Confirmed: First Draft Of Star Trek 2016 Script Complete


The next Star Trek movie (and thirteenth in the franchise) has passed a big milestone. A month ago we reported that Roberto Orci and co-writers  Patrick McKay and JD Payne were "in the middle" of scripting the movie. Now, Orci exclusively tells TrekMovie the first draft has been completed.

First Draft Complete On Star Trek Into Darkness Sequel

As is his custom, Star Trek 2016 co-writer (and expected director) Roberto Orci dropped by the TrekMovie comments section to interact with the community in the last couple of days, making comments in the article about how he and Alex Kurtzman will be producing some monster movies for Universal. On Saturday morning, Orci gave an update on progress for the Star Trek project, noting with the following comment:

p & m & I wrote, "fade out" yesterday on first draft. things are moving.

The ‘p & m’ bob is referring to is [JD] Payne and [Patrick] McKay, Orci’s co-writers on the next Star Trek movie. TrekMovie has confirmed with Orci that he is referring to the first draft of the Star Trek script. Orci tells TrekMovie:

First draft is done

Bob Orci and his co-writers have finished their first draft for the next Star Trek movie

Finishing the first draft is a big milestone for the ‘development’ phase of the movie. Orci has stated that he expects to start shooting the film next spring, with pre-production starting a few months prior. If Paramount likes the way things are going, then the next steps (while additional drafts are being developed) would include finalizing Orci’s directing deal, setting a budget for the film and of course setting a release date. While Paramount has announced that the next Star Trek film is part of their 2016 line-up, they have yet to set a date for it or other big movies for that year (including Transformers 5). Although just yesterday they did set a June 3, 2016 date for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, after Ninja Turtles scooped up $65M in domestic sales over the last weekend.

TrekMovie will be providing updates on the Star Trek 2016 movie project as they become available.


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Hopefully with Prime Kirk, Prime Spock and Prime Picard in meaningful roles!

Great, now let start on CBS for a great 50th Ann. show!

Yeah!!! Roberto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orci please remember



Haha, AP, love the headline … signifies a little foreboding thar

Ohhhhhh lawd let it be good let it be good let it be good let it be good let it be good let it be good let it be good let it be good ….

I’m not fussed about seeing Prime Kirk or Spock but I’d be happy to see them base the 3rd movie on the current Star Trek Ongoing “Q Gambit” comic book series which puts some much needed context into the alternate timeline and ties both prime and alternate timelines together.

The one gripe I have about the new movies is that they don’t feel as much a part of this amazing franchise but rather separate anomalies. 3 movies in and I think they should have the confidence to bring it all together so that future Trek’s can take place in either timeline.

And yes!!!! There needs to be a new TV series in the works for CBS to announce it at the 50th Trek celebrations.

All this talk about there being no Sci-Fi on TV right now is perfect for Star Trek to relaunch itself as well as the genre on the small screen.

Get some weight behind it too, Neil DeGrasse Tyson seems to spring to mind as a perfect choice for science consultant.

Also bring back the pioneering spirit, lets not just see the holodeck back… lets see some new pioneering technology being imagined up, something that isn’t yet a possibility or reality.

Also also lets not have a recast of TNG but something totally new set onboard a totally new Enterprise.

Star Trek the 13th? The Night No One Boldly Came Home

Fingers crossed that it’s a truly original and interesting story.

Good luck Bob Orci!

A resounding YES! to Admiral_Bumblebee’s comment! Give Kirk-Prime and Spock-Prime and peaceful, happy ending…before it’s too late~

@1 – YES!

Perhaps it is about time for a Trek horror movie, this is after all Star Trek THE 13th :-)

Good luck to Orci, Payne and McKay!

random one word stuff Im hoping for:


I would love to see Picard and Next Gen incorporated in some way… Giving Picard a send off similar maybe to what Kirk got with Generations. Only better!

Hopefully the next film will be more thoughtful and steady.. what ever it’s about… Looking forward to what happens.

Would love to see Q in the next movie, as he discovers the timeline has changed and he wants to “toy” with it, to his advantage, but then discovers that even HE has limitations when it comes to space and time in an alternate universe…

Well, now that it’s starting to look official, I suppose the complaining about Bad Robot raining famine, pestilence, and death on the stained memory of all that was holy-Trek will ramp up accordingly….

Que the whine-fest from Oscar in…

Finally!!! This is exciting news. I can’t wait to see what the crew does next! Let’s boldly go where no trek has gone before!

(Yawn) So which city do you destroy in THIS one?

Great news! Love the new universe and can’t wait for more adventures. My only complaint is that we don’t see these guys every week on TV!

CmdrR, Star Trek the 13th? The Night No One Boldly Came Home

Or No One Boldly Went Where No One Has Gone Before

@ Bob Orci


Excellent. Best of luck for a wonderful film. The only thing that I don’t want to see, is the Prime characters making an appearance (save that for a new series, 2016, I hope). It’d be a great thing to have these films stand out on their own and maybe even become their own series, one day (the reverse of the previous films).

