Watch: Scottish Leader Alex Salmond Warns Of ‘Wrath of Khan’ Voters


Once again politics and Star Trek are intersecting. This time it is the (soon to be former) Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond who thinks those who voted no in last week’s Scottish Independence referendum may have buyer’s remorse akin to a certain genetic superman from the future.

Scottish Leader Predicts ‘Wrath of Khan’ Voters

Last week voters in Scotland rejected a referendum to seek independence from the United Kingdom. And on Sunday Sky News interviewed Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party and the man who had pushed for the referendum. While talking about the people who voted ‘no,’ Salmond predicted that they will eventually become angry at UK leaders who promised changes. He specifically said "the Wrath of Khan will be as of nothing compared to the wrath of a ‘no’ voter who has been gulled by the Westminster leadership."

TrekMovie has the video clip below, plus we added a simulation of Salmond’s prediction for no voters.

Thanks to DK for the heads up

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Scotland. It’s green.

Your national animal is a unicorn, buddy. No wrath of Khan for you….

Didn’t know BC was Scottish….

Scotland (and Wales and Ireland) WILL be FREE!! (eventually…) =D

(phil is not welcome) =(

Khan’s is the superior spacial-political Desiderata for a people who came from test tubes and now year to be free.

Hmmm. Looking back, an ear-eel joke would have been simpler.

yearn, even

Salmond has behaved like a petulant child since he lost the referendum. He really needs to go away and accept the vote.

Like Earth and Vulcan, Great British relations haven’t always been easy. But ultimately we are Better Together.

Gettting down with the kids there, Alex!

Actually he has not, he has stepped down with dignity and relishing the fact that he was right all along about the uk westminster government. They are backtracking all their promises…as predicted .They are without honour.

so funny
but yeah we are better together than a part

Even a Scotsman cannae change the laws of physics. Or democracy.

Wow, Star Trek is famous enough for someone to make a Star Trek reference! News at ten. And how tasteful to bring up polarizing political issues on an entertainment blog.


Actually, he stepped down because his political career was in tatters after staking it all on independence. Following the vote, he’s been a real sourpuss about it and has been anything but dignified. Meanwhile, the parties in Westminster are forging ahead with their plans to give the Scottish more devolved power, as promised.

So basically, the complete opposite of what you said.

The United Kingdom, in many ways, is like the Federation. It’s a conglomerate of disparate nations working together for a common good. It’s union is more successful and reliable than the European Union, and perhaps even the United States. Better Together indeed.

Wait….Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn?

god damn politics, stop dragging your mud all over our TV shows and movies.

show business for ugly (and Stupid) people.

If he’s trying to gain independence from what he sees as tyranny, wouldn’t the Bajorans be a better analogy. Or the Andorians, if you want to get into the novels continuity. Actually, that wouldn’t work, since they voted to leave the Federation, realized they made a mistake, and then voted to rejoin. Go with the Cardassians and the Dominion instead.

Northern Ireland Herbert. Some of us already live in free Ireland!

I think we are missing the bigger STAR TREK history geopolitical timeline implication picture:


And on a sub note: now we know why he [Khan] has a British accent.

“Yes” was never destined to win, anyway. In the EU, undesirable referendums get repeated until voters give the right answer (as demonstrated by the Irish voting on the Lisbon treaty). :P

@14. What?? You thought I was making that up?

Free The Unicorn!!

13. Are you kidding me? Scotland has historically been at 25-30% on independence and he made it a race. Now that the show is over the union parties are backsliding on their promises like no tomorrow. If they looked on course to keep their promises, then there would be no petulance. SNP membership is through the roof. Wrath of Khan indeed.

Scotland’s animal is a Lion. “The Lion Rampant” It’s, uh…right on the flag guys. :) Red lion on a yellow field, um…ah hell here it is…



The ‘Lion Rampant’ flag is known as the ‘Royal Standard Of Scotland’ flag which is limited in it’s use compared to the blue and white ‘Saltire’ flag which used generally.

The mythical ‘Unicorn’ is the symbolic beast which represents Scotland on the ‘Royal Coat Of Arms Of The United Kingdom’ as seen here –

And as you can see, the poor beastie is chained…