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Sticky 3: Into Darkness Opening USA/Canada Weekend

No things are really cooking, the previews, the galas, the early country dubuts are all behind…today is the first day of the first domestic weekend for Star Trek Into Darkness. has already posted a review and now it is your chance. TrekMovie has created a new fan reviews page for Into Darkness.


Here are our current polls for those who have seen Into Darkness, including a new one about Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison (OK this is a spoiler page…on Cumberbatch’s KHAN!)

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Below chat about the movie, including discussing any spoilers.








WARNING: This open thread is for people who have seen the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie you really shouldn’t be reading this as you are sure to get spoiled.





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Shall we begin…again?


I called section 31 being in the movie way back in december!! Called it!!

Come on now, enough with the Gene Rodenberry revisionist history. The man should be given his due credit of course for getting Trek started, but this idea of him being the main creative force behind TOS is just bull — DC Fontana, Gene L. Coon and several others were primarily responsible for the creativity behind the original series.

Star Trek TMP showed us all what happens to Trek when Gene Roddenberry took the creative reigns of TOS — we got an OK hard sf movie that, while visually stunning, wasn’t TOS Star Trek we were hoping for. And then we got Seasons 1 and 2 of TNG — Trek so boring and inane that it is still a miracle we all stuck with it.

So please spare me the whining about Gene Roddenberry in relation to STID..

I had not finished reading through the last thread. Is there a place where it is archived? Or am I out of luck?

Am I the only one who thinks that Harrison is NOT Kahn, but one of his followers protecting him. If you see the first guy in the cryo tube, it looks like he has the same hairstyle Ricardo Montalban had in the Original Series. At least that is what I saw.

Once again. Horrible movie that I am grateful my movie theater friend allowed me to see for free.

Just came back from seeing it in IMAX 3D… first words out of my mouth after I saw it were… I knew it was Khan! I knew it. I don’t see why it needed to be such a big secret… A lot happened and I’m still digesting it all. Overall it was a fun action sci fi adventure and I liked it a lot. I’m going to see it once or twice more to form a better opinion on it but overall it was very satisfying. I got what I paid for. :)

Saw it one time. Unsure if I’ll see it again.


I just want to say, amidst my previous-thread criticisms of the film, that I really love a lot of it.

Chris Pine deserves serious respect for what he does with Kirk here, with a character arc that shows in his eyes and bearing–awesome! (And here’s where the writers did a lot of smart, sharp writing.)

Quinto and the rest are even better than in the first film, with Scotty feeling MUCH more like TOS Scotty while still getting plenty of Pegg’s own charm. Every performance (except Weller’s over-the-top stuff) was inspiring.

I was only distracted by lens flares a couple of times, compared to dozens and dozens of times in Trek’09. The score was less obtrusive and, I think, better than the first. I want to listen to it again, where the first one left me uninterested.

Despite the, um, “homages” to the past, Kirk and Spock have a wonderful relationship arc here, with Kirk taking the lead (he IS a natural leader) because he knows they should be friends. I believe these two actors and their performances will be as beloved as Shatner and Nimoy through the years.

@7. Well, like your experience, I am glad that Anthony doesn’t charge a subscription for this website, as then I would have to be paying to read asinine comments like yours.

Just so it’s clear, is the poll question about Cumberbatch’s performance with what he was given or his character as a whole (the way he was written, performance, etc,)?

“My name…is ASFAFEDWABGWREGFR” *dies on own spit*

It was a great movie. I loved it from start to finish. I actually felt sorry for Khan until he start becoming all batshit crazy and started crushing people’s skulls and breaking women’s legs by stepping on them. the Spock vs Khan fight was just amazing. I felt sorry to see Pike die. Bruce Greenwood did an awesome job as Christopher Pike. Benedict Cumberbatch did an awesome job portraying “Khan”, i wouldn’t be surprised if he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award.

i posted in the other thread. #956 if you wish to take the time to read that book..

reusing khan and all the other moments=bad. movie would’ve been pretty cool if khan’s britishness was explained.

i predict this movie will make less than ’09, but probably more than WoK.. and it’ll probably be reviewed as silly from the ‘real’ trekkies. which isn’t acceptable.

i really must reiterate that please, boborci, if you’re involved in the next movie, fix the timeline. some how, some way.. with that said, i do have a great idea for star trek’s “golden anniversary”.. ;)

You don’t pay for Internet k 7?

