Happy Birthday. Surely, the best of times.

It is the beginning of spring here in the Western Hemisphere, which means it’s time to celebrate the birthdays of Trek royalty.

Today is the 83rd birthday of Spock Prime himself, Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Nimoy, who recently disclosed that he has a smoking-related illness called COPD isn’t letting anything slow him down. It was announced recently that he will be hosting two special “space-themed” performances by the Boston Pops in May, featuring music from many science fiction classics, including, of course, Star Trek. More information, including ticket prices, can be found at The Boston Pops website.

Mr. Nimoy took to Twitter to mark the day and to thank everyone for their good wishes:

He also received a message from an old friend of his:

Speaking of Mr. Shatner, the original James T. Kirk also turned 83 on March 22nd, and isn’t letting a trivial thing like age slow him down. Last week it was announced that he will be starring in a home renovation reality show for the DIY cable network starting in the fall, “The Shatner Project”, which will chronicle the renovation of his Los Angeles home. More details about the program from DIY.com


He will also be headlining a special one-night event based on his critically acclaimed one-man show, “Shatner’s World”. Fathom Events, a company that specializes in bringing “the best in one-night and limited-run events, like operas, comedy, Broadway productions, concerts and sports, right to your local movie theater”, will be presenting a video version of “Shatner’s World” in theaters around the country on April 24th. Locations, ticket prices, and other info can be found at Fathom Events.


And finally, we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of the true shining lights of Star Trek. The great Dorothy “D.C” Fontana turned 75 yesterday. Fontana served as story editor of TOS during it’s first and second seasons, and wrote many of the series best episodes (“Tomorrow is Yesterday”, “Journey to Babel”, etc.) and rewrote “This Side of Paradise”, a seminal Spock episode. She also served as Associate Producer and story editor of the animated series and wrote what is probably the most popular episode, “Yesteryear”. She later went to write for TNG (including the pilot) and DS9, and has written or co-written several Star Trek novels, comics, and video games.

We here at TrekMovie and fans everywhere want to wish them all a very Happy Birthday and many, many more.

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It’s great that these two guys are still with us!


Second that.

Happy Birthday to two men I deeply admire. Thank you both for your gifts, and the wonderful times you have shared with us for all these years. No matter where things go in the future you will always be two of the greats, and your works…both Trek related and otherwise will always be enjoyed by the world.

May you both Live Long and Prosper for years to come.

Happy Birthday to three of the people who opened my eyes to the stars and to future possibilities. I personally believe I would have a had a very different life if I had not discovered Star Trek in 1966.

@1 agreed two great actors and men

Happy Birthday to these three people. I agree with #4. My life would have been different, and much worse, if I had not discovered Star Trek. I am immensely grateful for these people and for Star Trek.

Happy Birthday to you special people. Thank you for making a difference.

Best Wishes to All for the next year! I love each of you and love that you gave me so many happy hours with Star Trek. I’m thankful indeed.

May you all live long, and prosper.

Happy birthday to all three of you! May the coming year bring you all that you desire.

I wish Paramount would hire Ms. Fontana to write the third reboot movie; if any living person knows how to write Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, it is she!

My own birthday is March 24th, and every year, I enjoy being born equidistant between two such great men and right next to such a great lady.

Mr. Nimoy is also having THREE exhibits of his photography in the Boston area, running from now until May — one at Boston University, one in Belmont, and one in South Boston. Details can be found in this article: http://www.griffinmuseum.org/blog/the-griffin-museum-at-digital-silver-imaging/

Happy bdays to all three trek icons….dc fontana had interesting things to say re tng in trek nation…

Happy Birthday to both! We’ve grownup with these two giants to guide us across the universe! 83 and going strong! Live Long……

Happy Birthday (s) to Bill, Leonard, and Dorothy.

Wonderful how active you all are… and I hope you are enjoying it.

Hear, hear!!

Star Trek would not be Star Trek without those three…

Happy Birthday!

…and many more to each of them. Class acts, all.

Happy Birthday to all three! =D

LL&P =)

To put a slightly different spin on it: You three have lived long and prospered, and may you continue to so do for at least as long as it takes to see mankind reach the strange new worlds of another star.

A belated “Happy Birthday” greeting to Messrs. Shatner and Nimoy. I’ve been a fan for almost 50 years now; you two are “Da Bomb”.”The Shatner Project” sounds interesting. Maybe he could have former rapper and current DIY channel star Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) work on his house. Or they can do a different show together. Just think of the title song – “Shat Shat Baby”, rapped by both of them.

And, I remember Dorothy Fontana from the 1970’s New York City conventions I attended. She was a fabulous and fun speaker. Happy Birthday to you, too.

Happy Birthday to Dorothy Fontana.

Happy Birthday to William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy – I know this is the third time I posted this wish here…oh well…:)

I hope you all had great days and grand, fun new year.

Happy birthday to all. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of Mr. Nimoy that the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater at the Griffith Observatory will be educating generations in the space sciences long after we are all gone. BZ, sir.

Happy Birthday to my Dear Friend, Timmy. From THX-1138. I wonder if Leonard remembers that? I’ll never forget it.

A very happy B-day once again to both the original Kirk & Spock – both living legends. Thanks for all the adventures and all the best.


Good job, trekmovie folks. I really appreciate these posts — they’re timely and well-written. I’m once again a regular visitor here.

Should be noted that Shatner celebrated his 83rd birthday by taking part in a Twilight Zone Panel at Mad Monster Party Charlotte on his birthday
And was sung happy birthday by everyone on had for the convention and had birthday cake.

William Shatner to appear on KTLA morning news in 8a hour PDT which is about 15 minutes from now at time of this typing.

Live streaming of show: