Survey: US Workers Want Kirk & Picard For Bosses


In a new university survey, US workers picked two Star Trek captains above other fictional bosses for who would be most inspiring. Get the full results below, plus vote in our latest polls.

Workers prefer Kirk and Picard

A recent survey by Strayer University and Ipsos asked 1,172 US workers which fictional bosses were likely to be inspiring leaders. And (as reported by Daily Mail) Captains Jean Luc Picard and James T Kirk came out on top (with Picard as #1), as can be seen in the below chart.

Combined the two Star Trek captains accounted for the preferences of more than four out of ten workers surveyed. Then again, they may not have had the best competition. Who would be inspired by The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns, except for being inspired to run when he releases the hounds. Andrea Backman, the dean of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, tells the Daily Mail "Employees can recognize the qualities in leaders – even fictional ones – that translate into successful management strategies for making change work in organizations."

…Speaking of Kirk and Picard Polls

While Picard may be a bit ahead in the polling of US workers, currently Kirk is beating out Picard in TrekMovie’s recent ‘best captain’ poll, which agrees with Brannon Braga’s recent comments.

[poll id=”725″]

By the way, after TrekMovie posted that article about Braga’s comments on Kirk being ‘more fun,’ Shatner weighed in with the below tweet. No word yet from Sir Patrick (side note — Today is Patrick Stewart’s birthday!).

Empire Readers Rank 3 Trek Films In ‘Greatest Movies’ List

In other poll news, earlier this summer Empire Magazine released their 301 Greatest Movies of All Time issue based on readers votes. Three Star Trek films made the list, but they may not be the three you would guess…

Star Trek Into Darkness – Ranked #245

Star Trek (2009) – Ranked #188

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ranked #89

You can visit EmpireOnline to see the full results.


NEW POLL: Which is the Trekkest of them all

So of the 12 Star Trek films, which one is most deserving to be in a 301 Greatest Movies Of All Time List.

[poll id=”730″]


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Yea, i’d go for Charlie from Charlie’s Angels. What a perfect boss, you never have to see him! The occasional phone call, to me, is all i’d want from my boss!

Five percent for Mr. Burns? What did Darth Vader get? Six?

I always seem to get the cliche boss who shoots his own henchman just to prove what a badass he is.

Neither one has the greatest track record for bringing everyone home safe and sound.

M might be an interesting boss.


Good choice! The best boss is the one you rarely if ever see.

I can see why Picard would come in first. Slightly fewer “red shirts” died on his watch, I think. Just an estimate.

Star Trek Into Darkness? REALLY!? Above Star Trek VI: TUC?????

Wow :-S

Whats Star Trek ??


Now THIS is an interesting twist on the age-old question; not who is the better Captain, but who is the better BOSS. I disagree with the poll. I’d choose Kirk over Picard for boss, because Picard isn’t the most personable person. He’s very competent, yes, but I always got the impression that if you weren’t part of the inner circle (senior officers), you were kind of shunned on the Enterprise D. Kirk seems like the kind of guy who might shoot you a smile as he swaggers through the hallways, or give you a “How’s it going, Ensign?” Picard probably stomps and frowns his way through the hallways. *LOL*

Of course, as mentioned above, you’d NEVER want to go on an away mission with Kirk. But really, I bet Kirk made you feel pretty good before you got attacked/transmuted/vaporized. He probably stood outside of the transporter room while waiting for Spock and Bones, saying’ “So…Ensign Jones, isn’t it? How do you like serving on the Enterprise? Oh, come now, don’t give me the normal line….has Scotty got you working double shifts in Engineering? I remember reading in your service record that you wrote a particularly stunning thesis on the strange actions of free muons at transwarp speeds. You practically had Old Man Tucker in the Warp Physics department in tears. He’s not easy to impress, I tell you! When I was in the Academy, once I…..Oh, here’s Spock and Bones now, remind me to tell you that story after we come back…..”