Watch Viral Parodies: Star Trek Into Dumbness & Star Trek Bad Days

There are a couple of new Star Trek themed viral videos to share today. First up is "Star Trek Into Dumbness" a live-action parody for a mission of some hapless redshirts. Then there is "Star Trek – Bad Days" – an animated parody of a bad day for the new Star Trek crew.      


Star Trek: Into Dumbness

This parody is by Sneaky Zebra.

Star Trek – Bad Days

This animated Star Trek parody is part of the World of Heroes channel’s "bad days" series showing the off days of sci-fi and comic book heroes.


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Nice hybrid ship design!
Constitution refit. First one I truly fell in love with

Loved the 2nd one

The Nuwarp engines actually look good on it! Better than the rectangular ones!

Red Shirt jokes are so tired now. Meh.

Best 7 of 9!

Bad Days one is pretty good.

So, was that supposed to be Stan Lee singing in the transporter?

At least Spock’s vision will return due to his inner eyelids.

I love the execution on both. The Bad Days has the better script.

Fun. Brings back memories when TM had SpockBoy productions and other funnies every week.

OMG. very awesome, both videos (the animated on especially)

Bad Days was seriously good! I would watch one of those a week!

I actually laughed harder at the first one. It was the rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock that did it. That never fails to crack me up. LOL

The sequence at the start, zebra thing is awesome, zebra with glasses SNEAKY and the glasses for me it was the best ever.

Red-shirt jokes ARE stale. If you want to surprise people, have red-shirts NOT die for a change, since everyone expects them to.

However, the lens-flare jokes I like. Never in the history of film has a successful film had such an unpopular look-and-feel, and JJ just cracks a smile and says “hey, I like lens flare!” and says he’ll give us more of the same.

“Bad Days” is made by the guys who made the Avengers parody “Disassembled” complete with Shawarma scene.

Stan Lee appearances will be de rigueur we can imagine.

Star Trek Into Dumbness …

Seems they kinda got that right ….

Wonder if the supreme court ever once considered “darkness” could be construed this way? Or if they were just so cocksure of their vision it never crossed their minds … Kind of like parents who name their kids Dick.