Exclusive: Pine and Quinto Talk To TrekMovie About Their ‘Moments Of Shatner and Nimoy’ & more

And here is the second TrekMovie interview from the official Star Trek Into Darkness junket, this time with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto where we talk about how they both pepper their performances with moments of Shatner and Nimoy. We also talked about working with Cumberbatch and more. Watch it below.  


Pine and Quinto talk Shatner and Nimoy and more with TrekMovie.com

It was late in the day when I sat down with Zach and Chris and you can see it at the beginning where they were cooling themselves with bags of ice. But regardless of the junket fatigue we pressed on. Watch it below.


Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto talk about ‘moments of Shatner and Nimoy’ in their performances as Kirk and Spock

Quinto: JJ was very clear in wanting us to bring our own perspectives to bear in creating the first film. But I think both of us have such an affinity for the OGs that it would be silly for us not to embrace them in our performances in little tiny bits. And not to spoil anything but there is a nice reconnection of Spock energy in this film which is for me one of my favorite moments.

Pine: Yeah, it is always fun to pepper the performance with nods to what Bill and Leonard did. It is finding those moments that can prove to be really exciting and lends itself to people enjoying it and smiling. There is a lot of humor and a lot of light to all this "Darkness." I also do think for fans they will probably read into more than I conciously put into it, but there are definite nods.

Quinto on how his relationship has grown since 2009 movie

Our relationship took a different turn after the first movie. I was so grateful to have him be involved, but then we just became friends. So our relationships has become something much bigger than our connection to Star Trek and the character of Spock. He has ascended to someone of great importance in my life.

Chris Pine on working with Benedict Cumberbatch (contrasting with his performance):

Benedict is tremendously talented for what he brought to his role – it is completely different than what I bring to bear for Kirk. It is just the definition of who these characters are. There is a scalpel-like precision to Benedict’s John Harrison. A robotic calculation to the violence that he psychologically and physically wields. Kirk is more of a cowboy. His energy is bigger and larger. What I did was watch a wonderful actor work his craft…it was great fun.

Chris on the most important thing he has learned playing Kirk [question submitted by Josephine from Fort Collins, CO]

I like his spirit of the moment. He is a man who lives in the moment. I think there is something to be said for his impulsiveness. It doesn’t work for him all the time and it is part of his running arc in this film certainly – but to hold on to that gut instinct – there is something beautiful and wonderful that speaks to all of us. 

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Stay tuned for more exclusive junket videos over the next few days.

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I wish they’d make out and get it over with.

Hilarious how Zachary finishes……

Chris’ sentences…… :)

Well, maybe I’m wrong…

I love Zach but in some interviews he looks a bit annoying … Zach seems to be always worried that Chris will stand out above him … but I always see Chris being very generous to share the interview with him!

I saw some interviews with Chris in Mexico, he was alone and he was great in no time he was annoying or overbearing, trying to be a lone star above the other actors in the film …

btw, Chris Pine was very charming in Mexico, speaking beautifully in Spanish … there he said he had a big surprise for his fans … well if he was talking about “Into the Woods” …. WOW I hope he gets it!

;-) :-)

Dee – who was annoying or overbearing – Chris or Zach?

Sorry – your post was a little unclear.

#5. Keachick

I was talking about Zach … and saying that Chris when alone is never annoying or overbearing, then he certainly will not be when he’s sharing an interview with another actor … he is great when are alone and very generous when he is with Zach … then Zach would not need to worry so much!

I hope I have made ​​that clearer now! ;-) :-)

CP in Mexico:




he is great when he is alone and very generous when he is with Zach … then Zach would not need to worry so much!

sorry is complicated today! LOL

Chris looked and sounded so lovely in that video, Dee. I do not know any Spanish at all, so do you think that he is a good Spanish speaker?

Great interview, Anthony!! You did us proud.

#8. Keachick

Chris is great speaking Spanish, he was saying that has much respect for the people of Mexico and Latin people … and he studied Spanish in high school for 6 years and when he’s visiting Mexico he always speaks in Spanish although it’s very difficult for him, but very fun.

His favorite word in Spanish is “espetacular” – spectacular!

There is an interview for a Mexican magazine, the reporter said he sang a piece of the song “Dos Gardenias” of Buena Vista Social Club, unfortunately it seems that there is not a video of this interview.

try with google translate here:


Complete aside — I’m just waiting for IMAX to start. Pretty excited. Man, there are a lot of morbidly obese people here. There are walkers and those electric carts parked outside…

@Jack… yeah, at our showing there was a guy in a black enclosed wheelchair with a lot of facial deformities, and he only had a blinking red light. I think he like got very upset in the middle of the movie, because his light blinked a lot and then all of a sudden stopped.

Pine impressed most in the scene when he confronts Harrison in the brig about the people he has killed. Unfortunately the dialogue he was given was weak. A real shame. A good actor somewhat wasted by poor writing.

#11, 12.

Morbidly obese, and pimple-faced folks make up a rather sizable portion of the Trek fandom these days…..

…..ironic since Star Trek (however indirectly, or directly) promotes fitness and healthy eating…..

You know I’m both a Disney theme park fan and a Trek fan and honestly I dont get why both of these groups has some of the most obese people I ever seen. Its almost startling.

Anyway the interview was great although you can tell these guys are probably sooooo tired lol. Promoting a film seems fun on one level but completely tedious on the other.

Great interview Anthony! – I really love the fact that Leonard and Zachary are good friends. It makes the new Trek even a little more authentic to me somehow.

12. The Sinfonian – May 16, 2013

—@Jack… yeah, at our showing there was a guy in a black enclosed wheelchair with a lot of facial deformities, and he only had a blinking red light. I think he like got very upset in the middle of the movie, because his light blinked a lot and then all of a sudden stopped.—-

He must really have loved the movie.

One blink means Yes. Two blinks means Yes, Yes.

That animated poster behind them really freaked me out at first. it was really distracting.

Anthony: What was the question you had for Quinto from the fans before time ran out?

They are so damn cute! Fantastic acting in Into Darkness!

I’m waiting to hear when they finally come out as dating. Seriously, their whole body language speaks volumes. Love it.