Reaction Video to Star Trek Beyond Trailer: Aye! Well played!

Trailer reaction videos are all the rage on the YouTube these days, and we here at Trek Movie wanted to get in on the gravy. So we have prepared a reaction video to today’s Star Trek Beyond trailer.

But what is your reaction _to our reaction video_?!? Let us know in the comments below!




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I think it looks and feels great. just what Star Trek needed at this point in time.

My reaction: it’s 90 seconds of a two hour movie cut together to be a trailer before Star Wars.

I’ll wait until we know more about the plot and characters.

Personally, I liked it. Just from this trailer… it looks like a fun movie. Love the scene with Bones and Spock… VERY TOS. I hope there is more of this in the movie. I have to say that it looks like the best of the 3 reboot movies so far.

I KNOW that the whiners and complainers will fill this thread slamming the movie… that’s what you fanboys do. No matter what Star Trek movie is produced, no one will ever be happy.

Look at it this way. You wanted to be away from Earth … you got it. You wanted new aliens… you got it. You wanted more “adventure”.. you got it. So how about waiting for a few more trailers before saying that “Trek is dead” and “I won’t be seeing this one.” This can’t be any worse that that stinker “Into Darkness” was. I have high hopes with Simon Pegg writing this one.

the big question we know the enterprise gets destroyed but will we see a new ship at the end of it

I always wonder why the Enterprise has to be destroyed, or nearly destroyed, in every movie??? Maybe they are doing a throw back to the original Star Trek 3? Maybe we’ll get an updated / newer Enterprise in the next movie?

It is typical of Kirk to wonder aloud how he is going to get through a challenging situation though I think Spock’s line isn’t the logical line, but, wait, we aren’t talking about the prime universe anyway. I think the trailor could be improved with a 30 second back story i.e. some kind of narrator telling us a little about the threat or giving some kind of clue about the plot that would make me a little more excited. Right now, I’m curious.

I think it looks rad! Very actiony but then again I’ve always felt that the tar ttrek universe has the capacity to kick hige amounts of ass. Just so long as somethong resembling a story line is in tthere… who would be against a bit o’fun??

One great thing about Star Trek – the original series, was that the Enterprise was always like a “force” in any episode. It was rock solid and immutable. This is what bugs me about this new Trek.

I love the Enterprise and what it represents. So it is hard for me to be totally onboard with what I have seen.

And where are the damn shields with the tiny ships attacking? Scotty is clearly absent.

Not bad- wasn’t a waste of time. I’m glad you all are getting back into the saddle. Trek Core has been stealing your mojo.

And I liked the trailer. It’s a tantalyzing taste of what’s to come. I trust Linn and Pegg to give us a great story.

(First smart phone ever)

Like the post… break down of the video, instead of just the article… so I vote yes for that…

I’m sick of the Big E taking a dive… can we just have her win for once?.. sigh… Let’s hope the story holds up.

This review is spot on to exactly everything I thought of the trailer except for one thing. People can hang on to edges with just their finger tips. People who go rock climbing all the time do it and if you life depends upon it one can hold onto an edge with their finger tips for a short time. I’m going to assume that scotty gets help soon after he’s dangling from his fast and furious jump.

Then again, @ 1. Trek_Fan_67

I am thinking you are right.

I wonder if Scotty and the engineering crew could actually piece the Enterprise back together again with pieces from the old Yorktown and other ships on that planet and warp back home. Now THAT would be some miracle to be worked!

But my reaction was hesitant and yet positive. I love the way they use “beaming” in such exciting ways. The Bones-Spock scene rocked. And I liked the brief view of how it seemed it was just the seven officers on that old bridge, like they are trying to bring the bridge crew closer together.

I liked it. Undoubtedly more extensive trailers to follow.

I have played the trailer a few times hoping to find reasons to be excited and it’s not happening. “Star Trek” is the human adventure, not James Bond or Star Wars. That’s what ST Beyond looks to be…. An appeal for $$ not the theme of Star Trek. What character moments will there be? What message? Next to none I’m afraid. This trailer PROVES Star Trek works best on the small screen not a mega budget summer tent poll.

I like that its not another supersized enemy ship they are fighting and that Earth is not in danger again. On the other hand a motorcycle is so out of place on an alien world and yet another beaming miracle landing on the pad is such a cop out scene since its lifted from the first movie. I’m left with mixed feelings and very cautious hope that the movie will surprise and please me with some original story and plot, free of mcguffins, gaping holes, excessive comic Scotty and hokey fanboi homages.

No more reaction videos, please.

Terrible, until I see another.

Nice vid and yes I would like to see more this please. But I got to say that you totally (although you did mentioned that they crash land) blew over the fact that the Enterprise seems to get destroyed. What’s your thoughts on that?

I am always the optimist. It’ll be great. And maybe we’ll also get a decent new ship!

Cautiously optimistic, but man, it’s tiring to see the Enterprise get its butt kicked in movie after movie.

