Dr. Bashir, I presume? New photo of Alexander Siddig from Game of Thrones, but no video


Star Trek fans who were hoping to get their first glance of Deep Space Nine’s Dr. Bashir as Prince Doran Martell in the fifth season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones were disappointed last week after the new trailer didn’t feature a single shot of our favorite smarmy doctor. But, you won’t have to wait until April for a glance of Siddig in his new stately attire; A publicity shot of Prince Martell was released Friday.

Friday the first trailer for Game of Thrones season 5 dropped, which set plenty of fanboys hearts aflutter after season 4 wrapped seven months ago.

Now the Venn Diagram for Trek fans and Game of Thrones fans probably has a lot of overlap… this fan of both series is eager to see the first video of Alexander Siddig in the series. Known as the inimitable Dr. Bashir from DS9, Siddig has been cast as Prince Doran Martell for Game of Thrones season 5 and beyond. But Bashir isn’t even in the trailer! Which is aggravating. There are a couple shots where I thought I saw him, but some repeat viewing and quick Google searches confirmed he’s not there. This new publicity photo of him was released Friday though, so we’ll take that:

It’s a step up from the BTS shots we got late last year

In the Song of Ice and Fire books, Doran Martell is a scheming lord of his own domain (Dorne) – his brother and sister have been killed because of the Lannisters and he plots his revenge. It remains unknown if he understands the difference between a preganglionic fiber and postganglionic nerve.


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still looking good! I’m not a fan of GoT, however i may give this season a watch…

btw has anyone confirmed Bryan Cranston, and all the other details spilling about ST3

“Game Of Thrones” is a great show. Can’t wait for season five, yo!

Is there any nudity involved?

Looks a little like his picture on the new Section 31 novel (except his hair is shorter on the novel cover) :).

Very happy to see him on TV again. I’ve always thought he was a very talented actor who happened to be typecast a lot.

@5 C. Totally agree. I’ve seen him in some movies and other shows and he’s got a wide acting range. Looking forward to this new season.

The cool thing about him being in Game of Thrones – If he plans his own version of Red Wedding for his revenge, he will be able to tell his henchman right where to make the cuts so they bleed out faster!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA – That’s a joke, son! I say again, That’s a joke, son!!

5. C… He was in “Da Vinci’s Demons” on Starz but I lost interest in that show after a few episodes. He’s also in “Tut” with Ben Kingsley, coming to Spike later this year. So he’ll be pretty visible this year, it seems.

Hmmm. Interesting rumour today about Paramount looking for a Bryan Cranston type (I hope it’s not Marcus redux). I like Cranston on TV but he hasn’t been great in recent movies — it could just be that they were fairly lousy parts.

In kind of that age/stature group, I’d love to see any of these guys in Trek: Kevin Costner (good chemistry with Pine in Jack Ryan), Bill Paxton, Harrison Ford (although he’s been phoning it in in recent years), Woody Harrelson, Idris Elba, Russell Crowe, Clooney (it’ll never happen), Bruce Willis or even Ralph Fiennes.

BTW, good to see Siddig appear in anything, epecially GofT.

I love their casting choice. But honestly: He’s WAYYY too handsome as Prince Doran Martell.
Okay, then again: He’s supposed to be Pedro Pascal’s brother on the show… Pedro Pascal’s sickly, gout-plagued brother.

April can’t come soon enough. LOVE GoT. I think it is the best show out right now (maybe my favourite of all… gasp). And getting Siddig in? I was really delighted with that casting.

How about the rumors of the possible casting or 3 females and Cranston in in the Star Trek movie.

Harry Mudd?

Bashir really was smarmy, wasn’t he? I’m really digging the writing here these days.

“3 females” — what are you, Quark? :)

#9 ” I like Cranston on TV but he hasn’t been great in recent movies”

I think Cranston could have been great in Godzilla had he more screen time. Just as the movie is taking off he dies and you are following his son (why?). He could have been on one of the carrier ships give scientific insight throughout the film. seemed his role was cut short.

But I think it would be fantastic to see him as an unknown entity.. perhaps a certain “OMNIPOTENT” type of being…

Who are you calling smarmy?

GofT is one of my FAVORITE shows! …waiting for season 4 on netflix ;-)

…A “Cranston type” and 3 females = LAME (pretty standard for nu-trek) =P

…he’d have to be pretty stupid / greedy to sign on though… (never happen)

@I am not Herbet

Why lame? Because are talking three women and ot three guys?

So let’s dissect it, shall we? The RUMORS are about:

1 – A female president Federation. What is the problem here? The Federation? Having a president Federation on screen or having a woman playing one? Pike was the autority figure, so to speak, in the first two movies, representing Starfleet as a military entity. IF the new movie is really set into the five years mission, why not have the Federation president? And what is the problem with this person being a woman?

2 – A starship captain. Again, what is the problem here? You don’t want to see other ships? Other Starfleet personel? Or you are against this person being a woman?

3 – McCoy ex-wife. While I have maaaany reservations about that, I think the whole fandom agrees that McCoy was wasted in the second movie and deserves more than to be a walking metaphor. So while this RUMOR worries me a great deal, it has potential to be interesting.

As far as de “Craston type” goes, the wording here makes me think that what they are aiming it is an actor who can play the normal guy who slowly sells his soul to the devil.


I’ve got a few questions about this whole thing.

1) Are they using most of the story from Orci and the other two writers? Because I doubt Pegg and the other guy wrote a story that quickly, in which they can look for people to play parts.

