Watch: Writer Pitches Star Trek Script On Mad Men

Did you catch the latest episode of AMC’s Mad Men over the weekend? The Emmy-winning drama is set at an ad agency in 60s, and the show has now progressed to the time shortly after the premiere of Star Trek in 1966. And so for the first time, Star Trek got a mention in Mad Men. Watch the clip below.


Star Trek on Mad Men

On the Mad Men episode "The Christmas Waltz," which mostly took place in early December 1966, we saw the return of the character Paul Kinsey, who has become a follower of Krishna. Previously this character had shown interest in sci-fi, including mentioning his love for The Twilight Zone in season one. Now he was approaching Harry Crane (who handles the agency’s media buying) to see if he could help sell a spec script titled "The Negron Complex" for Star Trek to NBC. Watch the clip below.


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