STLV: Rod Roddenberry Unveils ‘Fan Census’ Project + Gene Roddeberry’s Grandson Makes Con Debut


Although The Great Bird of the Galaxy left us in 1991, his name is going to live on if son Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry has anything to say about it. At the Las Vegas Star Trek convention on Friday Rod Roddenberry announced a new initiative for the fans, plus gave Gene Roddenberry’s grandson his Trek convention debut. More details below

Roddenberry Launches "Warp 5.0 Fan Census"

Unlike his mother Majel, who passed in 2008, Rod had been an anonymous member of Trek’s First Family until unveiling the heartfelt and remarkably candid documentary Trek Nation in 2011. Rod spoke to conventioneers Friday afternoon with his friend and business partner Trevor Roth, unveiling a variety of projects to extend his family’s legacy.


The second most interesting new project from Team Roddenberry was the "Warp 5.0: Fandom’s Two-Year Trek Toward Sci-Fi’s Golden Anniversary.” Rod is kicking off the Warp 5.0 campaign with the first ever star trek "fan census" that will allow you to record your favorite Star Trek memory and listen to those of other fans around the world. The first of these are being recorded at the Vegas convention this weekend, including one recorded by Rod himself.

Wikia and Roddenberry Entertainment are teaming to allow fans from around the world to submit videos highlighting their favorite Star Trek memories. The project will continue through to a celebration of the franchise’s 50th anniversary in 2016. “We’re starting our celebration a bit early,” Rod said with a smile. More information on the project is available at


Gene Roddenberry’s Grandson Makes Con Debut

The most interesting project Rod Roddenberry unveiled, however, was a bit tinier: his 1-year-old son, Zale Roddenberry, who – accompanied by his mother Heidi – made his Star Trek debut this year.


That’s one small step for a baby, one giant leap for Trek-kind.

Roddenberry Doesn’t See Trek Back On TV Until Abrams Movies Wrap

Getting off the topic of Roddenberry projects, Rod ventured into the future of the franchise his father created, Rod and speculated that Star Trek would indeed return to its roots with a new TV series. However Roddenberry doesn’t believe it will be in time for the 50th anniversary in 2016 – also the year of the release of the next Star Trek feature film. Roddenberry believes there won’t be another Trek show while the Abrams-verse is still creating new movies.

More to Come

TrekMovie is in Vegas all weekend with team coverage of the Star Trek convention. Look for more repots on panels and what else is happening in Vegas in the coming days.

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