Exclusive Clip & Details From ‘Red Shirt Diaries’ – Star Trek Parody Webseries Premiering Next Week


A week from today the new Star Trek parody webseries Red Shirt Diaries premiere and TrekMovie has a couple of clips, including an exclusive, plus all the details on the new show.

Red Shirt Diaries coming next week

As TrekMovie first reported in July, The Red Shirt Diaries is a new Star Trek comedy webseries set on board the USS Enterprise during the five year mission. The show is presented as the personal video blog of Ensign Williams (played by Victoria Robinson) who is a member of Starfleet Security. Each webiside will take place during the events of one of the original Star Trek episodes, starting with the first episode "The Man Trap."

In this exclusive clip from episode 4 "The Naked Time" Sulu drops by Ensign Williams’ quarters.

As you can see from the clip, members of the crew will appear in Red Shirt Diaries, (with the exception of Uhura) they will be off-camera or cropped. Here is a clip from episode 5 "The Enemy Within" with Williams dealing with (half of) Captain Kirk.

Each episode will be 3 minutes long. The first season of Red Shirt Diaries will cover the first 10 episodes of Star Trek, but the team behind the show hope to return and finish up the the rest of TOS season 1 with a second season of webisodes. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis every Monday starting next week.

More infow at www.theredshirtdiaries.com. The webisodes will be made available at YouTube.com/Jawiin and here at TrekMovie.com.

Here is a schedule.

Episode 1 – The Man Trap – Sept 1
Meet Ensign Williams, a brand new security officer on the USS Enterprise. Babysitting exotic alien plants and fighting salt monsters are just a few of the dangers she will face.

Episode 2 – Charlie X – Sept 8
It’s time for the annual Enterprise physical training test. Will Williams pass or will she get in trouble with a telepathic small boy?

Episode 3 – Where No Man Has Gone Before – Sept 15
Travel back in time and see Williams’ missing log from her very first day on the Enterprise, and learn of her crush on Gary Mitchell.

Episode 4 – The Naked Time – Sept 22
A virus has hit the Enterprise, and a group of naked partying crewman are trying to break into William’s quarters. Can she keep them out?

Episode 5 – The Enemy Within – Sept 29
Captain Kirk has been acting strange, and keeps visiting Ensign Williams. But what does he actually want?

Episode 6 – Mudd’s Women – October 6
The Enterprise keeps running out of power, and only William’s friend Nadia can keep the lights on.

Episode 7 – What are Little Girls Made Of – October 13
Meet Omar and Mia, fellow red shirt security officers and friends of Williams. But when Kirk calls them to the surface for an away mission, will these two ever return to the ship?

Episode 8 – Miri – October 20
Williams brought something back to the ship, and only Doctor McCoy can keep her healthy.

Episode 9 – Dagger of the Mind – October 27
Williams decides to write a letter to home, but a never-ending scream comes from the corridor. What is it? And will she ever finish her letter?

Episode 10 – The Corbomite Maneuver – October 27
It’s Ensign William’s day off! Too bad an alien named Balok has decided to visit the Enterprise.



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Ya gotta love it!

Love the premise!

Alas someone has no idea how James T. ShatKirk talks — he, ummm, doesn’t have a British accent …

But the series looks funny. I like the premise, and the young lady.

Somebody does, however, do a good Takei impression

I can’t believe Anthony Pascale gets upset over poo puns but finds it perfectly okay to post an incredibly suggestive image like that.

Good for a laugh. I look forward to seeing them as they become available.

Now this shows promise. Would love to see what they do with Mirror Mirror.

yes, very good premise! and Ensign Williams is like-able…

…might become annoying fairly quickly… but hope not ;-)

The premise sounds great! This would be a great animated series as well – imagine a group of seven “lower decks” crewmen from different departments who star in every episode of TOS, showcasing it from a different viewpoint. Didn’t Star Wars have a comic book series like that, with two comedic stormtroopers? They both had funny names, I can’t remember what it was….

OMG! They got Sulu’s sword wrong! This is a disaster!


Does look promising.

it should be fun a likable actor playing the red shirt

Lately I think I’ve come to the realization if you come across something that isn’t your cup of tea that it’s best to withhold your comments.


This looks funny, although the impressions of Sulu and Kirk are pretty bad. Hopefully, the original crew won’t interact with the red shirt too much.

Carrying on a long and glorious tradition of the enlisted crew mocking the officers….

Just noticed Kirk was in a JJverse shirt.