At last! Set photos for Star Trek Beyond – Is that a Xindi skunk!? *SPOILERS*


New photos and video from Star Trek Beyond have (finally!) made their way to the Internet.

The website Screen Crush posted an exclusive earlier today. A full photo gallery is here, but we’ve embedded the video below *UPDATE* The clip has been removed by YouTube, per the request of Paramount Pictures.

The pictures show Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, newcomer Sofia Boutella, and Anton Yelchin shooting in front of a green screen in Vancouver, Canada. Screen Crush speculates they’re on top of a spaceship, but it could also be any other kind of vehicle, a building, or indeed an orbital mining array.

While Pegg is clearly wearing the standard redshirt Starfleet uniform, Pine is wearing a very space-age jacket/pants combo that makes him look like a cross between a Cub Scout and Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy. If Carol Marcus were returning for this film, she could assure me that Jim Kirk was never a Cub Scout, but she’s not – instead we have Boutella as a new female lead.

With her white make-up, she is some kind of new alien species we’ve never seen before. She has no antennae, so we know she’s not an Aenar … maybe she’s some kind of skunk Xindi? If you have any ideas, please share them below.

The released press materials are the first real glimpse we’ve gotten from the production, which has switched creative staff while the 50th anniversary hurtles towards us at warp speed.

In addition to Pine, Yelchin, Pegg and Boutella, the film will also star Idris Elba (as the film’s presumed villain), Joe Taslim, Lydia Wilson, and returning Trek stars Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho and Deep Roy.

Star Trek Beyond opens July 8, 2016.

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Wow, that’s a major leak, expect security to be tightened on the set going forward!

The costume on Pine is a bit……….Han Solo? No?

They are finally styling his hair closer to Shatner’s Kirk…

Not sure how I feel about the uniform.

On one hand, I love it. On the other, its not really in keeping with Trek history. Maybe it’s a “dress” uniform. I’d be okay with them taking liberties with the TOS dress unis.

Surprised they covered Sofia up so much. She has an interesting look under the make-up. Figured she might be a Vulcan (Saavic).

FInally some action!

Is the standard uni on Scotty different too? Looks different in some way… the collar and cuffs?

Yeah, the uniform looks like aome amalgamation of Royal Navy (blue and gold) and Han Solo/Starlord), with that low-slung phaser. Scotty’s red shirt looks a little less casual than the shipboard wear we’ve seen before, but it’s not sporting the big gold stripes! I like Pine’s more “Kirk-like” hair :-)

I hope Lin *does* continue to allow a few bits of photography and film to get out. These could increase speculation and excitement for. fans without spoiling the whole film.

Bouatella looks like a cool alien character. I like the white hair.

It’s not a leak – they’re promotional materials.

I don’t think you guys noticed, But the new alien looks like the aliens from the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness, She has similar markings on her face.

I noticed the same thing, TigerClaw. I also noticed that Scotty’s new shirt might have gold sleeve stripes.

Pine’s hair is amazing.

Actually, there’s something very familiar about Kirk’s color scheme…

More please.

Looks like they ditched the pointy sideburns. No losing any sleep over uniforms. No one here has any particular insight as to ‘who’ Sofia Boutella character is, so speculation is nothing more then a guess. The only people who will be bent out of shape is the whiner contingent, as previous speculation about which character will be resurrected and defiled by the current production staff just took a hit to the midsection….

Also the phaser’s appear to have a darker color with the chrome accents. I realize some of it the holster, but the handles are darker and some of the exposed rear of the phaser seems black. It does not seem all chrome.

Scotty’s red uniform looks like the usual TOS style uniform.

Kirk and Chekov’s uniform remind of a far more *stylish* version of the uniforms of Star Trek Enterprise as in the colour of the ones worn by Captain Archer et al. They look good – stylish, comfortable, practical.

*Just anything could look more stylish than those Enterprise uniforms – ugh.

Why the Han Solo comparison? After all, there are only so many colours and styles of clothing.

“Pine is wearing a very space-age jacket/pants combo that makes him look like a cross between a Cub Scout and Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy.”

(sigh) Yup.

Or, even more so, like Han Solo in Empire:comment image

Looking good.

Though, there’s not actually anything “space age” about it, except that it’s reminiscent of other characters in space movies. If Pine finds himself having to jump between starships again, that Han Solo outfit ain’t gonna be of any special use.

But there are only six species of Xindi. Primates, Arboreals, Reptilians, Aquatics, Insectoids and Avians. No skunks.

Why the Han Solo comparisons. lol I dont know, go watch Star Wars and report back what you find.

