Bruce Greenwood Talks Star Trek Sequel Sets & Secrecy

Bruce Greenwood is returning to the role of Admiral Christopher Pike for the 2013 Star Trek sequel. The actor was at the Saturn Awards last night and tried to stay within the confines of the film’s secrecy but did say some thigns about sets, the mood on the set and more. See excerpts and video below.       



Greenwood Talks Trek Sequel Secrecy, Sets and Effects

Bruce Greenwood was at the Saturn Awards last night and he spoke to some outlets about the Star Trek sequel. He opined about the secrecy surrounding the project with IFC, saying:

“So the audience can have an experience that isn’t complicated by having to pretend they don’t know what happens,” Greenwood answered. “It makes it trickier to conceal things so that when you see it for the first time you don’t know what’s coming, but that’s okay. You can’t blame people for being interested and excited, trying to find out. But everyone who’s involved in the film is committed to keeping it under wraps.”

Speaking to Collider, Greenwood spoke about his time in the Star Trek sequel, including the "great vibe" on the set. Greenwood also noted that "very little was green screen" and much more was done with practical effects for the sequel.

Found video: Greenwood talks about his action figure – I look like Picard with hair

Just released online this week by Houston PBS was an interview (from 2009 or 2010) with Greenwood where he talks about his whole career, including Star Trek. Watch the Trek segment below starting at around the 10:30 segment where he talks about how exciting and daunting it was to get involved with such a big franchise, and his views on how his action figure just looks like "Picard with hair."


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