Star Trek Beyond location shoot video posted online *SPOILERS*


Star Trek Beyond is in the midst of its location shooting in Dubai, and video has been posted online that gives us a glimpse at one of the film’s outdoor shoots.

The film began shooting in Dubai a couple of weeks back, with various still images leaking online.  This video, shot below the Central Park Towers, show Starfleet personnel running about a damaged facility of some kind:

A still from the shoot was also captured, showing many actors in standard Starfleet uniforms, as well as some in larger, bulkier gray outfits (new security uniforms, perhaps?).

Gettin ready for the shoot #StarTrek #StarTrekBeyond #DIFC #Dubai #UAE A photo posted by Tehsin Sheriff (@tehsins) on

Despite extensive location shooting that could’ve potentially given away major elements of the plot, the production has done a good job thus far of keeping the film’s story under wraps.  As far as what the scene above is and what it means in the context of the film, who knows.  Let the speculation commence!

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22, 2016.

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There’s an individual who looks like s/he’s wearing a Romulan helmet. And it looks like they’ve lengthened the female uniform, too.

Looks somehow similar to the planet in the TOS episode “Operation Annihilat” where Spock is attacked by those flying parasites…

Starfleet Academy innt?

Wonder if the ladies actually get rank this time… Or maybe you just guess what rank a female is in JJ Verse?

Maybe they are flashbacks to the destruction from when the USS Vengeance crashed into earth.

Looks like ants running around. I can barely make anything out. I would not exactly call that a spoiler. Still cool to see any minor Star Trek detail early.

Can I just say how cool it is that new Star Trek is still being produced after 50 years? Wow. Just wow. I just love Star Trek, but am most impressed at its endurance.

1 Sunfell, Hurrah, at last the women’s uniform dress looks more like a uniform and less like a fleeting chance to see what kind of underwear the women are wearing.

I like how the set/location reminds me of the many outpost/Starbase backdrops of TOS episodes.

I’ve got a question. If they’re on a 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, like we were promised at end of STID, what are they doing in San Francisco or at best a UFP outpost?

#11 – Could just be a jumping off point… but like you, I’m hoping no SF or Earth at all this time around.

Looks like the female uniforms have gotten longer skirts, and no more short sleeves. The net effect seeing both male and female uniforms together is that these are more “dress” uniforms. Perhaps an alternative to the gray uniforms we saw at Starfleet in STID, and not necessarily a replacement for the BDUs on the ship.

Just 9 months away and no trailer yet???

#14: The inflated sense of impatient entitlement. Unreal.

no kidding. Especially given the studio involved and its history of not going there often anyway, outside of the Abrams09.

Shoot, even when they bothered to spend money for a fancy teaser trailer on INSURRECTION (consciously designed to evoke ID4 response, with Starfleet arrowhead being detonated), it wasn’t slated to appear till about 5 months before the film came out. Even then, Paramount wound up tinkering with it during summer so it didn’t appear till Fall anyway.

I am amazed at how little has leaked. Total silence. Impressive security.

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Canadians on the board.

Bill Shatner’s on Murdoch Mysteries (CBC) tonight as Mark Twain.
(BTW, his one man show got rave reviews in New Zealand and Australia recently).



@15 Thanks Kevin.

Very happy no major spoilers have been released. I want to go and be surprised when the movie is released. The whole Khan thing really ruined that film for me. John Harrison was a formidable villain without having to make him Khan.


@21 You are right. At the end of the movie they should of had Prime Spock look into the Tube holding Harrison and say”This is not logical” and fade to black and have the credits> Cumberbatch as John Harrison!

What do you guys think the other branch Is. It seams to be separated from Star Fleet? It has it’s own emblem???

All caps made me think I was reading a telegram COMMA but you left out the alpha punctuation STOP signed mailed fist

(Last bit is a very obscure nod to Ian Fleming fans.)

There’s a big screen TV under that roof. Someone calls out that they’re playing a really good TOS ep — Balance of Terror or The Doomsday Machine — and everyone runs off the set of STB to see real Trek.

Does anyone know what the budget for Star Trek Beyond is? Is it less than STID?


I Agree. As far as I’m concerned, he wasn’t Khan. Seriously, apart from his name, what was it about ‘John Harrison’ that made him ‘Khan Noonien Singh’?

Harrison had none of the qualities that made Khan the greatest villain in Trek. What a huge waste. Khan (done properly) could have been for STID, what Joker was for ‘The Dark Knight’.

16. BatlethinTheGroin

Don’t behave like a troll. Stop attacking other fans. There is already enough of that here already. You should be ashamed of yourself.

27, is your username a reference to a trek holographic computer image with dandruff?

