trek exchange ever!

Oh yeah, Riker’s Enterprise DD. ;)

Saddest part is I dont consider it that geeky……..ahhhh my inner geek. Iremember when ever a tv station would tun a piece on a trek convention they would always start with a fan wearing a tinfoil hat and deely bopper antennas.

Keenser is back! With martinis!

A Vulcan Harp? Is this Spoiler material?

Seems a bit weird that Spock would be singing so soon after the demise of Vucan.

And by the way, Spock should have been the one with the black outfit at the end of Trek 09.

And by the way, I watched Trek 09 again on Fox tonight. Got chills when Bones showed up on the Shuttle. Great intro. They should use Nero again for a three pic deal.

’nuff said.

That is pretty fing funny.

Wow – I thought I was the only one who talked like that… well there is that Orci guy too…

Maybe my prediction from over a year go about Dr. Sevrin and his space hippy followers being the villain in the next movie are true. Maybe Spock’s gonna jam with them. “It would sound. Soonest like he said. A ha ha. It starts to chime.”

“It’s full of Nanites, too” is my favourite line.

@8. TrekMadeMeWonder – March 27, 2012

“A Vulcan Harp? Is this Spoiler material?”

Assuming you are not being sarcastic, I would assume they are just joking about random pieces of TOS and TNG characters and cliches like the holodeck.

“They should use Nero again for a three pic deal.”

This statement suggests you may be suffering from a major neurological disorder and should seek medical advice immediately,

Wow. That was an epic conversation. For Twitter.

Hey. A conversation I could relate to. finally!!!!!!

#8 – People sing at funerals. Music and song can convey any kind of feeling, depth of meaning that a person wishes, including a way of expressing enormous grief and sadness.

So weird this stuff…;?

You know its a slow news day when an article about a twitter conversation is posted. Ah well, while I don’t consider this interesting, others do, so all the power to them.

Now, why can’t we get these folks into the bloody Trekmovie CHAT-room? All we do there is talk about crap like this!

Jeezus you two, get a room, will ya? LMAO

That was gold. They should write a Trek Comedy series.

17. Dude. That’s every day. On pretty much every news site.

PS. I need to add “ya wee scamp” to my roster of pick-up line accoutrements.

I should never have read that in front of my wife. It would take a month to explain my giggles.

“Don’t wipe any of Riker’s sex programs, though.”

Oh, the mental images I’m having at this moment… O_o

Ah, Hwil Hwheaton…

Love it – great conversation!

I love this!! Trekkers talkin’ about Trek! Pegg has become a fave of my on Twitter,he’s so funny! This conversation reminds me of one I’d strike up in dull moments. (I ain’t called Trekker5 for nothing ya’ll!) :)

Best use of Twitter… EVER!

Loved it!! :D

13. theadagency
“This statement suggests you may be suffering from a major neurological disorder and should seek medical advice immediately,”

Funny, I was having an amazing headache last night.

But as for Nero, The camera ate him up. JJ loved those closeups I am sure. Esp when he and his crew headed back to the 24/5th century at the end of the movie. You have to admit he looked a lot cooler than Kirk in his closups and delivery. Pine often sounded a bit whiney throughout the pic.

ya wee scamp. Priceless. Love the Simon Pegg. And Wheaton is great in The big Bang Theory

I gather from that exchange that the annoying little shit that is Keynser (or however it’s said) is back as Scotty’s sidekick.


Set phasers on Wesley.

#18 AJ me boy

I was thinking the very same thing. Like Picard playing cards with the crew, they should have done it long ago. Can you imagine how much they would have dug BND?

That is really funny! Great to see cast members from Trek have a wonderful sense of humor like this!

@28. TrekMadeMeWonder: “JJ loved those closeups I am sure. Esp when he and his crew headed back to the 24/5th century at the end of the movie.”

Um, did you see the same movie? Because I don’t think Nero was going back to the 24th Century…

I watched this unfold live on Twitter. It’s too bad Pegg and Wheaton did not meet up, but oh well. It was fun.

That was awesome!

@30 and others – just what is so annoying about Keenser?

He really didn’t *do* enough to be annoying (or lovable for that matter).

But to the fanboys here you’d think he was Jar-Jar Binks.

33. RaveOnEd

ummm, I don’t think Nero’s final destruction was ever certain.
Perhaps we could ask BobO that simple question.

But, is anyone really ever dead when time travel is involved?

Until then I will assumed Nero went back to the 24th, or somewhere.
By the way, Just how far did the E and Narada travel away from Earth when the Red Matter was released? Seems like it would be a hazard in space for SF and the Sol system..


Agreed! People who don’t like Keenser for some reason tend to compare him to Jar Jar Binks, which is just asinine. Jar Jar Binks was a total idiot, goof, and oaf who stumbled and bumbled his way into the Galactic Senate.

I happen to think the reason why people hate Keenser is because of his appearance, and because they don’t want to see Scotty with a sidekick.

The guy I found to be annoying was Olsen. He seemed like one of those idiots you see on Spike TV’s “1000 Ways To Die”.


We saw his ship tear apart in the black hole at the end of the movie. So we’re pretty sure he’s dead. Plus the writers said so as well.


Interesting. I had not heard that. Any reference for that?

#36 Simon

You hit the nail on the head. Keenser didn’t matter. At all. The character was utterly superfluous. He didn’t demonstrate any skills as an engineer, yet he apparently holds down a Starfleet job on the flagship (sort of a Jar Jar in the senate scenario).

He was essentially the guy with the big face in the bar except they paired him up with Scotty. If he didn’t make any appearance in the next movie nary a tear would be shed, save for Deep Roy.


A previous article on this site. I can’t remember which one though, unfortunately.

I’d take the new Enterprise for sure, its got flashy new lens flares everywhere, and the engine room doubles as a brewery, so it’s a win-win!



“the annoying kid running around engineering”…

a quality Trek comedy exchange.

42. Thanks Red…

Although I am hoping that there would be a three picture arc to the new storyline. So much for Trek forthought.

This actually makes me consider getting a twitter account to find out if I could “hang” with those two (although they might not respond to an outsider). I have always loved the treknobabble and find it funny when it is overdone! Congratulations on this exchange.

Id take D over any other ship any day.

No ship even comes close to the original Connie… except the Connie refit, of course. The D with it’s giant saucer… must’ve had saucer envy. And besides, who’s gonna take orders from a balding Frenchman in tights?

#48 – The original connie? Fugly. The TMP refit was the Enterprise done *right*.

Thats actually very funny. Good work fellas.

Its the TMP refit for me. Then Excelsior. The D doesn’t even feature on my list of favourite ships. Not nice.