Trek Stars Shine Bright at STAR TREK BEYOND World Premiere in Australia

Star Trek Beyond made its world premiere in Australia last night, and the film’s stars were there in force.

The crew of the USS Enterprise along with director Justin Lin attended the world premiere of Star Trek Beyond to pose for photos and sign autographs.

Star Trek Beyond Australian Premiere

Chris Pine looked dashing as ever. It may not be Starfleet regulation, but we’re kind of digging Captain Kirk with a beard. Oh captain, my captain!

Star Trek Beyond Australian Premiere

Zach Quinto’s hair is on point as always.

Star Trek Beyond Australian Premiere

Karl Urban and John Cho looking dashing in front of a Beyond promo item.

Star Trek Beyond Australian Premiere

The gang also did a photo shoot in front of Sydney’s famous Opera House.

Star Trek Beyond Photo Call

The whole gang wasn’t there. Particularly lacking was female representation by Zoe Saldana and the ever lively Simon Pegg. And, of course, the absence of Anton Yelchin was felt by everyone.

All photos courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Getty Images.

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Who’s the South Asian Rastaman guy? I can’t remember seeing him before, but he has nice grin. ;)

Love Chris Pine’s red suit. A lot.

Wait until you see him dipicted as being completely nude as he picks out his uniform for the day.

If only…sigh…:)

At last! The showings have begun. Here we go folks!

Great! Anyone that got to go want to share some non-spoiling reaction?

Touch of gray, love it! Some really beautiful people in this photo shoot lol *swoons*

Have any reviews shown up online yet?

Reviews are embargoed until 12.01am July 21. I’ve posted some thoughts though.


YEah where????

Nevermind…found it below! :)

But countless thousands of people will see the movie before that time in regular cinemas. There will be tons of reviews and spoilers out before it.

They ought to have turned that standup Star Trek logo around the right way. It’s backwards.

They *are* Down Under after all. Also, it matches the tilt of the Opera House domes.

We need to start a fan fundraiser to buy Quinto a new shaver. The dull blades on that 80’s ere Norelco just never work for the poor guy.

highlights from the premiere –

Thanks for the link!

I’m excited to see the spoiler-free reviews of the movie. I’m hoping to see lots of positives about the movie to help with some the skepticism we’ve seen.

Some of the women’s outfits would make William Ware Theiss proud. Very cool!

Damn things like that bother me……did someone not say “hey, the delta shield is backwards” ? C’mon guys. Just flip the photos horizontally haha. 2 more weeks, can’t wait!

As I’m not allowed to do a review, here are some 100% non-spoilery thoughts:

– Justin Lin did a solid job
– The screenplay is good. Basic, but good.
– Despite there being a heap of action (it is very frenetic in some places) there are more traditional “character” moments in this film than either of the last two.
– Speaking of characters, some definitely channel their TOS selves far more in both their actions and the actors portraying them. Particularly Kirk and McCoy.
– The opening 10 minutes feels a lot more old school Star Trek.
– We finally get a Captain’s Log.
– Sofia Boutella is being marketed strongly for a reason. The character is enjoyable.
– Idris Elba – I can’t say why, but there’s a reason marketing hasn’t focused on him. I found the character a little uninspiring to start off with but by the end there had been plenty of development so it pays off.
– Special effects are innovative. Some look a little video-game like, but most look great and they really went for showing us the Enterprise in ways we haven’t seen her before.
– Giacchino does some great work. There are some nice new moments. The Captain’s Log and surrounding score is great and there’s even some nods to TMP.
– Plenty of little Easter eggs for Trek fans
– Adios excessive lens flares
– Nimoy and Yelchin are both acknowledged in the end credits (there’s no opening title)

A solid if not amazing film. Make no mistake, if you don’t like this universe this may not change your mind (though it really does have more in common with TOS than the first two). Non-fans should enjoy it too.

Sounds good to me.
Cant Wait!


Thanks for your thoughts! Sounds really good. How would you personally rank it out of the three?

Tough to say seeing as though this is so new. Immensely better than Into Darkness. I suppose I’d say most people might think on par with ’09. As a big fan, I kind of liked it more because it had less of the nitpicky errors and logic leaps present in ’09 (quick trips to Vulcan, Klingon warbirds and instant promotions to Captain) and a lot of more of the adventure and wonder that infused a lot of TOS episodes (along with a very healthy dose of action that’s part and parcel of the reboot).

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your opinion. It makes me want to see it even more now lol. Glad you got a sneak peak.

This is great stuff. Thank you so much! I’m so ready to see it in theaters!

Wow thought they would do more for Nimoy than just end credits

If you are going to complain about that minor thing , I’d really dislike living your life

Truly apologize if I disturbed you

Tom – I can’t really comment about it in any detail. There’s more.