That said, a LOT of people didn’t get the whole 2009 movie “Sabotage” callback, which caused some negative feelings about the trailer.

Reaction videos are the worst plague ever to hit the Internet and I hate them so much.

… more please.

20% of the Star Trek fanbase will die during the next 15 years. That may not seem like a whole lot, but it actually is.

This is how Star Trek needs to be marketed today.

I have no idea how you’d fit DS9’s Jem Ha’dar into the JJverse… or why. I also have no idea WHY you’d want Captain Proton references in the new film.

Yes, the dialogue is a mix of cheese written to be clipped into the trailer (win!) and intriguing dialogue. Does “the frontier pushes back” qualify as a theme? If so, that could get interesting.

Not really in love with raping the Enterprise for the third time in as many movies. I love the white goddess and love to see her working at her best. Also, WHEN are they going to find the “on” switch for the deflector shields?

The McCoy/Spock scene was the only scene that resonated Star Trek to me. The rest could have been from any action movie.

Sorry, but I was expecting something reverential – a trailer that stated clearly that this was the 50th Anniversary of a Show That Meant Something!

It doesn’t come across that way. After multiple views it comes across as something generic rather than special. Why not a teaser that set the stage for a 50th celebration with some respect and follow up with a fast and furious trailer?

I’m old school from the very first Thursday NBC Brought to You in Living Color type of school. I never dreamed then that a show on my family’s one console TV in the household would still be around five decades later. Could any of us?

No, I don’t want another TMP. I just want to see a Star Trek movie that really captures the wonder of the original series. The wonder I felt watching the show after convincing my siblings to stick with NBC after “Daniel Boone” rather than switch to one of the other two channels we could pick up back then.

I’m hoping for the best, but this trailer hasn’t sold me.


People, specifically die-hard Star Trek fans, who might be screaming ‘blasphemy’ need to realize where this trailer was supposed to be premiered BEFORE it was inadvertently leaked in Germany:

If you recall, it was supposed to be a highlighted trailer in the previews before Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Therefore, they could’ve tailored this particular trailer for the more mindless, action/sci-fi crowd.

Had they gone with the majestic, slow and somber, or overly intellectual, technobabbled and heavy-dialogued version we’ve grown to expect in classic Star Trek movies and TV shows, it could’ve easily alienated the potential audience (and profits) they were targeting.

Then again, this trailer could’ve been compiled and smashed together by a young nephew of a nearsighted Paramount executive that has been constantly fawning and drooling over the dollar signs of the revitalized Star Wars franchise that they wish they could snatch a piece of.

Either way, I’m in for the ride.

This has to be one of the worst trailers I have seen for a Trek film. I have grave concerns for this film!! Being a fan for 30 years I did like the 2009 film but loathed Into Darkness. How any so called creative cast and writers just blatantly rip off the wrath of Kahn is beyond a joke! It’s a shame as this is a great cast but sadly in the wrong production hands. This new incarnation of Trek is like flavoured water just giving the impression of what trek is about. Why do Star Wars fans get the film they deserve in every way possible yet with Trek we have to tolerate some bastardised version just to please the majority audience who are not Trekkies!! You go to see Star Wars because it’s Star Wars!! Why not Trek? Destroying the Enterprise again is clearly a sign of desperation and what I’ve seen soo far I’m concerned especially with that god awful music!! Rick Berman got badly slated for taking Trek into his direction and vision. All I can say is come back Berman and the original writers and production cast!!

Much better watching the trailer this way, Jared. A great way to de-hype a very hyp-ey trailer and inject common sense analysis into the mix.

I am still on the fence (motorcycle! Beastie Boys!), but the film deserves a fair shake by Trekkers as Simon Pegg co-wrote it, and he actually cares more than most.

For those who didn’t like the music used in the trailer, an alternate take.

Here’s a nice side-by-side of the three BR Trek movie trailers for comparison:

The “brooding” STID trailer actually does make that movie seem much more substantial than STB here (and much more substantial than STID actually turned out to be):

I think that Jared has a point about Spock seeming somewhat out of character here. Is Spock all spiritual and like a motivational speaker now? Not sure what’s going there. I also agree that Urban’s laugh-line is the best part of the trailer.

There’s too much sh*t cluttering up the screen in this STB trailer—it’s got Star Wars Prequel Syndrome. More CGI isn’t necessarily better CGI. If there were half as much shrapnel, lasers, parasite ships and whatnot, it would look more believable and better æsthetically.

*shrug* dunno, don’t care at this time. Maybe after the new year and SW: Teh F*&^ hAppens? genocidal level of hype fades from view, I might have more interest. Just not now, too conflicted…

I’m not much for reaction videos, but as I’ve gotten to know the TrekMovie team through the podcast I am interested in their thoughts.
I love the idea that Jem’Hadar and Dominion may be involved, but I’ll be shocked if they actually go that route. Also agree that the Spock/McCoy stuff was the best part of the teaser.
Thanks for doing the over analyzing for us. Keep it coming!

is it just me or do some of the aliens look like reptilian xindi

Every time I hear one of these, my faith in Trekkies dies a little. A lot of hot air for something that’s less than two minutes.

