Watch New Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailers [UPDATE 2]

The fourth trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has just been released online. This new preview is Paramount’s "international trailer." You can watch the new trailer below. Of course as with all trailers there will be spoilers – so watch out. [UPDATE 2: UK YouTube version now embedded]


International Trailer(s) For Star Trek Into Darkness

UPDATE 2: We now have the video for the Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer (UK version) and have uploaded it to the TrekMovie YouTube channel. It is also embedded below.

Australian, German, Mexican, Russian, or Brazilian versions are available at Apple Trailers

The new trailer will be shown with international screening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation starting next week. Other countries will also get localized versions of this trailer for showings of the G.I. Joe movie but those are not part of tonight’s exclusive release on Apple trailers. TrekMovie has confirmed that US screenings of the G.I. Joe movie will include the ‘alternative teaser’ which was released with Oz The Great and Powerful. A longer domestic ‘theatrical trailer’ for Star Trek Into Darkness will be released some time in April. It isn’t clear now if there will be major differences between that domestic theatrical trailer and the new international trailer.

UPDATED: Get your shot-by-shot analysis

Want to dig deep and get all the spoilers in the trailer, then check out the shot-by-shot analysis, which also includes images from the different localized versions.

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nice. can’t wait for it now. 8 weeks is going to be torture.


So Harrison’s ship crashlands on Alcatraz…

This sounds like fun.


Looks ok. Looking forward to seeing it.

Top agent… hmm remind anyone of section 31?

Well Done, Bravo.

FINALLY a glimpse of Peter Weller. No character name, but definitely part of Starfleet’s “top brass”. Robert April perhaps? Decker?


1:36 into the UK clip, maybe all the clips I’m not sure yet = my very favorite moment.

Alice Eve and her random presence in trailers make me LOL! First the awkward screaming and now that shot @ 1:36. Haha.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!

who is John Harrison working for? that’s what i wanna know.

It kinda looks like the Enterprise herself crashing.

Whoa, what a glimpse of Alice Eve! Definitely part of starfleet’s “top ass.”

ok, more detailed thoughts:

“you think your world is safe” speech one in brig. not surprising, but confirmed.

John Harrison is one of Starfleet’s “top agents” (section 31 connection?)

In Harrison’s eyes, Starfleet has committed “a crime I cannot forgive.” No idea what, but gives idea of motivations.

Carol Marcus giving Harrison disgusted look in sick bay (perhaps for killing/injuring her father?)

Carol Marcus appears to be in the scene here Harrison beats the crap out of Kirk

“I will walk over your cold corpses” definitely appears to be on an older-style starfleet bridge to me

Kirk (and someone else) flies out of an Enterprise-looking vessel. In another trailer they were flying TOWARD an Enterprise-looking vessel. veeeery interesting..

Carol Marcus in lingerie (!!)

I think we can confirm that it is Kirk’s Enterprise that crashes in the previous trailers. A much fuller view of the crash.


Peter Weller plays Admiral Marcus, Alice Eve’s dad

Top Agent, ala Osama 911

Harrison did not set off bomb in London. Noel clarke did. Misdirecting again!!!!

@9 darkthunder – I think it was already said Weller plays Admiral Marcus

Looks more intelligent than I would have thought up to this point. Seems to be quite a nice political thriller coming together here… going to be lots of fun.



Darkthunder- Peter Weller is playing Admiral Marcus. So, why do all the female characters have to be in their underwear in JJ Trek? First Uhura and the Orion. Now, Doctor Marcus. She’s a scientist for heaven’s sake! I hope there’s character development in there somewhere between the T&A.

Spoilers from a footage Screening:

Peter Weller is playing Admiral Marcus, formerly Robert April’s first oficer (as per the comic tie in) and father of Carol Marcus.

I love it! Can’t wait!

@ 19 He did so on Harrison’s orders in return for saving his daughter. Therefore it was Harrison who was behind the attack in London, even if he wan’t the one who physically pressed the button.

“Now, Doctor Marcus. She’s a scientist for heaven’s sake!”

