Action Movie FX App Gets Star Trek Update – TrekMovie Takes It For A Spin

Bad Robot’s iOS app Action Movie FX has been updated with five brand new Star Trek FX, including transporter, warp, phaser, photon and an Enterprise flyby. Check out some sample movies from this cool new update below.


Action Movie FX adds Star Trek FX To your movies

Bad Robot’s Action Movie FX is an app for iPhones and iPads that lets you added Hollywood-style effects to your movies. The free app has just added a brand new Star Trek Into Darkness update.

The Into Darkness update features 5 FX (3 for free) that include models and assets from the actual film, all created by the VFX masters at Industrial Light & Magic.

The five new Star Trek FX are:

  • WARP*

* The Transporter and Warp FX are a $0.99 add-on (for both) and 100% of proceeds will be donated to THE MISSION CONTINUES, a charity that supports post-9/11 veterans.

The app is available now in the iTunes App store.

Sample videos

TrekMovie reader Shawn ‘Mad Man’ L. has taken the app out for a spin and had a lot of fun with it. Here are some sample videos that show what you can do with the app.

Photon Torpedoes

Enterprise Flyby

Phaser Fight



Start making your own Star Trek movies, get the app on iTunes. Post links to your movies below or to @trekmovie on Twitter.

Thanks to Shawn for the videos

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Ha Ha, that’s good. It’s a pity I don’t own an iAnything :-(

I can see a lot of kids (of all ages) having fun with that.

I downloaded it yesterday. It’s pretty good. I love the transporter effect, even tho it’s a little tricky.

I bought it too :)

Those torpedoes got my car also!

Why oh why no Android version when they are massively outselling iPhones???

@ #5 According to Canalys’s data for the first quarter of this year, iOS users are spending much more on apps even if they’re downloading fewer of them overall. Q1 2013 IOS had 74% of the market. So your answer is – they make more money though iPhones.

If anyone in London want two premium seat tickets to the IMAX Star Trek screening at Waterloo next week check out

Even though Android OS spread across all devices outsells iPhones running iOS, profits for app developers come from almost 75% iOS apps, which might explain some things.

I read a couple years ago that android device users are easier to pick up in a var or get into the sack than an iOS device user. No, I am not making this up.

Hell will freeze over before I touch an iPhone again. I had one for a short time when my phone caught a case of ASWE (Accidental Sea Water Exposure) and died on me for good, and so I had to use my dad’s old iPhone. The only thing that was different from the ipod touch was that it had a phone and a camera, which, while good, is not my idea of a great phone if you can’t change the way the OS looks without screwing yourself over on the warranty. My droid phone, which I love by the way, can be changed however I please and still not get the warranty voided. If I paid for it, it is mine and I own it and I should be able to do whatever I want to it. That said, I agree, no droid app for this and it will never see the light of day in mind. Give me a droid app, which by the way, everyone has been begging for (and basically been ignored) or in my book go to hell. No offense, of course, this is all just my opinion and if I remember correctly, it’s not illegal to share my opinion here. Still, this looks like a great app. I just wish to God there was an Android version coming, oh I don’t know, ever.


All manufactures have the right to stipulate usage guidelines during their warranty period. You have the choice, because the phone is yours, to void the warranty.

The iPhone was so successful because it is like McDonalds, the same everywhere you go. What is so great about that is some people, myself included, take comfort in knowing I don’t have to think about anything on my phone.

Regardless of your opinion on iPhone or Android…it simply senseless to not have this app available on the android market!!

My son has an iPhone and it does look pretty cool but I am extremely disappointed that there is not one for my HTC Android OS phone. :(


I’m 100 percent with you there! I have a Pantech Discover (which is my second droid phone, my first being the HTC Inspire 4G). That this app hasn’t been released to the android market is a disappointment and as you said is a very senseless thing for Bad Robot to have done. I sent them an inquiry today to see what their plans for an android version are, though I don’t expect to be graced with any form of a reply, and if they do I expect, even though I specifically told them not to do it, that it will be a basic “we have no plans now or in the future” type answer. I’ll keep those interested updated through here, of course.

EPICCCCC They should add more scenes of starship PR0N

It’s because all the cool kids have iPhones. I’m lovin mine with the Star Trek addition to this app, which I have had on my iPhone for two years.

You should have a little contest for the most creative use of some of these apps!

I’ve had loads of fun with this app, can’t wait to get the Trek stuff!

Thanks to trekmovie for using my vids!

I also used this app as a learning tool! I did the Transporter FX with my students to have them beam in and out and then used it to discuss the mass-energy equivalence!

And yeah, That Enterprise continues to torpedo cars! IT’s so mean!

@17: Yeah, a contest is a brilliant idea! I’d also like to see JJ and Orci and the rest of the team use the Trek Action Movie FX and what they do with it….

Yeah, iOS still generates more revenues so it makes sense to put it out for that first, but it’s not like it’s that hard to port an app from iOS to Android (or even Windows Phone 7 & 8); so what’s odd is that they’ve *still* not released the app for those platforms *as well as* iOS after this much time…

Pretty cool but I agree needs an android port!

If devs put the apps poeple wanted onto Android well then people might just purchase it…even if we only got thetrek themes :)

It is unfortunate that iPhone gets apps when there are Androids (and Windows phones) going begging. I do hope that some Enterprising soul ports this to Android.

Why isn’t this app available for my Commodore 64! ;)

Too bad it isn’t available for the (IMHO) best platform: Windows Phone.

Simple, fast, stable. It’s only weakness is lack of apps.

iPhone users keep crowing how great their phones are yet they can’t wait to upgrade it. I’ve had my Windows Phone 7 now for 2 1/2 years. The only reason I want to upgrade is to get 4G.


You need to brush up on how phone purchases work. That phone isn’t your until your contract is up unless you buy it outright.


I know how phone purchases work. The phone IS mine, just not exclusively mine. Just not the right to change how the OS looks whenever I please. So yes, I know how things work in regards to phone purhcases. When the contract is over, and I’ve moved on to a new phone, I wont have any interest in changing how the last one looked unless I kept it as a media player or something. Still, I do thank you for remind me, CoffeeProf :)

haha 24 rm10019…….think they git somethin for my colecovision adam computer system…..

Enterprise is so mean. Now it blew up housewares in a Target:

Then the crew beamed down and just phasered some random dude looking at DVDs. C’mon, Starfleet, don’t phase him, bro!

They are so mean:–u_qcM

BTW: I have no idea who that dude was….