Star Trek Comics Writer Talks Timeline Divergence Leading To 2013 Sequel

With the release of the Star Trek sequel only nine months away, fans are anxiously looking for any hints about the direction of the film’s story and characters. While the J.J. Abrams wall of secrecy has remained largely impenetrable, some hints at what is planned may have been revealed in a recent interview with the writer of the Star Trek ongoing comics.


Comic writer talks "more Vulcan" Spock and timeline divergences – hints for sequel?

Mike Johnson, the author of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek comic book series set in the new movie universe has already stated that there are clues to the next movie being dropped into the series. The comics have been retelling episodes from the original Star Trek series in the new timeline as well as following up on story threads from the first film. In a new interview up at Newsarama where he talks about the future of the series and also says several interesting things that might hint at things we’ll see in the 2013 Star Trek movie sequel.

In the first film, we saw a far more emotional Spock than we were used to seeing. According to Johnson, that may not remain the case:

Johnson: Taking a cue from the last movie, I think Quinto’s Spock struggles more with his hybrid genealogy. Nimoy’s Spock, particularly in the beginning of the original series, is much more stereotypically “Vulcan.” The revelation of his intense, more “human" emotions came as the series progressed. But we saw Quinto’s Spock having to cope with his emotions right away given what happened to the Vulcan homeworld and his human mother.

Ironically, the loss of Vulcan has caused him to embrace his Vulcan side even more, and we’ve seen that emotional detachment play out in the third and fourth issues of the comic, inspired by the original episode “The Galileo 7.”

Could this be indicating that we will see a more unemotional Spock in the sequel? And if so, then would that have an effect on his relationship with Uhura as well as his developing friendship with Kirk?

Mr. Spock in issue #4 seems more Vulcan than in the 2009 film

The alternate timeline shown in the first film showed some dramatic differences from the "prime" universe. This has continued in the comic series, where some familiar stories from TOS have begun to depart greatly from the original source. Johnson says this is by design:

Johnson: It’s the “butterfly flaps its wings, causes a hurricane” analogy. We started off with small deviations, but as we proceed, we’re getting further and further from the original timeline. Issues #9 and #10, “The Return of the Archons,” is an example of how the new timeline diverges significantly from the original story. The last movie was the butterfly. This series builds up to the hurricane that is the next movie…the stories will depart further and further from the original series. We will use a few original series concepts as jumping off points, but the new timeline is moving in a radically different direction.

This could lead in all sorts of different directions. If the timeline keeps deviating more and more from the "prime" one, then any situations and characters from TOS could appear wildly different in this timeline, which would explain why Cumberbatch’s character may be from canon (as writer Bob Orci said in recent TrekMovie interview), but may behave in a much different way than his "prime" counterpart.

Latest issue of Star Trek comics (#10) showed most divergence in timeline yet

Khan who?

Near the end of the interview, Johnson gets asked about a certain genetic superman – and we don’t learn much:

Nrama: Any chance we’ll see Khan soon?
Johnson: Who?
Nrama: Right. Well let me rephrase… when you do get around to telling a story about Khan, will his appearance tie into the movie sequel?
Johnson: You’re breaking up.
Nrama: Well, you can’t blame me for asking, can you?
Johnson: Nope, I can’t.

Interpret that any way you like…

The rest of the interview, which goes into more detail about the series and about other hints leading up to the new film, can be found here.


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