Paramount Confirms Next Star Trek Film Coming 2016 UPDATE: Orci tweets hint about when filming starts

BREAKING: Paramount has confirmed what should have been obvious, the next Star Trek feature film will be released in 2016. The news comes from the CineEurope conference being held in Barcelona Spain where Paramount Senior VP Edward Ryan outlined the studio’s plans for the future.

According to THR the studio has quite a few sequels planned for 2016, from the article…

For 2016, Ryan promised Paranormal Activity 5, a new take on Ben Hur directed by Timur Bekmambetov, the return of Eddie Murphy for Beverly Hills Cop, Transformers 5, GI Joe 3, Hansel and Gretel 2 and Star Trek 3.

As reported before, Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness producer/writer Roberto Orci will helm the next Trek, and co-write with  newcomers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. While he is busy directing Star Wars Episode VII, Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams will still be on board producing the Trek movie along with his Bad Robot partner Bryan Burke along with Skydance’s David Ellison. No plot details about the film are known, but the entire main cast is expected to return.

There is also no word yet on a specific release date, but a good bet would be for the film to get a summer release like the last two outings.


Bob Orci has tweeted a slightly cryptic response to the question “when does the next Trek Movie Shoot”,  that implies filming will begin in spring 2015.

@realboborci so when does the next Star Trek Movie Shoot? Really looking forward to it.

— Bill Peters (@BillPeters30) June 18, 2014

@BillPeters30 during the loveliness of spring…

— Roberto Orci(@realboborci) June 18, 2014

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Well this is cool, but 2016 is a long ways off! Or at least it seems like it.

About time, my friends. Thanks to Ahmed and TrekMovie for bringing this to our attention.

The wait continues.

September 8, 2016 is a Thursday, great for a 8:30 pm showing. Anyone else think it poetic?

I feel like this is half a confirmation. It can’t really be a full confirmation until we have a press release. Better than nothing though!

Now if they could release it on the exact anniversary that would be awesome!

Technically, September 8th 2016 is still ‘summer’ – so having it premiere on the exact date of the anniversary would be cool. The suits probably will insist on a May premiere again.

release date should be September 8th, 2016

And now we wait for the actual release date & an official confirmation that Bob is directing the movie!

@2. Hat Rick

You’re most welcome :)

…the VERY END of 2016… if at all… that’s not enough time for this crew…

it’ll probably slip one year… again… LOL… (eyesroll)

I wish they would just re-boot now! nu-trek sucks! =(

@Herbert. Do you even stop to think before you type these ridiculous statements? There is no way they will release the next Trek in Dec 2016, it would be up against the first Star Wars “spin-off” film and there is no way that Paramount would do that. Come on man at least try to think.

i’m saying: if at all… following summer is more like it ;-)

unless u want it to stink more than STID, LOL!

A September release would probably be out of the question. Its the end of summer and the start of school. No one is thinking about movies in September. Nice day for a DVD release, or is that too early?

Here’s an idea:

Sept. 8, 2016 — special theatrical engagement:

1. The Doomsday Machine
2. The Best of Both Worlds (Parts 1 and 2)
3. Star Trek 3 (or 13 or whatever number it is)


Looking at 2016 release schedule, it is going to be another brutal year! IMO, the best time to release ST 13 would be June 2016, not much there beside ASM 3 & Finding Dory.


• The Mummy (2016) (Uni.) – 4/22


• Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (WB) – 5/6
• Captain America 3 (BV) – 5/6
• Universal R-Rated Comedy (Uni.) – 5/13
• Alice in Wonderland 2 (BV) – 5/27
• X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox) – 5/27


• The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (Sony) – 6/10
• Finding Dory (BV) – 6/17
• How to Train Your Dragon 3 (Fox) – 6/17


• Angry Birds (Sony) – 7/1
• The BFG (BV) – 7/1
• Independence Day 2 (Fox) – 7/1
• Tarzan (2016) (WB) – 7/1
• Marvel Untitled (July 2016) (BV) – 7/8
• Ice Age 5 (Fox) – 7/15
• Untitled Next Bourne Chapter (Uni.) – 7/15
• King Arthur (2016) (WB) – 7/22
• Untitled Planet of the Apes (Fox) – 7/29


• Untitled Smurfs Movie (Sony) – 8/5


• Ninjago (WB) – 9/23


• Live By Night (WB) – 10/7
• Monster High (Uni.) – 10/7
• A Monster Calls (Focus) – 10/14
• Untitled Blumhouse Horror 3 (Uni.) – 10/21


• Trolls (Fox) – 11/4
• Untitled 2016 Event Project (Uni.) – 11/4
• Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (WB) – 11/18
• Untitled Disney Animation (Nov. 2016) (BV) – 11/23


• Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 (Fox) – 12/16
• Untitled Star Wars (BV) – 12/16


• Avatar 2
• Star Trek 13
• Paranormal Activity 5
• Transformers 5
• G.I. Joe 3
• Hansel & Gretel 2

Guys, September is where bad movies get dumped to die. It would be a bad bad sign… Late April to late June.

