Shatner, Takei Headline DC Awesome Con


Further proof that the current generation of fandom con-going takes its lead from decades’ worth of Star Trek conventions, William Shatner and George Takei headlined the annual Washington, DC, Awesome Con this weekend.

Thousands were in attendance, sporting a wide array of costumes from Star Trek/Wars, comic books, and a ton of anime stuff I didn’t recognize.

I lazily just wore my Picard facepalm “Shaka when the walls fell shirt” and was flattered that so many people stopped me to say they got the joke.

When Shatner took the stage on Saturday, he almost slipped off. He joked to the audience, “How great it would be for you if you were here when he died?”

Photo credit @nkann01

He recounted a variety of stories familiar to long-time Trek fans, such as visiting NASA at Cape Canaveral, paid homage to the late Leonard Nimoy, and answered questions from fans. He expressed concern for the safety of the Awesome Con volunteers (who all wore red shirts).

When a bird flew through the convention hall, he quipped, “The Klingons have sent that bird to spy on me!” One fan asked him to repeat the infamous Saturday Night Live “Get a life” sketch, which he did to great applause.

The Shat was also on hand for autographs and photo ops (photo credit @WesJohnsonVoice)

George Takei spoke Sunday, but alas Trek Movie was unable to attend.

Also attending the con was Stacy Lemery, a life-long Trekkie (her label). When she was a kid, TOS came on at 8 pm and TNG followed at 9 pm. Star Trek inspired her to become a career diplomat, and she works now at the US State Department, chronicling her adventures on the blog Trekkie Wonk.

She described Shatner’s convention appearance as “a very thoughtful stand-up comedy show with energy and humor.” Were she to choose between taking Captain Kirk or William Shatner on a diplomatic mission, she said she’d choose Shatner. “Captain Kirk had a very one-track mind,” she joked. “When he met any female alien with a pulse, it was all over.”

Local news outlets are doing their duty of creating awkward, slightly off-the-mark reports for their “normal” audience. Awesome Con captured the attention of The Washington Post with the article “The ultimate sign that the geeky has gone cool,” proving that headline writers at the Post a) are lamer than when my mom tried to make a reference to “Boyz ‘N the Hood” and b) haven’t seen the inside of a movie theater in 15 years. ABC’s local station had this report:


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Wow. First. Where’s my prize?

I would have loved to been present for Shatner’s appearance. I’m sure Takkei rolled out his usual, shrieking anti-Shatner tirade. Even if he didn’t, I’d only want to see Kirk.

Nice review Jared, thanks.

The (chi life) force is still strong with this one: The Shat aka Prime Kirk. ;^)


It’s not The Shat aka Prime Kirk…

… he IS Kirk.

Chris Pine is nuKirk. That’s how it is.

#1,#2, and #3

I agree with all of you! Long live THE Kirk!
As for Shatner, I admire that vital, gutsy, intelligent man so much!

During the Q&A portion of Shatner’s panel, there was a woman who had a Brute Squad Volunteer read her question for her. She clearly had some form of disability that kept her from asking the question herself. And Shatner in terrible Shatner form, shamed her for not asking the question herself.

Bad form Bill.

Having just spoken about missing Leonard’s funeral, and how the Red Cross event you attended had a butterfly effect potential, or a needs of the many imperative as a way to put it, It would seem with all the charities you support that you would have been able to show sensitivity and tact to someone less fortunate standing right in front of you. But no.

Way to alienate people. Maybe you should think about the butterfly effect you set into motion when you couldn’t respect a fan with a handicap.

It’s wonderful that he’s still so quick with a quip at 84!

I only wish that Mr. Nimoy were still with us, as well.

Shatner wore that same leather jacket when I had my picture taken with him in 2011 at MegaCon in Orlando. It’s funny how I was told the rules by his handlers when I got to be next in line, which were: Don’t talk to him, Don’t touch him, Stand on the X on the floor behind him and smile. I did as I was told until after they snapped the picture. Then I touched his shoulder, said very quickly, “I’ve admired you all my life” and quickly stepped out of the room. A quote and move I practiced before the event, as I had heard these were the rules from a book signing in New York. Yep, I was a bad boy.

Jeff are you related to phil or mj?

@ 3. Melllvar – June 1, 2015

“Chris Pine is nuKirk. That’s how it is.”

I’m amazed that he looks so young; after all, Hogan’s Heroes was last on TV about 40 years ago. I guess clean living in the shadow of greatness will do that for you. I suppose it blocks out all the sun’s harmful rays, thus preventing aging/damage to his skin.

#8 Not sure of the purpose of the question, but the answer is no.

#9. Son of Captain Garth – June 2, 2015

“I’m amazed that he looks so young; after all, Hogan’s Heroes was last on TV about 40 years ago.” — Son of Captain Garth

It took me a while to stop taking it literally and get it, but when I did I laughed.


That’s disappointing to hear if true. Are you sure he wasn’t joking around?

I agree, though, that he could have handled the Nimoy funeral controversy better.

“George Takei spoke Sunday, but alas Trek Movie was unable to attend.”

LOL. No matter how hard the dude tries, he’s still second tier to Shat.

“I’m amazed that he looks so young; after all, Hogan’s Heroes was last on TV about 40 years ago.”

Whoa! Don’t ever mention that TV show…Stephan might be around to see that post.


According to Premiere, a french leader media concerning movies, Pegg wants Shatner in the movie “for a cameo that serves the story”. (french, but you may translate)

To Disinvited and Prodigal Son:

Thanks for the mercy laugh (the equivalent of pity applause, I suppose). I really should hire a joke writer or something.

Have a great day, guys.

Good piece. I hope Takei didn’t Shatner-bash in his appearance.

I wasn’t there, but would Shatner have teased the woman had it been clear she had a disability? Was he trying to joke? In this Yelp age we expect everybody else to behave perfectly at all times. The dude says awkward things, he always has. He’s not a great improviser.

I disagree that Shatner handled Nimoy’s funeral badly. It was nobody’s business, other than Shatner’s (and Nimoy’s family’s). If he hadn’t tweeted the day before about being sorry he’d have to miss it, I doubt it would have been such a big story.

But, I think he handled it pretty well. He had professional obligations. The show must go on — and Shatner famously filmed TOS scenes after learning that his dad had died.

David Gerrold wrote a good facebook post about Shatner and Nimoy’s funeral then — and about the oversensitive Shatner-bashing from the bit players:

I woke up this day and discovered I wasn’t in Kansas any more:

” Dear @neiltyson I’m writing the Star Wars standalone @RogueOne2016 — have a brief astronomy Q for you — sending you this twitter hail mary ”
— Chris Weitz (@chrisweitz) May 31, 2015

A STAR WARS writer asking for an astronomy science answer from an actual science authority known to favor STAR TREK?!!!


William Shatner, contrary to his very vocal naysayers who claim he carries no cachet with the young, is hired for his cachet with the young:

Is hired for his cachet with the young.

@ Jack

I’m holding back on commenting on your Shatner post, as I know that B. Kramer is going to kill me if I say what I really think about that situation….so I will just keep my big mouth shut on Shatner.

19. My feelings on Shatner have changed over the years. I really was never a fan. But I’ve softened a bit in recent years. He was/is good for Trek (Trek V excepted). I think he may have been misunderstood, at least a little. And the constant criticism from Sulu et al really gets on my last nerve. They’ve been endlessly repeating the same old gripes for years now.

Only 21 comments from the Shatner suck-ups and apologists? Interesting!

Are you stoned because you obviously didn’t read the posts. Another anti-shat out of the woodwork: I suggest the Mr Sulu fanclub. Terrible baiting skills.