Video of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Acting While Driving His Jag

Star Trek fans are still getting to know Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor playing the villain in the upcoming sequel . Best known for his role in the series Sherlock, Cumberbatch is also the voice of Jaguar Cars in the UK. And Jaguar has just released a video of the actor talking about what makes him feel alive. Check it out below.


Benedict Cumberbatch Is ‘Alive’ In His Jag

Before landing his gig as the villain in the upcoming Star Trek seqeul, one of Benedict Cumberbatch’s jobs was as the voice of Jaguar Cars in the UK. And this week Jaguar released a new video interview with the actor driving around London in his Jag talking about the craft of acting. He also makes tea…can this guy get any more English?

And if you want’ even more of The Batch, a fan has compiled all his Jag commercial voice-overs into one video.

By the way, Cumberbatch is not the only member of the cast of the new Star Trek movie cast who is the voice of a luxury car brand. In 2011 Chris Pine (Kirk) became the voice of BMW for North America. Here is an ad for the 2012 Super Bowl with Chris’ voice.


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I want to do voice-overs!!!!

Makes me wanna buy one… Can’t but makes me.


US magazine is right, celebrities really are exactly like us.

Harry Ballz

This guy is slicker than whalesh*t on an ice flow!

(that’s a compliment, by the way)


Still gunna get speeding tickets if u get caught going over. It’s all about image, Baby! About having babe magnet. Too bad most people are terrible drivers.


Didn’t JJ say in an interview “Who said he is our villain?” :)


I imagine the leaked pics of him fighting spock…

Battle-scarred Sciatica

Banjo CabblePatch is one cool dude.

One day he will make an excellent villain in a movie.

Thanks to Orly (post 138 of Pegg Remains Mum On Star Trek Sequel Plot + Poll: Too Much Trek Secrecy) we saw this ad yesterday.

good on ya Orly!

Lets keep these buggers on their toes!!! :)

Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar

Khan drove a Jag too


He’d sure make a great Garth. With a bit of Antosian superstrength to overcome a Vulcan nerve pinch… makes perfect sense.


@9 Lord Garth, Actually Khan drove a Chrysler Cordoba:


Sure, Jags are fancy. But do they come with Corinthian leather?

Buy a Chrysler.
Khan did.


@12 Vultan, HA! Great minds think alike! Either that or some crazy timing.



Crazy timing AND great minds thinking alike.
Hey, they’re not exclusive.

Anthony Thompson


With rich Corinthian Leather.

Anthony Thompson

Damn! I see Vultan beat me to the punch! : D


He looks the part of a villain.

Sherlock FanGirl



His voice is his art.

porthoses bitch

I swear put me in a car where the steering wheel is on the wrong side and you drve on the ‘ wrong’ side of the road and I’d be a statistic in ten minutes.

Keachick - rose pinenut (F)

And this – “Remember to breathe” –

and this –

I believe Chris has a BMW X5 model (one with a roof rack) and possibly a Porsche (Cayman?). Nice.

Keachick - rose pinenut (F)
Red Dead Ryan


“Banjo CabblePatch is one cool dude”

“BANJO”?? What the f#ck?

C’mon man, refer to him as Benedict Cumberbatch, his REAL name!



Agreed! This whole nickname crap has got to stop! It’s okay to call William Shatner “The Shat” because he’s fine with it as he likes to ham it up, but Benedict Cumberbatch might not enjoy being called something other than “Benedict Cumberbatch”. Plus its so damn annoying reading posts referring to him as “the Batch”, “the Cumber”, “Benny”, “Banjo”, “Cummy”, “Cummer”, etc.

Buzz Cagney

A Chrysler or a Jag, a Chrysler or a Jag. Decisions, decisions, eh Vults!!

Talking of cars, mate, the sales guy that replaced me lasted 7 weeks before telling them to poke their job! Something not quite right in that dealership me thinks!

Buzz Cagney

If Timothy Dalton is ok with being called The Daltonator i’m sure Cabbagepatch is ok with a nickname or two. Lets face it, with that name, he must have got used to it by now.

Buzz Cagney

#20 try driving a car with the wheel on the ‘wrong’ side but you have to drive on for what you is the correct side! Now that really does take concentration! I did it recently. Didn’t enjoy it.

Buzz Cagney

‘it makes him feel alive feeling the world around him’. Thats good, i’m sure the world feels just great about his gas guzzler too. lol
And yes, that is jealousy rearing its ugly head there. I WANT A JAG TOO!

Don’t actors talk some old twaddle though!

