Patrick Stewart Engaged – Ian McKellen To Officiate The Wedding

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s captain is getting ready to go where he has been twice before – into matrimony. Over the weekend Sir Ian McKellen announced that his friend Sir Patrick Stewart is going to be married and he was going to officiate. More details below.


Sir Ian to marry Sir Patrick

Over the weekend Sir Ian McKellen was the Jonathan Ross Show – a UK talk show – and half way through his segment the discussion turned to his friend (and X-Men co-star) Sir Patrick Stewart when McKellen made the surprise announcement "I am going to marry Patrick." He then clarified that he was going to officiate at the wedding of Sir Pat and his girlfriend Sunny Ozell.

McKellen explained "in Massachusetts…you can get anybody along – a friend – and I read out the words and Sunny and Patrick will then be married." And indeed that is true. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers a service where a couple can choose to have an "Officiant for a Day" conduct their service. 

Watch McKellen talk about how is going to "marry Patrick" on the Jonathan Ross Show below (start at the 7:55 point).

This will be Sir Patrick’s third marriage. Stewart’s first marriage (to Sheila Falconer) lasted 24 years, ending in divorce in 1990. In 2000 Stewart divorced his second wife (Star Trek: The Next Generation producer Wendy Neuss) after 3 years of marriage.  The 72 year-old actor has been romantically linked to 35 year-old jazz singer Sunny Ozell since 2007.

Sir Patrick Stewart and his fiancée Sunny Ozell at the New York premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" – with his friend Ian McKellen’s poster behind him

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Make it so, Sir Patrick.

No comments about the major age gap?

You can call him Old Pappa!

what’s this wife # 4?

Aye laddie one of the perks of being Captain. Or is it a Xavier Mind Meld? Either way I wish I could be living that large at 72.

It will be marriage no. 3 for Sir Patrick Stewart – Third time lucky – make it so!

The two sirs, Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, are supposed to be old friends from way back, in their youthful days acting on the Shakespearian stage. Way to go!

So will he be dressed as Gandalf or Magneto?

It’s simple math. Does 72 go into 35? Apparently.

Best success in your new production, you two.

107 years combined age and still a damn good looking couple. I hope I’m in that kind of shape and dressing that well when I get a senior discount.

This is kind of a turn around from his comments on the William Shatner documentary in which he said he didn’t think he’d want to get married again. That means that he found someone to change his mind! Congrats Sir Patrick!

9. CmdrR

LOL! ;-D

Just saw Stewart at Grand Slam con in Burbank last month and he looked great. I’d say he’s a very youthful 72, that’s for sure.

all i’m going to say good luck sir patrick & sunny on your wedding .. no oooooo ,commit on the age gap.

It is possible Ms Ozell is over 35 … that “age 35” is show-biz shorthand for “under 50” … unless she is a dedicated life-long smoker, she looks a wee bit over 35, albeit lovely and delightfully pale-complected.

Spoken as a woman who knows ….

And by the way, I wish Sir Patrick, an absolutely charming man [I had the privilege of meeting him several times], all the best in this new phase of life!


Actually, Ms Ozell’s age has been referenced many times by Sir Patrick in interviews, so I’m fairly sure that’s her actual age. I’m sure you didn’t intend your comment rudely, but it comes off as an unnecessary shot at her appearance. She looks fabulous.

It is my understanding that a person who smokes a lot is likely to see their skin age more quickly than someone who does not smoke a lot or does not smoke at all. Smoking ages the skin more rapidly than sun exposure. I have seen what happens when the two are combined – not a good look.

Just google Sunny Ozell and there are lots of images of her and Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Paul McCartney…

Patrick, you sly dog, you. Well played, dude!

LOL @ “I am going to marry Patrick”

I love knight friends. Hehe.

For some subconscious reason this reminds me of when Avery Bullock was going out with Stan’s daughter Hayley in an early episode of American Dad…

Wear the hat, Sir Ian… Wear the hat!!!

‘Love Sir Patrick Stewart’s smile in the picture.

He looks genuinely happy.
His bride-to-be is a beautiful woman.

Very nice couple.

Eeewwuuh. (And I’m allowed – I’m “over 35”). He could at least get a face-lift. She did, obviously. And I hope he shaves the gray hair off his – body. And turns the lights low – or out. Ugh.

You betta WORK Captain Picard… They Look beautiful together and she is gorgeous!

Magneto is marrying Professor X. If you’re invited, don’t wear any jewelry. And when Magneto asks if anyone attending knows a reason why the two people should not marry, there’s really no reason to speak up, because Professor X will already know what you’re thinking.

Whacka whacka!

If he officiates as Gandalf it will be the best wedding ever.


What a dumbass statement from a dumbass poster.

lol yeah 23 you are a complete asshat

Partick is pimping i dont think youll be with a 35 year old if you even reach 72,

RIGHT ON PATRICK!!! kirk couldnt pull this off nooooway!!

congrats you 2!! !:)

@27 & 28.
I don’t need to be with a 35 year and don’t want to be. (I highly doubt she’s 35). I’m 55 and my love of 33 years is 53. My mistress is 45. We all take good care of ourselves. And, more power to Pat — I just meant that he needs to fix that sh*t up. He’s gross.


Dude, how many guys at 72 look as good as he does?

I bet that, you, even at 55, look overweight, wrinkly, and out of shape compared to him.

Honestly, that’s probably why you need a mistress–your own wife doesn’t like to look at you when she wakes up, LOL!

Wrong on all counts. We all look great and we all have great fun. Open relationships are great.


If you’re having so much fun with your mistress, then why are you so anal about the way Patrick Stewart looks?

37 years age difference is a lot. I can understand marrying someone, who is 10-15 years older or younger, but more than 20 is really much.

LOL. Just having fun, voicing my opinion. You and the other guy made a big deal out of it. Whatever. I’m bored with you now. Moving on.

Look at the expression on Sir Patrick’s face. He looks like a schoolboy with his first girlfriend, but didn’t he already marry Lavar Burton?

You go Patrick! Keepin them youngins around will keep you feeling young!

well 29 lets see a picture of you maybe you look like Sh*t you are very shallow and we honestly dont care about your opinon if you care about looks that much youre what startrek ISNT ABOUT

so enjoy you pedistal you live on,

and why should it even matter if hes 72? its not like shes 16 or under age, shes a full grown woman and if she wants to marry an older man

more power too her! i cant believe how judgemental people can be over something that are not part of

and no 29 YOU made a big deal out of it, with your rude and shallow comments

you seriously think anyone would find that acceptable to say?

anyway END of rant,

He is a fool for marrying this gold hem, I mean girl. Yes, he is a sexy sexy man, but as a 35 year old woman, logic would kick in and I would swiftly have to remove the hollyw$$d veil. It certainly won’t be a a pretty scene in 10-15 years.

I’m sure the per nup is iron clad. He may only have 10 years. Any of us could be gone today. Cudos to him for reaching for happiness.


WHY the hell does everyone think hes gonna DIE in 10 years? George burns lived till he was 100 and smoked like a freaking chimney,

i dont think mr stewart is going down anytime soon

god so many grim people on this bloody site