2) If it’s true that they’re looking for a Federation President, and McCoy’s ex-wife….does that mean that the next movie will revolve around Earth again? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with stories that take place near earth. I just was looking forward to a 5-Year Mission story, and this casting seems like it goes against that. True, it could be split, with scenes on Earth and video communication to the Enterprise. Maybe McCoy’s wife is some expert helping the Federation on something, or the Enterprise is consulting with her from Earth. But I dunno….

Pegg wrote a story that quickly.
Cranston-type? Think Garth of Izar.
Federation President? Think T’Pau, or a much older T’Pol. At least, I want to think that. Jolene Blalock’s T’Pol is the only Star Trek: Enterprise character that would still be around without some drawn-out explanation. Plus, she already showed she can play an old wise Vulcan.
Starship Captain? Think of the Saratoga captain in TVH. How about Viola Davis? And as captain of the Saratoga. (Who could be named Captain Silva Walters, after Madge Walters Sinclair of course!)
McCoy’s ex-wife? Another doctor. How about casting Bryce Dallas Howard? After McCoy went into Starfleet, D.C. McCoy wasn’t to be outdone. Leaving Joanna with her parents, she’s the CMO on the Saratoga.
I could see Pegg doing all that in just three weeks, or obviously something a hell of a lot better.

Sorry to see the Cranston rumor, which is the most substantive Trekmovie rumor we’ve had in a while, isn’t even reported here.

Screen Rant just posted this a little over an hour ago:



I know as much as you do, which are rumors about three new female characters and a Cranston-like actor playing a villain.

1) I have no idea, but story and script are two different things, so who knows what is going to be used from Orci & Co story and scripts.

2) These are rumors, but let’s play. A president Federation can be travelling space and meet the Enterprise in some unknow part of the galaxy for a big diplomatic meeting that will bring a new race to the Federation. McCoy’s ex-wife could be a consultant for Starfleet, could be a researcher, could be a doctor working in some distant outpost.

Look, I just think that these rumors, IF true, are better than 99% of the stuff I’ve read about the next movie, even if I’m not convinced at all about McCoy’s ex-wife- and please, no Joanna or Clay.

The biggest twist about those rumors is that eveyr single media outlet out there is trying to sell it as Cranston being up for the role, while the way I read it they want an actor with his range, but not him.

@22 Daud The Sinfonian

I love your casting ideas, they are brilliant. But Bryce Dallas Howard and Karl Urban are in the same movie (Pete’s Dragon) and I don’t think that people would cast them for another project, even if they are not playing a couple in PD. I LOVE Viola Davis and she would rock as a fleet Captain.

I’d like to see him play a hero.

I also would say that Dr. Bashir in DS9 struck me not as a smarmy character, but rather naive in the beginning, and brash in the middle part of the series, and perhaps cynical at the end.

He was one of the best things about DS9 ( The most intellectual of the Trek series in my opinion ) I loved the whole section 31 and loved how he ended up with Dax at the end…Eventhough it was a different host.

His actual name is Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi.

Alexander Siddig is only his english stage name since DS9.

C – February 3, 2015

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t asking you those questions, specifically, I was just saying that I had questions about it.

1) I’m thinking some portion of the Orci & Co work, the story at least, was used. If these rumors are true, they would have to have a story, and maybe even a script already.

2) I like that idea. Or maybe it’s not just a diplomatic mission, but something gone horribly wrong that necessitates the FedPres coming out at the demand of another alien race. Or a higher race, like the Metrons or something.

And I think if they want a Bryan Cranston like actor, they want Cranston first. If they can’t get them, they’ll settle with someone who is like him.

Slow news day….

#25 – You are not a native born English speaker are you? If you are you obviously skipped English grammer, prose and spelling. However, your comments (as much as I can understand them are ‘right on’!

31. MysticJeddai – February 4, 2015

*If you are, you
*(as much as I can understand of them)

*comments, as much as I can understand of them, are

*no quotations needed for the phrase right on, especially single quotation marks.

@#33: Thanks for doing that; it saved me some time.

@# 16. Jack – February 3, 2015

“3 females” — what are you, Quark? :)”

Will they consult binders full of women to find actresses to audition?

I’m not a fan of stunt casting; if you’re writing a film to suit an actor, I think it detracts from the story. Is this going to be Breaking Bad in Space?

Whomever they cast, I wonder what his bigger ship will look like.

Oh, and about Siddig: I just hope we’re not treated to the sight of “Lil’ Julian” in GoT. I don’t think I could take it.

Cast Colm Meaney as a member of the Night’s Watch, a role I could totally see him in, and put them in a scene together. Yes, it’s fan service and it’s pandering, but I don’t care!

34. Son of Captain Garth

Welcome! :)

#34. Son of Captain Garth – February 5, 2015

Little? There’s got to be a story there on how you know it’s “little”? Are you really Nana?


@#37 “Little? There’s got to be a story there on how you know it’s “little”? Are you really Nana?


There’s a very simple explanation: I read your blog.

@ 31. MysticJeddai,

No, I’m not a native-born English speaker. But don’t worry, I skipped my native language grammar, prose spelling, too. ;)

# 38. Son of Captain Garth – February 5, 2015

” There’s a very simple explanation: I read your blog.” — Son of Captain Garth

I’ve heard it called many things but b log, that’s a new one.

39. C – February 5, 2015

But don’t worry, I skipped my native language grammar, prose spelling, too. ;)




The three female characters sound like they could be a great addition. Not so sure about the seemingly stereotypical male villain. I wish we would get a film, which wouldn’t include one.

It would be nice to have a different villain other than the stereotypical ones. As for the Captain, someone mentioned Viola Davis as the captain of the Saratoga, which were my thoughts exactly. However, since they’re looking for someone whose vitality is a match for Kirk, I think they’d look for a younger actress.

Number One is a good option too, which I’d love to see.