Looks though like you’ll pay to see any steaming pile and call it great

@6 yeah can’t wait for screen cap of that guy that bones and Marcus see. Obviously not meant to be Khan but would be cool if he looks like another actor from the TOS episode

if they do a third one what do you think they should place it during the five-year mission? i’m thinking it should be near the end of the mission that way if they ever decide to do a tv series, they can just fill in the five years.

links for the last two open threads are above at bottom of article

ok. leaving other thread. If you posted question there and I didn’t answerm let;s do it here.

The only reason I’m hoping Into Darkness doesn’t bomb is because I want to see a third movie. But I’d also like to teach a lesson to those who wantonly play with the most famous villain in Star Trek too.

Though, given the numbers so far, they may have a lower than expected opening weekend…

@16. Sure, whatever you say, troll. LOL

@6. cornflakes87,
“Am I the only one who thinks that Harrison is NOT Kahn, but one of his followers protecting him. If you see the first guy in the cryo tube, it looks like he has the same hairstyle Ricardo Montalban had in the Original Series. At least that is what I saw.”

Nope, you are not the only one. We’ve been discussing over on the previous thread, how there’s nothing in STID canon that prohibits that very scenario.

Most likely this is not the intent of the filmmakers, but nothing prevents a future filmmaker from doing exactly that. In fact it works particularly well if anyone wants to take another stab at a Khan story and BC doesn’t want to reprise his role.

14. Matt

Interesting part about K going nuts is that Kirk betrayed him first by ordering Scotty to stun him…

I really don’t think the writers have to “fix” the time line at all. I think they ned to realize they really are, as Sulu said on occasion “free and clear to navigate.” Take the franchise to new places. Seriously. This movie really id dont need khan. The mystery about who John Harrison really was, was the hype, not the answer to the mystery itself.

Take us way out into the galaxy for the next one. Cut the Enterprise off from Starfleet somehow. Get Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Uhura on the planet. Give Scotty or Sulu some time to shine in the center seat. Throw them into a dangerous landscape where our heroes have to use their wit and guile to survive. Something they find sparks a huge revelation…

…and have it end with a new mission directive established for a TV series of some kind. Either with a ship and crew in the same universe, or for this group of characters in maybe an animated format. Something.

Hell, you could even establish one of those other Constitution class ships for a new TV series. How about a show centered around Decker and his people aboard the Constellation? They wouldn’t have to be killed by the planet killer in this universe, and thusly could have a five year mission of their own.

23. Curious Cadet.

True enough.

@boborci –

Kirk, I believe, said in the movie that he hadn’t lost anyone under his command. However, in the comics, there were several stories where he lost people (Gary Mitchell most notably).

Now, I know you’ve said the stories are canon unless the movies say otherwise, but I guess my question is: what incentive do we have to continue reading the comics if half of them are seemingly going to be wiped out by the movie?


Are you saying that Khan has anger management problems?

Maybe K was abandoned as a child and any sense of betrayal (leaving him on Seti Alpha, ordering Scotty to stun him) just sets him off

@boborci, Is there any particular reason you chose to parallel an existing story rather than do something completely new and unique?

Perhaps fighting off an alternate Robert April like the very well done prequel comic. I honestly found that to be much more intriguing.

Also, whats with the travel time from Earth and the heart of the Federation to Qo’noS, the heart of the Klingon empire?

Copying from the other thread since boborci is here again:

@boborci RE #67: “We did, however, consider and conceive of the story without K in mind. If you think about it, he could’ve revealed his name was Schmuko with a slightly different back story (super criminal from Federation jail, etc…) and that Marcus used him by threatening other people he cared about (family instead of crew) and the story still stands.”