I am not Herbert,

Stop. Just stop with it already.

Good lord, Paramount only does sequels.

Hansel and Gretel 2 ?????????????????????????????????
Oh, duh. The first piece of sh#t made money.

Anyway… I do hope JJ keeps to his schedule this time and gets us our movie on time for the 50th… and that it’s a good one!!

Aug-Oct 2016. Anything prior bumps into summer competition, and Avatar 2 is still supposed to be a year end release.

@11 Short answer. No.

@21. CmdrR

“I do hope JJ keeps to his schedule this time and gets us our movie on time for the 50th”

Since JJ is not directing & is very busy with SW 7, it presumably up to Bob to make it happen this time around.

I’m so happy to see that this site is alive once again.

Off topic: I really wish that they bump Captain America 3 to April. It did quite well, and there isn’t any decent films that month.

I liked Hansel and Gretel, so I’m glad they’re making another one.

As for ST 13, it’ll be May. They don’t dump that kind of $$ into a fall release movie.

@ 26. richpit – June 18, 2014

“As for ST 13, it’ll be May. They don’t dump that kind of $$ into a fall release movie.”

Sure, if they want the movie to bomb at the box office!

Remember, there are 3 bigger movies that coming out in May 2016:
Batman v. Superman, Captain America 3 & X-Men: Apocalypse!

Still no new Star Trek…how sad.

Still no new Star Trek…how sad.

3, R Blanchard, Agreed! I thought it was 7:30 though. Anyways, September 8th 2016 ANY time would be awesome.

14, Logical, No one under age 18 that is. Which might mean a less “action-y” and more thoughtful film, which I, for one, and I suspect you too, would welcome with open arms!
15 Northstar, Or maybe a week of the “top ten” TOS episodes ever … comes in at about 100 minutes each evening …. Perhaps CBS could do a month of the Best of Trek! [shrug. not that CBS gives a rat’s ass]
17, Ahmed, Well, September looks wide open too. August opening maybe? Two months unopposed by any blockbusters? Though my heart’s with September 8th.
19, Vulcan, I thought MovieDeath Month was April. Seemed to be so, until this year.
20, Seconded.
21 Cmdr R, O.M.G. Paranormal Activity5? Transformers5? Why. And all the others on that list. Except of course [sheepish grin] Star Trek 3 !!!
25 Gorn Identity, LOL, I like your name
28 Ahmed, Remind me, when did “Gravity” come out? October, wasn’t it? It was rather successful.

To 31 – According to Wikipedia, it was 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, but that may have been Eastern and Pacific.

Star Trek 3 could be one of the best movies in the franchise. I would love to see an original screen play about something that was never shown on screen. Right now Is too late to think of something creative. I loved what Doctor Who did, instead of making it about the entire history of the Doctor, they sprinkled in history while setting the stage for the return of Gallifrey. Too bad it went a bit south with the Christmas episode.

Anyway, Star Trek 3 should either be the appetizer to the Year of Trek or the Dessert. Come on, guys, you can make it FANTASTIC.

Bob we expect great things from you …… great things!

Bob, I believe in you.

Please make a real SciFi-Thriller out of this movie – not again a major enemy, please, who is looking angry into the camera. Not again “Flash Gordon”-style. But Clarke, Asimov, Lem – style! Maybe mixed with a little bit of action and moral. That´s it!

Excellent to know that filming will begin next Spring. This means that they will finalize casting decisions (for the guest stars) probably before the end of this year. We’re already in June, so the rumors will start to fly within six months or so about who’s in Trek (Untitled 2016 Movie).

I guess I’ll be checking more often (in addition to checking this site daily and/or hourly).

Looking at the next step in confirmation, it would be nice to have an official Paramount press release, such as “Paramount is pleased to announce that ….” specific to Star Trek alone. As I say, some of the sequel announcements (semi-official or not) for some previous blockbusters took place during the original run of the then-current movie, but this never happened in the wake of STID, for some reason, leading to anxiety of sorts. The announcement in Spain is very reassuring for that reason. And I will take it for what it is — abundantly good and official news that confirms that the next Trek movie is still on track.