I really don’t think a lot of Trekkies these days actually watched the original.

Other than the choice of music (which took me out of the trailer), the trailer was fine. I do hope that there is an actual score being worked on for the movie, instead of rehashing previous musical selections, in order to save money….

Getting Justin Lin to direct was a big mistake.

Jumping motorbikes, destroying the Enterprise (again!), Scotty hanging off a cliff face and rescue jumps whilst beaming! FFs is this Fast and Furious?

I really do fear for the franchise now.

Well this new Enterprise is obvious a piece of crap! The TOS Enterprise served for 40 years… (2245 – 2285)… if their idea of a 50th Anniversary movie for STAR TREK is to not feature one the main characters of the franchise – a aforementioned Enterprise – then this one is going to suck!

This reaction video was useful and fun. You should do more of this kind of analysis. It is a good way to start an interesting discussion.

One part of the trailer that was skipped over in the video was what appears to be ANOTHER attack on Starfleet HQ. My reaction to this trailer was that we’ve seen most of it in the previous Abrams movies:
*the Enterprise getting blown to smithereens
*people getting beamed while falling through the sky
*Starfleet HQ getting attacked
*yet another person hanging off a ledge

@30. Edge of Etiquette – December 14, 2015

Ha ha. It took me a moment until the lyrics kicked in. I spent the rest of the trailer wishing Spock would just pinch his neck already…

Along with what you said in the video…I believe Bashir mentioned the opportunity to practice “real-life frontier medicine” in the premiere episode of DS9.

Also in Into Darkness Carol Marcus mentions Christine Chapel moving to the outer frontier to study medicine.

Those aliens are slightly remind me of Jem’hadar.

Kirk was also playing Beastie Boys in his room in Into Darkness during his ménage à trots. So Kirk likes 20th and 21st century music, big deal. I like the song, and I think its cool to pop it in Star Trek.

Bottom line, not this is not the Star Trek I love, but it falls inline with the previous two movies. It does look more promising than Into Darkness. I am just hoping there is some morality and ethics in this movie.

With that being said, I sill enjoy the new movies, I like Star Trek in all its forms even if these new movies are not traditional Star Trek, they are still fun and I can always find something to like about them. I am looking forward to this wild ride!

I’ve been a Star Trek fan for a very long time and thought the trailer was okay. It really didn’t have me going WOW like the trailers to Star Wars Episode 7 and today’s release of the Independence Day 2 trailer. To me, it seemed they were following the same formula as the last two Star Trek films.

That said, I did like the jokes. My favorite being Urban/McCoy’s as Spock/Quinto is beamed up. And given the Beastie Boy songs were in the previous two movies, I’m not so annoyed about them being in the trailer. Though people pointing out this being more Fast and Furious than Star Trek, might be on to something.

The aliens, some say are Jem’Hadar, but in a way I got the impression they were more like Cardassians with more of reptilian appearance (Cardassians came from reptiles). Though given they moved away from traditional Trek aliens, I would actually be surprised if they really were Cardassians or Jem’Hadar.

Though the one thing that really bugged me the most – why does the Enterprise have to get totaled in every movie in the new reboot? With her being totaled and them flying in a set that made me think of the BoP set, are they taking scenes from Search for Spock like they did in Into Darkness with Wrath of Khan? That actually concerns me.

Will I see it? I definitely will. But I don’t really think it’s going to be a major hit like the 2009 movie.

I watched the clip without volume. Outside of the presence of the Enterprise, I didn’t see anything Star Trek. I think the franchise is now over.

Awful in every way. I give up.

Plot synopsis from wiki.

“The USS Enterprise crew, led by Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), have been attacked by a powerful unstoppable wave of unknown aliens, who destroy the Enterprise, leaving them stranded on a new planet where they find themselves in conflict with a new ruthless enemy.”

@28 James

“Why do Star Wars fans get the film they deserve in every way possible”

We don’t know if Star Wars fans got the film they deserved or not.
But we’ll know in a few days….

aren’t they suppose to explore. go beyond. The heck with another attack on the HQ. I think we had that back on the previous 2 movie. Enterprise again getting hammer?? really… Paper plane??? oh maiii goooodd!!!!! At least fight a bit like USS calvin!! Pussy laaaaa

Knowing that Pegg wanted some kind of TOS allegory in the film, I’ve been asking myself what was in the news while all this was being developed? Refugees. I wonder if Pegg has turned our heroes into refugees to highlight the human side of suffering in conflicts.

This trailer warns of tragedy, disappointment and despair for the future of this Trek reboot. Already, it is time for a new reboot. This monstrosity is not Star Trek.

Was this a spoof reaction video ?

If yes well played sir you nailed the stereotypical angry bitter Trek fan boy perfectly !

If no ! DAMMM ! I’m speechless !