If this is the case, then why didn’t you have it turn out that Cumberbatch’s character was Joachim or maybe another augment we haven’t met before? It would have been so much more refreshing than just rehashing the plot of “TWOK” with a few details mixed around. Besides, Khan has been adrift in space since 1996 – before the timelines diverged. I’d buy a subtle change in his appearance, but not one this drastic, especially considering Khan is supposed to be of a Sikh background. The resemblance would have worked much better:

I know you’ve since said that you’ll address Khan’s race change at a later point, but I’m really hoping you’re not just going to turn up with “he had to surgically alter his appearance to escape” or something like that.

I do have to commend you for the interpersonal relationships between the main crewmembers – they were a lot more believable in this film than in the 2009 film (to me). Some of the scenes between Kirk & Spock were excellent, even if I wasn’t a fan of Kirk’s death scene. Also, thanks for making not one but TWO “Deep Space Nine” references – it gets treated like the bastard child of the “Trek” franchise far too often.

In short: even with the stuff I do like about the film, I just can’t buy Cumberbatch being cast as Khan. That pretty much killed my enjoyment of the film – it turned from something original into a rehash of things we’ve already seen with some details switched around. Hope you don’t hate me for saying so, but that’s how I feel.

@boborci I think I asked this in the other thread. Trying to phrase it correctly. It’s not a slight on the script, I’m just slow sometimes to catch things. When Spock talks to Spock Prime, after Prime tells Spock that Khan is likely to kill them all, Spock asks how they defeated him in the Prime universe. Here’s what I missed (again, not you, most likely me), if Prime did tell Spock how they did it, did that info pay off/prove useful later in the story?

My view of Khan is that he is someone you can work with UNTIL he feels he has the advantage. I think Khan, as a character, would have taken over the Vengeance and demanded the capsules whether Kirk had stunned him or not.

BTW, there is a new STID poll above. Each new thread adds one new poll so there are now 3 STID polls running

Bob Orci –

Not a question but a comment. I thought the movie was terrific and well worth the wait. What I really appreciated was the subtle balance you showed with the humor. TOS was filled with funny moments amidst all of the action and soul searching. It is very easy to get this balance wrong and I thought the lighter moments in STID were of a perfect tone. Thanks.


Is there any chance of you doing anything with the possible Klingon war in the next movie?

Re:#865 on the closed thread. MJ (The Guy Who Correctly Deduced it was Khan Way Back in Fall 2011) – May 17, 2013

You and I banged heads on many things, but I don’t every recall dismissing your Khan contentions out of hand. I always accepted your Anthony’s report evidence. I sat on the fence in finding other contentions equally plausible but I feel I always thought you had a shot at being right.

I did point out that in the Garth presentation that he would be a way to have your Khan and yet not have him too but I never claimed any others’ plausible scenarios trumped yours in likelihood.

We contributed to over 400 threads here where Khan was mentioned. It’s going to take me a while to see what I might have done that might require an acknowledgement of outright error.

However, congratulations are due for sticking to your guns and having your scenario prevail as I do recall being a fence sitter.