@4 TUP,

Scotty’s uniform is indeed different. It reminds me a little of TNG style with a high collar, but appears to have a turtle neck sticking above the Nehru collar.

In any event it’s most similar to the TOS dress uniforms.

I can’t say I care for the gold trim on the shoulders. It doesn’t even appear to display rank, when that would have been ridiculously easy to do with that pseudo-epaulette design. And now that I think about it, Scotty’s uniform appears to have gold rank & insignia now and not silver. Hard to tell from that video, but that would make more sense with the gold in Kirk and Chekov’s uniforms.

These look like “mission specific” uniforms like the jumpsuits in STID. The gold shoulders denotes division color.

I kinda love those jackets. Maybe they are away mission jackets like the ones worn by the original crew in The Wrath of Khan.
I love Pine’s hair as well. Much more “Kirk’s style”.

I just hate those rubber boots. Look so cheap…

Having a specialized away team uniform doesn’t strike me of Guardians/Star Wars influence. Trek has used special away team attire going all the way back to “The Cage”, TMP, and most drastically in TWOK. These strike me as similar to the jackets from TWOK that had built-in holsters for a phaser, communicator, and tricorder.

The duty uniform Scotty is wearing looks like it got a major makeover. The collar is just about at TNG height, completely covering up the black undershirt. Under each arm is a large panel of darker red, which also appears on top of the collar just like the TNG (Seasons 3-7) uniforms had the division color in a thin line at the top of the collar.

Scotty’s pants also look like the bottom hem sits higher than the previous two movies, similar to TOS. It’s hard to tell, but the pants may not be black, but more of a dark grey.

My first thought with the uniform was this:

Well, that and X-Men: First Class. I think it’s more than likely the uniform is mission specific, as has been said. Like an ‘Away Team’ uniform. This isn’t the first variation we’ve seen the crew in.

Beyond the edge of the universe, beyond the Tanning Nebula, beyond melanin, there is… the albino.

I wish my old cub scout uniform looked like that. I wouldn’t have been embarrassed to wear it.

Why didn’t Pine have his hair like that Shat style for the previous 2 films? instead of the near ginger ST09 do and wrongly styled STID do

@7. Jared Whitley

Don’t think so, since Paramount DMCA’d the video…

The pic with their stunt doubles tells me this will not be a snoozefest of discussing the themes and the compelling of the themes that are compelling in the black hole of love.

28. Kevin,

“@7. Jared Whitley

Don’t think so, since Paramount DMCA’d the video…”

Paramount is fast & furious :-)

No video

Well, that sucks. I didn’t get to see it first!

Hopefully someone saved the video before it was taken down.

Those might just be away team uniforms

Aw, I miss the trademark Trek sideburns, and Kirk’s hair in this video and in the Omaze contest promo video looks a bit… off.

It seems to be a mix of TOS Movie Style Jackets and the TNG Style JaCKETS…

Wow…Paramount blocked that video real quick. Didn’t even get to view it!

Wow, the video is already blocked and I didn’t get to see it. Bummer.

Those uniforms are veeeery Han Solo-esque. Me aproves.

But I’m not feeling Kirk’s hair.

AMAAAAZING work with Sofia Boutella. Kudos to the make up department.

Cannot wait foir more pics/videos/spoilers – sorry (not), but I roll like that.

@21. tuvok47,

OK, I can go with the shoulder braid being a division color, but where’s the rank?

@ Cygnus-X1

I must commend the makeup people, Sofia’s look as a pale, white-haired alien with face tattoos is a very original look that I can’t recall seeing before whatsoev…


I think Kirk’s uniform is an away team uniform. Looks like Lin is trying to be a little different, I think that could be real good thing. I’m not sure if I like the uniform or not. I guess I will wait till I see it in action. I didn’t get to see the video does anyone have a copy ?

It makes sense not to have rank insignia if you are on an away mission,makes you more of a target.

Anyone get any screen caps before Paramount took it down?

Judging from Pines costume Kirk is now the future Captain America…yikes.


Why does there have to be a rank? See: Uhura

Captain Perfecthair still has perfect hair.

What a relief that the Insurrection designer is not giving us anything Berman looking.

Vibrant. Fresh. Excellent use of color here.

Kind of looks like Coast Guard working uniforms in a different pic, but with a jacket instead of blouse

@42 Tuvok47,

a) there should be a rank!! It is absurd that all the male characters had rank stripes in their uniforms in the first two movies, but the women didn’t. Sexism at its best. That was ridiculous and something that should have been fixed.

b) assuming it is an away mission, no need for a rank, I’m going to agree with @CuriosCadet here.

41 Khan, all I got at the link was — EEK! — a preview for The Voice. Guess the vid you wanted to show us is down?