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The origins of the famous Doomsday Machine are revealed in the latest installment of IDW’s Star Trek New Visions: “Cry Vengeance.” Is the latest “lost-episode” of TOS a worthy sequel to a classic episode? Find out below – plus, check out a 6-page preview.

Star Trek: New Visions #3: “Cry Vengeance”  
(available Wednesday, October 8)

Photomontage and Story by John Byrne, edited by Chris Ryall.

Cover: Art by Tony Shasteen

Cover by John Byrne


The Enterprise stands guard over the lifeless hulk of the just-disabled Doomsday Machine while a Federation science vessel, the USS Charles Darwin, arrives to explore the ship’s mysteries. Shortly after the Enterprise leaves the area, the Darwin sends a distress signal – it’s under attack. The Enterprise races back to help, but it’s too late, the Darwin was destroyed with all hands.

With the Doomsday Machine still out of commission, Kirk has another theory – a hidden “fighter escort” accompanied the machine through the eons to ensure it completed its mission of destruction, and awoke to destroy the Darwin. Sure enough, the Enterprise soon discovers a small craft hidden from view, wielding massive destructive force, and with a pilot who can’t communicate anything other than his need for vengeance.

After a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the alien, Kirk and crew manage to infiltrate the enemy ship in environmental suits. At last, the alien reveals his tragic history with the Doomsday Machine, and the secret of his vengeance…


I’m sensing a theme, here…


With “Cry Vengeance” writer John Byrne delivers a truly satisfying TOS-era tale, and perhaps his best New Visions entry yet. The Doomsday Machine is a more than worthy episode for a sequel, and Byrne imbues this one with humor, danger, and just the right amount of pathos.

This is a dialogue heavy issue, but it flows nicely thanks to Byrne’s ever spot-on capture of character voices – credit him with having his Spock-humor beats down cold – and the swift pace of the story itself. Kirk matching wits with the enemy ship after the Darwin is destroyed has a decidedly Balance of Terror-esque quality to it, and all the cat-and-mouse play builds some great anticipation for the reveal of the mysterious pilot of the “fighter escort” and its association with the Doomsday Machine.

Under attack

Playing cat-and-mouse with the enemy

Byrne’s manipulation of the classic characters for the photomontage visuals is great, and doubtlessly painstaking. Similar to previous installments, though, incorporating newer visual elements into the legacy TOS material is still hit or miss. The USS Charles Darwin looks downright cartoony when set against a photo capture of the big E, and smeary space explosions don’t match quality of the fiery panels from the climax of the last book, Time’s Echo.

More successful is the alien at the heart of the fighter escort, a massive and bizarre creation which, if it doesn’t quite have the authentic TOS feel to it, is at least a fun change of pace from typical forehead alien fare. There are some nice visual nods to more obscure elements of the original series, too, like Chekov’s goofy wig from early season two, and Kirk’s classic wrap-around tunic.

Glimpse of the alien

A glimpse of the enemy

Once again, New Visions is the book to buy for the true TOS lover, but a tight story and solid visuals should give “Cry Vengeance” lots of appeal to any Trekkies of any ilk.

Bonus Story: “Robot”

Photomontage and Story by John Byrne, Edited by Chris Ryall

After last issue’s “Sweet Sorrow,” John Byrne offers another original short story focusing on an ancillary TOS character. “Robot” sees Transporter Chief Kyle take center stage in a story that reunites him with an old flame, and her experimental robot companion the ALX-1 or “Alex.” When a rash of violent acts breaks out on the Enterprise, who is more dangerous, an intelligent and deeply loyal robot, or a woman scorned? And who, in the end, is more human?


“Alex” makes his debut

With a nod to Asimov, a love story, and big questions about what makes the measure of a man, “Robot” crams a lot into its slim 14 pages, and makes for another standout, short story treat from New Visions.


6 Page Preview:

ST_35-pr_Part1ST_35-pr_Part2ST_35-pr_Part3 ST_35-pr_Part4ST_35-pr_Part5ST_35-pr_Part6


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Cover: Art by Tony Shasteen Subscription Cover: Photo

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I’m still in shock over the news about Stephen Collins… but, um, first?

The “Darwin” does indeed look cartoonish in that image shown above… I worry that that would take me out of the narrative too much.


I just saw the news article….! Ugh!! WTF?

On to the point of this article:
This looks like a fun “read”.

Sounds like a lame, unbelievable story. Why would a planet killer require an escort?

Good piece. I’ll check this out at the comics store.

I haven’t watched the Collins video and don’t think I will. But it doesn’t seem like, from the stories, he says how old he was when this allegedly happened. If he was a screwed-up 14-year-old, is that still legally molestation?

Great review Fritz thanks. Here’s a preview page John was fooling around with for possible future story:

@1 Scott, you have to finish your new effects on “Doomsday Machine” – absolutely amazing.

I like the look of this NEW VISIONS series but I prefer to get collected editions of comics; the first book only features three ‘episodes’, hopefully they will be collected in bigger volumes someday?

Is it just me or are this stories and concepts just a bit lame?

Throwing just about any story that has Star Trek attached to

it and thinking it will fly (sell) is real sad – borderline pathetic.

Alex looks like it’s straight out of Doctor Who — and 70’s Who at that!

Not sure I like sequels to classic Trek. Adding a sentient pilot to the escort for the Doomsday Machine… um… means it’s… um… NOT a Doomsday Machine. It can only be that if it destroyed both sides and kept going. If there’s still a pilot, then… Oh, hell, why bother…

The telephoto idea is fun, but they really need to head in a new direction.

Alex looks just a little like ROG-3000 :D

@5: The project is back on track with an estimated completion date of September 8, 2016 :)

@ Fritz: That’s good to know. I might just have to go check this issue out… I have something of a fixation on this particular TOS episode… 8-)

everyone please stay on topic. We arent covering the Collins news because that just isn’t our kind of thing here and there are plenty of places that is being covered. This article is about comic books

@11 Fantastic Scott, yes I read that on your site. I had no idea you were the one who posted the infamous Prof Moriarty u Tube clips years ago. Your renderings are among the very best I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot. Like many I was waiting for the completion and then suprised to see you took them down. I downloaded those initial clips anyways. I liked the way you dubbed in the missing line too. LLAP

The Doomsday Machine is one of my all time favs:

so looking forward i am loving the idw comics,please get these guy to write the movies as they are way better

I guess that Byrne has been reading the “negative” reviews here and is crying about them on his website. He has spent the past 10+ years berating and insulting comic books and movies that he has NEVER seen , Yet, He gets all puffy chested and whines like a baby when someone does that to his work. I’ll give this one a pass. Just by the previews alone, It looks like he is still hacking these out in Ms-paint and doesn’t care to take any constructive criticism .

16 Thou doth protest too much.

Ok got the issue: very nicely done. Also there is a couple of pages preview at end for the next issue that has something to do with Harcourt Fenton

Definitely for fans of the classic series and fotonovels. There is such a love for TOS and it’s old aesthetic after 50 years, that they are selling well. Basically considering the limitations that Byrne has to work with, they are excellent. LLAP

I can’t get into this fumetti cut-and-paste style. I much prefer Byrne’s pencilled series like ROMULANS or CREW.