Oh my God…Oh my God…
After a half year…there is only a draft script?
Poor-poor Paramount.
We’re very sorry for your loss.

But, the biggest problem is that, Boborci and the others are here on this webpage.
To take inspiration from 1000 Trekkies is to go the wrong way.
The new generation was born and they will be more and more…and they are the market. Not some old fan.
Sorry Orci, but we love you.

good luck Mr Orci, all the best! we are all looking forward to this!

Thrusters on full…

Greetings from Athens.


Well, that’s good news!! Hopefully this 1st draft will result in Bob Orci officially getting the director’s gig along with an exact release date.

The Guardian of Forever sends an Enterprise crewman back in time to the 1960s where he tries to make a living by creating a sci-fi television show based on his experiences in the future. The crew must follow him back and pose as the actors playing the fictional versions of themselves in order to infiltrate the production, retrieve their crewman, and restore the timeline.

That’s right, I went there. Come at me.

I do believe that new ideas are desperately needed but seeing as how it’s the 50th anniversary celebration I’m kind of okay with them using all the callbacks in the world for this one. I hope they make it fun above all.

One step closer….

I still say that someone or the studio do some kind of pre-publicity at next years Star Trek Con(s) to fire the crowd/fans up. Ideally, if Creations could get Bob Orci to appear at the Vegas con in 2015 in order to give us something before the film opens.

Anyway, lets give it a chance as Bob may turn out the best film yet, we never know until we see it.

Congratulations on finishing the first draft! I hope it’s a great script, and I wish Mr. Orci the best of luck in bringing that script from idea to filmed reality.

I hope this new script will bring us a more captainly Kirk and not someone who seems like a child with ADHD. I also hope for a firmly Vulcan Spock and not someone who cries, screams, and tries to beat someone to death. Can we have a logical scientist, please? One who’s wildly intelligent, extremely ethical, and Vulcanly restrained? I’m also hoping for at least one mind meld and at least one neck pinch, because I love those Vulcan superpowers. :-)

There is one story not yet told….where is the new Vulcan Homeworld???

Glad to hear. Though hope, not unlike resistance, is generally futile, I do hope that the ladies are being respected, that there is a bit of character development for Bones, and that the sadly neglected Kirk/Bones friendship is being addressed.

Are you guys sure that’s the real Roberto Orci leaving comments here?
Still, if it’s true, it’s good to know they have a first draft completed. Just be sure not to rush things along. When you rush, that’s when disaster happens.
Enough with wishing prime Kirk, Spock and even Picard would show up. Haven’t we had enough hand-holding already? You say you want something fresh and new but you don’t trust these writers to do it? I thought the idea was to pass the torch along. Well, the idea to “passing the torch” is to eventually let it go. You know? Either trust them with it or don’t. I personally think the training wheels need to come off.

I’m hoping this is the last new Kirk movie and we can move on to something else after. I’m enjoying them but I don’t love them.

@27. Wasn’t that Galaxy Quest?

33. Phil – August 12, 2014

“Wasn’t that Galaxy Quest?” — Phil


Bob orci, why no working together with Many Coto? He created some of the best episodes Star Trek has ever seen at season 4 of Enterprise. That was amazing. Maybe one could ask him for some ideas?! It would brilliant. Thi nk about Dexter. One of the best Shows I have ever seen.

Best wishes from Germany :-)

Erm to the guy who said prime Kirk . . .

Big problem. . . He’s dead Jim

Yes, but what is CBS going to do to celebrate Trek50? Re-re-re-re-release everything, for sure, but what else?


Hopefully, a new series. Which reality, though? Prime? Alternate?


Are you guys at BR restricted from making video-on-demand movies through Netflix or something by CBS? I mean, technically, you’re only making movies, not a series…

All I can say is, you better bring it Mr. Orci or there’s gonna be some very disappointed people out here!! I’m hungry for something totally new and extraordinary. Please don’t disappoint me.

OT – Happy Birthday Captain Pike aka Bruce Greenwood – b. 12 August 1956.

Even though it is RIP Christopher Pike, it is greetings and many happy returns to Bruce Greenwood. Have a good one, Bruce!

Only two weeks away from Captain Fine’s next birthday. Gosh, how time flies…

1. Admiral Bumblebee

Hopefully NOT. If you want a nostalgia trip, dig out your old DVD’s (or, in your case, probably VHS tapes).


Perhaps it is about time for a Trek horror movie, this is after all Star Trek THE 13th :-)


Nahhh…they already did this with STID.

Sorry, I simply could not resist…let the “old fogey” charges start flyin’ :) .

Wow! First draft already! Makes me think someone has a great idea and is raring to go! Great news. :)

Good luck Bob

If the word ‘Khan’ is uttered anywhere in this script, I shall let out a loud war cry and commit Seppuku. That is all.

Why was my post about hoping that Mr. Orci had included an “organically grown” gay crewman deleted?

16. Phil – August 12, 2014

Phil, nobody beats you to the punch.