Just got back from seeing it. Overall, I was actually quite impressed with JJ and the gang. I will admit that I was one of the 4% who read the spoilers. I wanted to a least know what I was walking into. And, truth be told, i was that suprised when I read Cumberbatch was Khan. I was excited to see how it got handled and what kind of narrative choices Orci & Co made, and to be honest, with a few exceptions, I was very impressed. For the first time in a while we got a truely compelling Star Trek movie. Not that the reboot was terrible, but it was very heavy on the exposition. This time around, we were thrown into a movie that was fairly well thought out. Things I liked: Firstly, Pine’s Kirk finally had to learn the consequences of his actions. This was something I thought was sorely lacking in the first movie. Shat Kirk was a lot of things, but totally careless was not one of them. Over the course of the movie, I really feel like Orci and crew went to great pains to develop Kirk’s personality closer to the man that we all know and love. Pine does a great job growing into the role. I was NOT impressed after the first movie, this time around I’m actually starting to like his performance and was pleased to see him acting more like a Captain and less like a Cowboy. Quinto continues to make bold choices in his performance as Spock. As an actor, playing Spock is rife with peril to either be too wooden or too Nimoy-ish (…and trust me, that actually COULD be a bad thing). Quinto is bringing a new depth to the character and I am also very pleased with his performance. The Spock/Uhura thing….well, not so impressed. But I’ll give them an extra point for effort on this one. Cumberbatch was AMAZING… as a Replicant. I had a tough time buying him as Khan. Del Toro or Bardem were obviously great initial choices, but alas, they passed on the movie. This is no way should detract from Cumberbatch’s performance. He was masterful in his portrayal of this character (something a lot of pervious Trek bad guys lacked). However, once the Hispanic contigents passed on the movie, perhaps it would have been to just give Cumby his own character instead of stepping into Montelban’s shoes. A different and equal deadly Replicant may have served to bolster the movie. Instead, as great as Cumby was, I kept saying to myself “He isn’t Khan”. But, again, Cumberbatch was enthrawling and definately deserves high praise. The biggest bone most people seem to be picking with the movie is the Reactor room scene with Kirk. I have to say, I actually thought it amazingly poetic. Orci has demonstrated his penchant for turning classic Trek stories on their ears with the comics, and I have actually enjoyed this. As soon as Scotty says “Don’t go in there, the radiation will kill you” I knew what was going to happen. And it was TOTALLY OK WITH IT. I thought it was a beautiful homage to TWOK, including the moving scene between Kirk and Spock (this time reversed). Hell, I was even OK with Spock crying, because they are finding their own ways to deal with Spock inner conflict. I bought the whole frackin’ thing… right up until Spock lets out the “KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!”. And then I literally smacked my forehead in the middle of the theater. My girlfriend, a non-Trekker, looked at me and said “are you quite alright?”. Sorry, Bob, but you had me until that moment. It wasn’t a crippling blow, but it was pretty bad. I get how you’re trying to develop the character, I really do. But there is NO WAY Spock would EVER loose his composure quite like that. Overall, I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. Really, really, really, good. Not perfect. But, I emphatically state that this was a huge move forward for the Supreme Court. The really grew our characters and, while the film DOES pander to the popcorn crowd with a lot of explosions and few utterances of the “Shit” (which, by the way, I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Not that I’m a prude or anything. I swear like a drunken sailor in a whorehouse, but Star Trek generally has stuck with one “shit” per movie), I do feel like this really is a new Star Trek for a new generation. I hope you guys can pull of #3 for the 50th. That would be super cool. Also, if we can MAYBE get back to the whole “seek out new life and new civilizations…” thing and a little less of the angry… Read more »

Please keep Lindoff away from Star Trek XIII


@boborci question: when kirk died, why couldnt they have taken blood from the other genetically enhance humans from the Botony Bay located in the torpedos? Why did they need Kahn’s “super blood”?



Thanks for commenting on me being right on Khan — much appreciated!

2. Curious Cadet – May 17, 2013

@1333. LogicalLeopard,
“Khan actually has a REASON for his change in appearance.”

Are you talking about the excuse that a fourth grade history student writing a paper on Khan might recognize him on the street, et al?

Hmmmm. So if Khan had merely had facial reconstruction, and looked more like Naveen Andrews, that people would still point and say, ‘hey, see that Indian looking man over there? I think he might be that dictator from 300 years ago named Kahn.’?

Do you really think it also took a complete race change, along with an affected British accent to ensure no one recognized him?


No, I think that the producers thought Cumby was the best person for the role and cast him. And I also think that when I think about it for five seconds, an in-movie solution presents itself. Khan is a recognizeable historical figure from an age where there was sleeper ships, and he went missing. He probably needs a new identity. He didn’t need to be English, but why not? If it were me, Is go Native American or Polynesian instead of black. Or maybe Asian. It’s not like A Federation Doctor can’t do it in a few painless hours. Never seemed to be a problem before.