Red Dead Ryan


Yeah, but if someone calls him “Dolt-on”, he might not be laughing anymore…. :-)

Red Dead Ryan

I like cats, I own one, but I have to think owning a jaguar might be too dangerous and expensive. The grocery bill might go through the roof, and it might eat other people and/or their pets. I think I’ll just have to keep a look out for any cougars in the city if I want to see a wild big cat. :-D

La Reyne d'Epee

23. Relax. He’s an Englishman. He has a sense of irony. I doubt he would care. :D

Battle-scarred Sciatica


I am not sure anyone has called him “the Batch” in these posts.


You’ll get over it.
And you are….?



Sounds like a management problem, Buzz.
My sympathies. Been there. Got outta there, too.

And I don’t think Banglesnort Cumberpumpkin minds the nicknames. If he survived the schoolyard with that handle, he can survive the great bathroom wall called the internet. And given the popularity of the Harry Potter franchise, having a name that sounds like one of Rowling’s characters, can’t hurt his popularity among the sleeve-wiping crowd.

Battle-scarred Sciatica


I pretty much just pissed myself laughing.
Banglesnort Cumberpumpkin. Best one yet.

Harry Ballz

Just imagine the Shat DIRECTING Cumberbatch, what he would hoarsely whisper to a stagehand when the actor forgot a line…….


The bewildered stagehand would croak back, “WHERE??!!”


29. I think I’ll just have to keep a look out for any cougars in the city…

Would a Marina Sirtis joke be wrong here?

Buzz Cagney

#33 yea, that one is the best yet. Nice one, Vults!

Dolt-On…. :-D Good un, RDR.

I doubt Ben got the pissed ripped in the playground at school. I mean kids can be so kind and understanding, can’t they. Mind you, he likely went to Private School I should imagine. Every other kid was probably called Benedictus or Tarquin or Spudulicka or Mercedes Porsche or some such. Unlike state schools where its all Kylie and Justin and Brad. Ah, class is alive and well in good ‘ol blighty.

#34 lol.

Buzz Cagney

Vults, its 4 salesman down in the last 12 months in that showroom. As you say, shite management! I did get to, as you say, ‘flip the bird’ at the assistant manager as we passed each other yesterday. The look on his face as we drove past each other was a picture. I know its not big or clever, but, yes, I did feel better! lol

Buzz Cagney

#open top car’s are really good for ‘flipping said bird’!! lol
Lovely weather here at the moment. Top down MG motoring is rather nice you know. Getting quite the tan! Well, as tanned as a Brit is ever going to get!


Ahhhh, being a pitchman does have its advantages…sometimes.

Getting a Jaguar to drive is a pretty nice perk. Certainly better than getting a case of Promise margarine.


To a brit like myself Zachery Quinto sounds an odder name.


Cumberbatch usually does classy adverts. He’s the voice of Sony in the UK as well as Jag.

However he does like to go nuts at times (having a wicked sense of humour) and here’s some oddball voiceover stuff. Pimms advert.

This girl has an amazing you tube channel on Cumberbatch


This just shows how Tumblr is Cumebrbatch central. They held a poll for TV programmes recently and the results came out yesterday


Tumblr Tv Award for Best Cast

Tumblr Tv Award for Best Show Ever

Tumblr Tv Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Martin Freeman – Sherlock

Tumblr Tv Award for Best Female Character
Molly Hooper, Sherlock – Played by Loo Brealey

Tumblr Tv Award for Best Fandom

Tumblr Tv Award for Hottest Male Character
Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock – Played by Benedict Cumberbatch

Tumblr Tv Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock

Tumblr Tv Award for Best Drama Series

(Source: ttvawards)


The next James Bond


The new comics are supposedly hinting at plot details for the upcoming movie. Could Cumberbatch be portraying Kirk’s older brother? He has a British accent but I bet he could do an American one just fine.

La Reyne d'Epee

My sister worked in a school once where there were three kids called Pocahontas. I shit you not.


AL- U- MINUM :) never have adjusted to that!


Actually, his father dropped “Cumberbatch” and used his middle name, “Carlton,” as his last name, and Benedict readopted it, maybe as an adult?


Benedict is one of my favorite actors, it’s fantastic that he’s going to be in the sequel!

Red Dead Ryan


“My sister worked in a school once where there were three kids called Pocahontas. I shit you not.”

Yes, but the question I have for you is this, did those kids know what the “Color” of their “Wind” was?


He did go to private school – one of the top two in England – Harow,.(Eton being the other one.) He used his full name “Benedict Cumberbatch” whilst there and the other boys had a least 20 nicknames for him but he seemed to take it all with a pinch of salt!!