By the way, that Mr. Orci has been generous with his time and contributions here and elsewhere, and has been reported and/or confirmed to be the sequel’s new director, have served a similar function, and, again, it’s great that he’s still interacting so informatively with fans.

So, looking at what we know and/or suspect, we have:

1. Box office performance of STID sufficient to strongly indicate a comparable sequel;

2. Paramount’s then-contemporaneous comments that it was very pleased with STID’s box office, which included major inroads in foreign markets;

3. The three-year contracts of the major players (which might or might not be binding on Paramount, as we have no way of knowing);

4. Mr. Orci’s consistent interaction with fans and his confirmation as the new director;

5. Mr. Abrams’ retention as the sequel’s producer;

6. And now, this latest news from Spain and Mr. Orci’s latest filming comment.

I’m probably missing a few items, but I thought I’d do a recap anyway.

Star Trek lives!

Correction: Three-picture, not three year, contract.

Make a movie for the fans!!!

(and avoid May-July at all cost!)

the end of the nu trek dream
Directed by Jefferson Davis Orci…

I hope they do something special for the anniversary. This movie should celebrate all fifty years of Star Trek. There should be references to the Original Series, all four spin-offs, and all twelve previous movies. Instead of treating this as simply another sequel to Trek XI, they should treat it as an anniversary celebration of the entire franchise.

yeh except references to other characters movies etc would just be fan fodder n probably confuse the main audience they are tryin to get….best of luck to star trek n bob orci…our friend…

39. Legate Damar
I would only have a few references to the TOS series only. And don’t get carried away with the references. I’d rather they focus on an interesting story .

Boborci, please show the political aftermath of Adm. Marcus and his secret plans, the Vengeance, and the involvement of 31 :D
There had to be some public response to a secret warship crashing into the city, and the head of Starfleet provoking the Klingons…
That’s what I’d like to see in the movie, or at least mention it to some degree ;)

I would say an Aurgust 2016 release for the film its still in the summer and its the eve of the 50th anniversary.

41-I agree that an interesting story is the most important thing, but Star Trek will only have one fiftieth anniversary. I’m hoping (perhaps in vain) for the return of the Talosians. Of course, I don’t just want a repeat of The Cage or The Menagerie, but the Talosians were a very interesting race, and the fiftieth anniversary would be the perfect opportunity to bring back Star Trek’s first aliens.

So, how do we have a “Star Trek 3” without a “Star Trek 2”?

@ 31. Marja – June 18, 2014
3, R Blanchard, Agreed! I thought it was 7:30 though. Anyways, September 8th 2016 ANY time would be awesome.


COMPLETELY AGREE!!! None of this staggered overseas release crap we had with STID.

Interesting that the other geek news sites haven’t reported this yet.

Anyway, I agree that May is out of the question, it’s too crowded. I would suggest April (it worked for Cap 2), June, or go balls-out and release in September.

Yeah, kids are starting school, but a Labor-Day release would be perfect. AND it would coincide with Sept 8, the anniversary of Star Trek. So, release it regular-like on Labor Day weekend, and then do something special for the Sept. 8 weekend. Extra scene with Shatner, maybe? It makes too much sense.

Marja: I would like a thoughtful film, but at all costs, I want a successful film so that the brand stays alive and popular. I’m hoping for a new series and more movies. With a September release, not only are kids going back to school but parents are spending their money on school clothes, etc and have less disposable cash to go to the movies. College students are picking classes and buying books. Everyones mind is elsewhere. Star Trek is not worthy of a September release, they dont release good movies in that month.

Hell, i’ll wait till 2019 if we have to if that’s what it takes for them to do it right.

Oh, my dear nu trek ,star trek is not worthy of a september release, true , but a nu trek film directed by a no director, produced by a mediocre producer and wrote by a weak writer is a low profil project worthy of a september release…do you want May,june, July…Orci’s trek vs captain america, superman/batman,X Men, Spider-Man…etc, etc? Paramount guys are not a bunch of crazy people…They do know ST 3 will be a low profil project…
Paramount most important release will be Transformers, so the best 2016 release date will be for the Transformers…
The last nu trek film will be a sad sad good by .Sic transit gloria mundi, morituri te salutam…etc
STID was the nu trek’s Gettysburg, ST 2016 will be the nu trek’s APPOMATTOX. The end of the new timeline, the end of the secesionism in Star Trek. The end the rebels nu trek
ONE Star Trek , One timeline. Star Trek does not need a Jefferson Davis, it needs a Lincoln because
« a house divided against itself cannot stand » and star trek cannot endure permanently, half nu trek half anti nu trek.
It is time to return home. The original timeline.