I never understand why story lines are kept under wraps like this. Surely telling world of a great plot starts a buzz and gets peoples imaginations going.
Starbase Britain.

#32. StarbaseBritain – October 12, 2015

“I never understand why story lines are kept under wraps like this.” — StarbaseBritain

Me neither. It just seems to be an artist’s personal quirk: the desire to totally surprise some with a plot twist? If the mystery truly IS essential to the film’s enjoyment then there’s no repeat viewing which seems to be still essential to Paramount’s Trek financial success. Why would anyone ever watch it again if the ONLY possible means that it can give one enjoyment is the resolution of a mystery?

About the only film I can recall that took a stab at that, I believe, was the movie CLUE! that had, indeed, multiple versions with different endings and you never knew which one was in play at your particular screening? But that was just a gimmick that pretty much made any ending equal to the others and nullified any chance that one as a viewer might be able to legitimately figure an ending out?

Of what possible ROI value could all the money spent on secrecy be after opening night or the first reviewers’ screenings? If you are anticipating making money on repeat viewings a film HAS to have more going for it than just some regarded as essential mystery. Doesn’t it?

Now one reason for secrecy, that I know of, is if you truly believe you’ve come up with something that no one has ever thought of before, and you don’t want a rival studio’s production to usurp it. But as even Paramount’s own studio head got himself entangled in some wiretap nonsense, does a scrimping studio like Paramount actually believe it can prevail against a much more well endowed studios’ espionage?

Five year mission to where? Federation is already there.Maybe they mean explore the human condition. Again?

Reminds me of the Deneva Colony from “Operation: Annihilate!”

Boo to the longer skirts. Hoorah for the longer sleeves.

The main thing is the new logo on the shoulders of their uniforms. Perhaps we are an a mirror universe?????.

27. Numbera

What diff does the production budget make? How is that relevant? They’re doing lots of location work, have a top director, have a great actor as the villain and have ILM doing the effects. What more do you want, homeboy?

40. Anthony Thompson.

Erm….what? I was simply curious since I read that while STID did okay, it didn’t do the numbers the studio was hoping for. Hence why they want to make Trek 3 less ‘Trek-y’. To appeal to a wider audience like Guardians did.

Why are you getting so defensive?

Hopefully, a great trailer will be ready for the Star Wars premiere in Dec.


This MIGHT be a case like TUC where they started with a fixed price but let it build a bit once the studio got a good feeling about things. That really only happened on TUC during POSTproduction (when they added vfx shots back in that had been dropped during prep), not during shooting, so wouldn’t be the exact same situation, but possible, especially considering how late the screenplay apparently came together. Certainly the inclusion of DNeg as (hopefully) prime vendor points to willingness to spend.

I think this business is sure to succeed. They are making it beautiful. I’d never seen so much exterior locations. And Justin Lin and Simon Pegg love Star Trek.

Dig the 2 Picard like midget aliens. ;^)

39 B Kramer

Cool instagram. Hoping for the best with Star Trek Beyond. However just can’t understand not reaching out to Bill Shatner for some kind of involvement in this movie. Hope they truly acknowledge the history of the franchise in a great way. Really thought JJ blew it by not attempting to include the hologram scene for Kirk Prime in 09. Reads as a superior ending to what ended up as being the conclusion.

Tom Yep: I have a sneaking feeling though we will see some great suprises we don’t about yet, hopefully. LLAP

Disinvited #32 glad you agree. You make some good points there. It seems a bit odd to me. If you’ve got an amazing storyline shout it from the rooftops! We don’t have to know all the details – just the basics. I don’t tend to watch trailers anymore either because too much is shown imho.

Dan #34
Yes definitely looked like Deneva to me as well. That was my first thought too.

40 Anthony Thompson

Whoa there buddy, first you chastise BatlethinTheGroin at # 16 for attacking other fans, then at post 40 you call Numbera a homeboy for asking a perfectly normal and sensible question… Are you on drugs or are you just an effing jerk?

@32 – arrogance of film makers who think to fully appreciate their work you must go in cold and be surprised.

I dont know why they dont embrace it more.

Look at Star Wars. They have essentially told us that Rey and Finn are not who they seem (or more accurately, are more than they seem) and that their names are purposely being kept short and non-descriptive. People arent necessarily kicking in doors to learn the spoilers because LucasFilms has been pretty good about providing regular updates.

Plus, we can speculate with various degrees of accuracy as to what the “spoilers” are. Those who dont want to know, can choose not to know. Those that want to know, can read the rumors or put 2 & 2 together.

I love spoilers. I dont find it hinders my enjoyment whatsoever.