Watch: ‘Steam Trek: The Moving Picture’ (Remastered)


Imagine that Star Trek was not coming up on its 50th anniversary, but its 100th – as if it were born in the silent film era. That is the premise of "Steam Trek," a short film parody shot in the 90s that went viral a few years ago and has now been remastered in HD. Watch it below.

Watch Steam Trek in HD

Longtime readers of TrekMovie may remember how we featured "Steam Trek – The Moving Picture" here on the site back in 2007. The short film was created by the Ad Hoc Film Society in the UK back in 1994 and the version put online was based on a VHS transfer and not the best quality. The creator of Steam Trek Dennis Sisterson reached out to TrekMovie today to alert us that for the 20th anniversary he has had the film remastered in HD from the original Super-8 film. Watch it below.

You can learn more about the creating of "Steam Trek" at the official blog.

The original poster for Steam Trek


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Great News! Steam Trek hit the mark well before the whole steampunk thing got big…

Mike Barnett


Hat Rick

Yes, I remember those daze.

The world… the world was black and white then. None of this here dadblasted newfangled “color” talkies…..

2007… where DOES time go?


very funny,i like the touch with the salt pot

Captain Dunsel

So many fan films are just an excuse for the film makers to dress up as Kirk, Spock, or someone else from Star Fleet and play with the toys. THIS had some real creativity to it!

I wonder how many of my fellow Yanks get the Scotty/Sootie joke?

Keachick (Rose)

Those were the days – they even had Captain Ripped Shirt!


That was hilarious! I’d never heard of it before.


“…Longtime readers of TrekMovie may remember how we featured ‘Steam Trek – The Moving Picture’ here on the site back in 2007…”

Personally, I did not know the site existed back then (and, I had never seen this short film before).

So, thank you for (re)posting .

I loved it!!!

Scott McC

Brilliant. Thanks for bringing this to my and I suspect many others attention.

It’s also great to see TrekMovie with it’s dilithium chamber at maximum and the articles coming thick and fast.

Thanks TrekMovie Team.

Luv…just lots of luv ;n)

Jerry Modene

Nice work. Surprised the alien entity didn’t come from the “Coal Sack”, though. ;)


Loved this, and love it again.
I tell people in our local steam punk community to check it out.


I had forgotten how good this was. I especially like all of the music jokes.


Wait, Americans don’t know the word soot?


Sootie!!! Gee, that brought back memories. This was thoroughly enjoyable, and like William above, I really enjoyed the music cues.


I stumbled on the original a couple of years ago and laffed my heiney off. I will save this as a treat for tomorrow!


And that catchphrase




I wonder what would happen if you DID send this back to 1907 as a joke?


18 – Our Great-grandparents would complain that the film was a rip-off of Georges Melies, the love story felt tacked on, and the white shirts “flared” into our eyes.

Bird of Prey

Really neat, with the music being the icing on the cake!

Gary 8.5

So does that make the sequel, The Wrath of Con Ed ?
It was a lot of fun.
I hope we see more Steam Trek.

14: Jack, that’s not the joke Captain Dunsel is referring to – looks like you didn’t get it. :-)

I'm Dead Jim

The NCC-1’s engine room looks almost the same as that on the JJ-prise!

Gold Coast Rob

The cinematography’s miles better than the JJ movies, no lens flares for a start :-)

Pensive's Wetness

OK, that was F*CKING. Epic. Very well done. Loved how the damsel in distress is often forgotten…


The music on that was masterful! I loved the themes from mission impossible and the Imperial march mixed in there with what sounded like classic tunes from silent films and then along side a ragtime piano version of the Motion picture theme and klingon themes! This is really one of the most excellent fan films ive ever seen!