Star Trek TOS Guest Star Warren Stevens Dies At 92

Warren Stevens, known to Trek fans as Rojan from the original Star Trek episode "By Any Other Name," passed away last week. The actor, also famous for his role in Forbidden Planet, died of lung disease at his Sherman Oaks home. He was 92.     


RIP Warren Stevens

After success on Broadway Warren Stevens began his career in Hollywood in the 50s. Stevens found regular work as a character actor on film and television with over 100 roles to his names over the decades. Among his more than 40 films, the actor appeared in The Barefoot Contessa, Gunpoint, Madigan, Red Skies of Montana and Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell. He is probably best known for his role as Doc Ostrow from the classic 1956 sci-fi Forbidden Planet, which had a big influence on Star Trek

Stevens in "Forbidden Planet"

And a decade later Stevens found himself on Star Trek, playing Kelvan, the leader of an expedition from the Andromeda Galaxy in the episode "By Any Other Name." He also appeared in episodes of The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, The Man From UNCLE, and many more series. His most recent appearances were with Lou Diamond Phillips, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Majors in the 2004 TV western The Trail to Hope Rose and a 2006 episode of ER.

Stevens with William Shatner in "By Any Other Name"

More info on Mr. Stevens: Hollywood Reporter Obituary, Memory Alpha

Stevens at 2006 People’s Choice Awards (Getty)

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My condolences to his family. “Forbidden Planet” is a terrific movie, he and the late Leslie Neilson were great in it. That movie was almost a blue print for “Star Trek: The Original Series”.

I wrote to him in Feb for an auto and his family wrote me and said he wasn’t signing anymore. I didn’t know that he had cancer. RIP Mr. Stevens

Talk about a nice run! Good for him!

I sent the news tip to trekmovie about this, thanks for the non-credit ( I don’t care, really – the story just needed acknowlegement)

I was a big fan of Warren’s work.

RIP — this was a great guy!

He brought class to every role he played. A real pro. Rest in peace with the knowledge of a job well done and a warm place in the hearts of fans.

Forbidden Planet along with War of the Worlds were some of the very first movies I recall ever seeing. Good stories and acted very well.

Seemed “very real” while so much of 1950’s sci-fi was crap. “The Doc” portrayed his character very realistically. RIP.

yah and his fatal brain burst reminscent of spocks brain except bones wasnt killed when his brain got zapped…the monster from the id indeed…he was also the cube crusher…he was very good in his many roles…cool he started acting in his 50s tooo..not many are so successful

His obituary mentions the 1952 film Red Skies Of Montana starring Richard Widmark and the original Captain Christopher Pike, Jeffrey Hunter.
I believe that Forbidden Planet was more than just the inspiration for Trek, I think it also fits in the Trek Universe and in my mind shows the early days of the Federation… but that is another topic. ;-)
Rest in Peace Warren Stevens.

Rest in Peace Mr Stevens .
And thanks for your many contributions .

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Stevens (very briefly) September 8, 1986 – on the bridge of the USS Enterprise – at the Star Trek 20 year anniversary party. A very cordial gentleman.

He will be missed.

Rest in peace

at 92 he is Heaven bound. God speed!

RIP Mr. Stevens – “By Any Other Name” has always been one of my favorite TOS episodes.

RIP. “Monsters, John. Monsters from the id!”

“Monsters, John – monsters from the Id!”

Stevens was awesome as “Doc” Ostrow. Without “Forbidden Planet” to borrow heavily from, there’s no original “Star Trek.”

Rest In Peace. A very good guy.

Terrific actor. Big presence in 1960s sci-fi shows. Saw him at a show once a few years ago. He needed some help getting around, but he still seemed very tough. Rest in peace.

I saw him from a distance at a Hollywood Show a few years ago, but I was too shy to go to his table for an autograph.

My condolences to his family.

Thank you.
Great memories.
My best to his family.

RIP, Warren Stevens. My hat is off to any actor who could remember his lines while standing next to Barbara Bouchet.

“And a decade later Stevens found himself on Star Trek, playing Kelvan, the leader of an expedition from the Andromeda Galaxy in the episode “By Any Other Name.”

Not to nitpick, but the character he played was named “Rojan”. The alien race were named ‘Kelvans’

RIP Warren Stevens. Prayers for his family. A life and a career lived to the fullest, no doubt.
Based on all of the evidence I have seen Forbidden Planet was the inspiration for TOS. An incredible, astonishing film that set the standard for cinematic Science Fiction until Star Wars.

RIP, Mr. Stevens! He was a great actor, and he looked very distinguished in his 2006 appearance at the People’s Choice Awards.

I will fondly remember him from the many television and movie appearances, on TREK and especially on “Forbidden Planet,”

Loved FP and “By Any Othe Name” is a rave too.

I meant “fave” of course.

I met him at a “Forbidden Planet” 50th anniversary panel at Comic Con back in 2006. I actually got to shake his hand. I told Mr. Stevens how much I also enjoyed his “Twilight Zone” appearance (“Dead Man’s Shoes”). He smiled at the mention of it. He seemed very much a gentleman.

RIP, “Doc” Ostrow.
Your contributions to science fiction film and television will be remembered fondly.