Thanks atexp80 appreciate it

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the effects weren’t finished, and that’s why they look a little video game-like.

What did you think of the Ewok/Troll creatures? I really hope they play better in context than I think they will.

Curious Cadet – a little cheesy but it’s some levity early on and very short in length.

As for the effects – entirely possible. Double Negative staff have implied they’re working right up to the release date so it’s possible.

That’s what I thought. Seeing them as the first thing after the opening of the film really was dissapointing — not to mention as the setup for the whole plot.

Great to hear it, that helps me continue to feel cautiously optimistic about this one :-)

Thanks for your thoughts. I’m looking forward to it with even more intensity than before. 14 days and counting. As we are travelling, my next trick will be ensuring we are near a town big enough to have a cinema, and for it to be playing it.

Thank you!
Very excited, as always and ever, for this movie! Grew up on, and loved, the “syndicated” TOS series (was born almost 3 years after its premiere). Anything Trek; I love!… I’ve never complained (even though I’ve yet to watch DS9… not a complaint!). I am totally stoked for this movie (as I have been for each movie beginning with TMP and onward… never disappointed!).

I have been – and always shall be – a fan.

Live long and prosper🖖🏼

okay, that’s definitely a review.

It most certainly is not. We were told we can provide “social commentary” but not do a review.

Did the audience like it?

Nice social commentary I like this movie already better than STID is enough for me. I loved 09 but did not like most of STID. Cannot wait for the movie to open now!

Thanks for taking the time to post some thoughts.

Wow great reaction…will just call it that lol.

To be honest I’m still hesitant how good the film will be. Yeah you make it sound better but I can tell reading your ‘reaction’ there isn’t much of a story besides what we already know. I guess the only real twist is who the villain is and why he’s doing what he’s doing. Which is ironic because STID ENTIRE marketing campaign was built around ‘John Harrison’ and played that up to a ridiculous level until we found out the lame twist was he was Khan. And hey if he actually LOOKED or acted like Khan in some fashion it couldve been great but it just felt like a totally different character who they gave the name Khan to but we were suppose to be impressed anyway.

BUT this sounds vaguely different because Krall is a brand new character and yeah he’s barely mentioned. They show him, but out of three trailers he’s had a total of 3 lines. We see the girl alien way more. On another site I heard the twist with him isnt that great in their opinion (didnt say what that was) BUT at least they didn’t market it the same way it was in STID. This feels a bit different although yes for people keeping count, it will be yet another villain who wants revenge against the Federation for so and so reason. Seriously Bad Robot, can’t you guys come up with anything else besides “Now I will plot my revenge” Story line???? But whatever at this point with these films it is what it is. It sounds like its less lens flairs and Spock doesnt go crazy again so mark up the smaller positives.

Anyway a bit more excited but still not overly excited. But it is the next film I’m waiting to see so at least.

After reading this I fear an “ST: Insurgence” link between Krall and Jaylah

Thank you so much! Can’t wait!

No opening title at all? Not even the word “BEYOND” at the beginning? :0

No Alex. Paramount logo, Skydance logo, Perfect Storm Entertainment logo, Huahua Film & Media Culture logo and then the Bad Robot logo. Straight into the first scene and unlike ’09 and Into Darkness there wasn’t a title card after the first scene.

The spot where it would have gone is where the Captain’s Log features. That was the moment the film had me. That part from the 5-10 minute mark evoked so much old school Trek vibe for me. Despite it being one of least eventful parts of the film it’s still sitting as my favourite moments.

No title credits makes this an INCOMPLETE film.


I’ll definitely feel something is missong. :/

…(though it really does have more in common with TOS than the first two).

BINGO! (Disinvited)

Did they play the classic Trek theme at the end like they did in the first two? Hearing them play that at the end of the first movie damn near brought a tear to my eye. I thought it was as awesome an update as the 2005 version of the Doctor Who theme, both tunes I never thought could really be done in such an awesome manner.

The Lensman – yes.

atexp80 – Thanks! I’d kill for that to be at the beginning after the first scene, but it works great at the end as well. Such an upbeat tune to end a movie with.

Thanks for comments on the movie, sounds great and I’m really looking forward to it. Can you tell me does it open musically in the same way as the other two, with the arrangement on French Horn of the main theme over the opening logos? I hope so as I liked the musical continuity throughout the previous two instalments..

Scott McC – yes. It’s a little longer in the build up as there are four logos after Paramount’s instead of the two (Skydance and Bad Robot) of the first two films but aside from that it has the same approach. It’s not a spoiler so I’ll just say it opens with a shot of the Enterprise and it features the same sonar-type ping sounds the opening shot of the Kelvin had in Star Trek ’09.

atexp80-Thanks for the update much appreciated. It all sounds great and I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments. I liked the title card and “big” rendition of the main theme in the last 2, so sorry to hear it’s not present this time, however it seems you felt the transitions worked really well so I’m sure its all good.