Exactly. Scientists don’t wear underwear! Gosh, Roddenberry is rolling in his grave for not making them nude.

The Starfleet staff unis (like Adm. Marcus) remind me a bit of the TMP unis. Clearly this means John Harrison is V’ger.

When the Enterprise comes crashing to Earth, I actually quoted Data for a second when the Enterprise was crashing in Generations, “Oh Shit”.

@27 no, no. the inclusion of behind the scenes photos from star trek 4 on the app clearly indicate that John Harrison is the whale probe!

If Harrison was section 31, he would have been disavowed as working for Starfleet because 31 doesn’t officially exist. Still, it would be great if he was 31.

1:36 yammy!

Departed in space, can’t wait!

“Your cold corpses.” over expressed mouth movement. :p

Blatant showing of Alice Eve in her undies, to get the boys aroused so they will see this.

Revenge Revenge Revenge! Wow in the future we are still on that bandwagon as a species. :(

When the Enterprise crashes into SF, someone is playing Skrillex on the outside speakers. That is why everyone is screaming.

The helicopter attack seemed very out of place to me. So much of this film seems to take place on Earth and not space. I think I can like this movie if I just accept it as another summer action flick and not Trek. The grey uniforms are pretty sweet and I love me some Peter Weller, even though it looks like he’s going to die early in the film.

This is the first trailer for STID that surpasses the iconic trailer for Trek 2009.


Sex sells, they are aiming for a big score internationally, maybe after they see it, they get star trek.

Wait, it’s not April, it’s a de-aged Archer coming to get Scotty for screwing up the Beagle in the transporter.

Wow the future sucks, terror attacks still exist! :(

Anyone else getting sick and tired of these films about terror attacks (911).

@ 38

Unless he IS the beagle.



Epic trailer.

I am wondering if the trailer music is a version of Lux Aeterna.

“The helicopter attack seemed very out of place to me. So much of this film seems to take place on Earth and not space. I think I can like this movie if I just accept it as another summer action flick and not Trek” Helicopter Attack? You think it’s a Helicopter???? Really???

Some people, I swear.



This movie is going to be EPIC!!!

“how is this OUR Darkest Hour? would it be theirs?” no offense but most of us are going to be dead in 2259.

From the standpoint of past TREK movies, it looks good; you can see money was spent on it. But, it all looks and feels pretty standard and generic. Not trying to be negative, just honest. Hope it does well.

Anyone complaining about the undies scene for Eve must be omitting from their memory episodes of the Original Series such as The Gamesters of Triskelion and several others…. 1 million Quatlos for Carol Marcus!!!

That isn’t the Enterprise crashing into the water.
1) Rectangular nacelles
2) Secondary hull appears to hug the saucer
3) The Enterprise is shown crashing with the front of its right nacelle destroyed and its deflector dish completely blown off. On the close up of Alcatraz, the ship still has a lit up blue nacelle

I’m guessing that Harrison gets ahold of another starfleet ship. The Enterprise is beat up and the transporters are down. Kirk and perhaps Spock space jettison over to the Harrison’s ship. This might take place in orbit of Earth’s moon after a battle between the Enterprise and Harrison’s ship.

Whatever they attempt must go wrong, because later on the Enterprise is crashing and Kirk is back on the Enterprise with Scotty hanging on for dear life as the ship falls from orbit.

@38 But isn’t that the point? That we are never going to have that sort of utopian society we dream of? That it is just us being romantic and idealistic?

The telling part of the trailer….

“Your commanders have committed a crime I can not forgive.”

So obviously there’s something hush hush within Starfleet that Harrison is not too happy about.

Still not convinced the ship we’ve been seeing in all the trailer’s up to this one is/was the Enterprise. While it definitely looks like the Enterprise will crash, that one we’ve been seeing all this time still has a different configuration.

There is one scene in this trailer (edited between the shots of the ‘other’ ship) where we see what looks like the Enterprise deflector hitting land though… I hope we don’t lose her.

On another note, Hello Alice Eve!