CONFIRMED: Star Trek Sequel Panel ‘Unlikely’ For Comic-Con 2012

A bit of breaking news for Tuesday afternoon. Hopes were that JJ Abrams and Paramount would be showing something from the Star Trek sequel at San Diego Comic Con next month, however a new report (and a confirmation from TrekMovie sources) indicates that there won’t be a Trek sequel panel at SDCC 2012. [UPDATED]


Star Trek Sequel unlikely to show at SDCC 2012

On Tuesday afternoon Variety’s Showblitz blog reported that Paramount is "skipping" the traditional big "Hall H" panels for San Diego Comic Con 2012. Other studios are also giving 2012 a miss including 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks and Relativity Media.

Variety notes that the full line up has yet to be officially reported and it is still possible that Paramount could change its mind. However, TrekMovie sources have confirmed that as of now there is no plan for a Star Trek sequel panel and it is "unlikely" the plan will change.

Earlier this year Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof had said the team had hoped to show something at SDCC. In his more recent interview with, Lindelof had noted that they would show something if they felt it was ready:

Our feeling is, that if we can get something together that is worthy of showing on that timetable, then we will most certainly show it. But, if it is sub-par or not ready or requires more post-production, then nobody at Comic Con is going to want to hear us say "hey this is very temporary, but we wanted to show you something." We need to put our best foot forward. We just wrapped principal photography as you know and Comic Con is in mid July so it is an aggressive timetable. If we are going to go we are going to go big or not go at all.

So apparently they feel that they can’t "go big" yet.

Director JJ Abrams w/ his Spocks (Quinto and Nimoy) at Comic Con 2007 – still the only Paramount/Star Trek panel held at SDCC (Photo: Anthony Pascale/

History repeating itself?

While somewhat disappointing, it is not entirely surprising. As noted by Lindelof, it was "aggressive timetable" to get something ready for SDCC. In a way, this is actually par for the course for Star Trek. JJ Abrams did attend Comic Con 2007 to hold a panel announcing the casting of two Spocks (Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto). However, even though the film had wrapped shooting four months earlier, there was no Star Trek panel held for SDCC 2008 (although Abrams and Orci did talk a little bit of Star Trek at the Fringe panel). Instead, Paramount and Bad Robot chose Wondercon in February 2009 to do a big panel with Abrams and some of the cast. Hopefully, if they indeed don’t hold a SDCC panel this year, there will be one for Wondercon in 2013. 

Wondercon 2009 Star Trek panel (L-R) Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Roberto Orci, Bryan Burk, and JJ Abrams (Photo: Anthony Pascale/

UPDATE: No panel doesn’t mean no Star Trek at SDCC

While there is likely not going to be a panel with new footage, that does not mean that Paramount will not do anything related to the film. There was no panel for SDCC 2008, however Paramount did release the first images from the movie in the form of a series of posters at SDCC (also featured in Entertainment Weekly).

Star Trek posters from SDCC 2008

They also devoted a good section of their SDCC 2008 booth to Star Trek, complete with booth babes in Trek outfits giving out Star Trek bags and card collectibles.

Paramount booth babes handing out Star Trek goodies at SDCC 2008

There is no word yet on if there are any plans for this year, but it is hard to imagine that Paramount wont do something related to Star Trek at SDCC 2008.

TrekMovie will continue to monitor things regarding the Star Trek sequel and Comic Con and will provide any updates as new information comes to light.


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