My point is this: we can’t expect for every little detail to be explained on camera. If you find a workable solution to a question, I say use it. I get hacked off on canon issues like the next guy, but some stuff is so easily explained it doesn’t warrant that much attention.


Forgive the repeat question from the last thread, but I’m dying to know:

Did Hendorff/Cupcake die on Kronos?!

His issue of the ongoing comic made me love him, and we’re left hanging in regards to his fate in the movie. He boards Mudd’s ship with Kirk, Spock, and Uhura, but we never see if he makes it back.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a great film. It turns everything from the original series into overdrive. Abrams knows how to reinvent and intrigue. The dialogue is awesome, Kirk’s playboy person is intact, and the intellect and action oh my…Its Star Trek in every way just new faces and a level cool that I appreciate. Nothing is suppose to be the same or die an early grave trying to fit into a mold so enjoy it for what is now and will be.

Anthony, a question for you. Do you feel somewhat vindicated that the vast majority of posters here over the past year doubted your breaking news story from last April, confirming it was Khan; with some people even suggested that you were deliberately duped by your inside sources?

I for one, trust you 100% when you break a major Trek news story. I think others have now learned their lesson on this as well.

Thanks for your outstanding coverage of STID, and in particular, your vastly unappreciated breaking news story from April 2012 — perhaps the biggest news story in history — where you told us all that Khan was confirmed.

Let people doubt you at their own major risk going forward.

Dude, you should be working for Empire or SFX — you are that good.


I of course take pride in my work like anyone else. But I am not going to knock anyone for having a healthy dose of skepticism.

And BTW we were not the first to report the bit about Khan, I dont even think we were the 10th. But I like to be sure before I post something.

@34. You want me to put on a WHAT color shirt!?!?

Re-post your post credits request from the last thread … HILARIOUS!! They totally should have done something like that …

41 Nick
I didn’t see him die. Did you?

When I saw it at midnight as part of the double feature, I think the scene that got the biggest reaction from the screen was when Kirk told Chekov “go put on a red shirt”

Everyone in the theater was like “UH OH” lol

39. EnsignJack

Other are frozen, time is of the essence, Bones said they could die if he wakes them up without proper tech/sequencing, and he KNOWS what K’s blood can do. He knows nothing about the others.

This may be embarrassing but i’m gonna say it anyway.

I may have been suffering from fatigue from lack of sleep for a few days but the first thing I did when I got hom from STID was to bawl my eyes out. Not in a bad way. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since I saw The Wrath Of Khan when I was still in single figures. I’m now 34 and every so often a new Star Trek film comes around. To me it’s a bit like seeing a really old, close friend you’ve known since you were tiny that you meet up with every so often and you hang out for two hours, get a big hug and then they’re gone again. But you can always depend on them to be there for you.

That’s kinda how I felt when I saw Into Darkness. I’ve *never* been disappointed when seeing the latest Trek film in the cinema. I always have a great time whilst i;m there. Even Nemesis. Hell I even love The Final Frontier despite it’s flaws.

I cannot wait til Trek (1)3 in 2016. And here’s to many more from Bad Robot & Co.

@boborci Its clear that the studio or yourself considers the new “troika” to be KIrk, Spock and Uhura but please, for the next film, can we get ONE scene to echo the brilliance of the Kirk/Spock/McCoy meeting in Wrath Of Khan discussing Genesis?

Even as a long term fan, I love that the new films go for fast pace over long dialogue – its how Trek has to be to survive the modern era, and you know it better than most – but the one thing that has been missing from both of your Trek films so far is McCoy doing anything other than spout catchphrases. I get it, I really do, but please try to sneak a scene past them next time round that slows the film down for 2 minutes just to remind everyone about the logic vs emotion duality that Spock and McCoy bring to Kirk, and therefore the audience. That was the true brilliance of the original series, and it deserves a place in your version.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all you’ve done so far.