LOL how short is Lin?? The first pic I saw I thought the others were standing on a stage or something. The guy looks tiny with all the other dudes. I can only how he look with all the big Fast and Furious macho (and really tall) actors.

He’s 5′ 4″.

Wow thanks. I havent seen many photos of him before but the ones I did see I always thought he was taller than that.

So, I guess if we said Justin Lin’s height made him look like a troll, that would be trolling?

Backwards delta :(

@ atexp80 – thanks for your thoughts on this early showing. I’m pleased to hear this may have turned out a lot better than I was expecting. Still hope that this now concludes the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ trilogy, however.

@ Cervantes: Since a trilogy is by definition something containing three parts, the Kelvin Timeline trilogy will be over after Star Trek Beyond. However, they may decide to add more movies, by which time it wouldn’t be called a trilogy anymore. If I remember correctly, at least the contracts for Pine and Quinto include options for a fourth movie. If Beyond makes a lot of money you can almost be sure that Paramount will want to make more.

@ DIGINON – Indeed, but I still hope that J.J.’s ‘Kelvin Timeline’ is now concluded as ONLY a trilogy. ;)

The real Cervantes was a genius. You, sir, are only an Internet troll

These movies are a “trilogy” in the same way that TWOK, TSFS and TVH are a “trilogy”. This universe is the Star Trek universe now. Any future film will still take place in it, with either old or new characters. There is zero benefit in going back to the Prime Universe except to placate the dwindling diehards of the fanbase. The average movie goer doesn’t care about all this “Prime Universe / Kelvin Timeline” nonsense. It’s “Star Trek” to them.

I will play fashion critic. A good looking person can practically do everything without ever looking bad, but still, please shave Pine and Urban. Urban’s beard looks really weird. What is that thing above his lips and then those two lines strangely going downwards? And Pine is just not a beard guy in my opinion and the grey makes him look older. And when it comes to Quinto, that outfit with the light grey trousers, blue shirt and dark grey short jacket, it reminds me of what 80 year old grandpas wear.

Man, I would kill to be in Australia right now.

Urban’s beard is for Thor 3, where he plays Skurge.

Cool! Didn’t know that he is in Thor 3.

I’m already really missing Ms. Alice Eve, whose Carol Marcus ought to be in the damn movie, just by looking at the premiere photos. (My guess is the other cast members miss her as well based on the good time they clearly enjoyed on the Into Darkness promotional tour – – and, as a side note, I hope very much to enjoy Beyond and, as a fan of what J.J. Abrams has done to restore Star Trek’s energy and meaning, I expect to; but it’ll have to be very, very good to equal ST ID, which I’m tired of defending as not only one of the 2 or 3 best Trek films, but a great movie in the broader sense and has taken a place on my rather carefully chosen list of all-time favorites.)
AND please don’t attack me personally for expressing that; just had to get it off my chest, having to endure the group-think negativity about ID all over again.

You’ll surely be told how terrible it is by the usual suspects. I enjoyed ID as well.

You are likely correct. And it’s always good to know someone else liked it as well (other than the wide audience that made it the biggest world-wide hit in the series’ history, all those critics who generally gave it good to stellar notices, the cast, producers, writers, designers and composer of the movie itself and people, like you and I, of good hearts everywhere.)

I thought that Alice Eve gave a good performance. I don’t think that many people liked the character of Carol Marcus. Then again, I never really liked the first Carol Marcus from TWOK. Are we supposed to like every character, even when we don’t necessarily like or warm to everyone we meet in real life?

Alice Eve played the TWOK Carol Marcus when she was younger. I never thought she was a particularly nice person but she was attractive and a young Kirk was being guided more by his nether regions when it came to whether he would pursue her or not. TWOK’s Carol Marcus broke Kirk’s heart…:(

Quite frankly, Alice Eve was horrible on STID. I’m glad she’s not back

Ever franker, and more correctly, she was actually terrific; she had the quietly important job of carrying her character’s arc as a more personal variation of Jim’s and Ms. Eve gave her a sense of smarts, humor, strengths and vulnerabilities (I could take you through her story beat by beat to illustrate my point but won’t bore you as , very often, concepts of a good actor’s performance is rather subjective); these are all elements of a persona the actress was clearly able and eager to explore in the follow-ups – – at least she is good friends now with Mr. Abrams’ and have talked as recently as Beyond’s production about Carol Marcus’ future.

Though I’m not a great fan of either movie, I liked ST: ID better. In the end, it’s all about taste.

Nothing bugs me more than faulty plot structure and ST: ’09 had it in buckets. Kirk running into Spock in that cave, will go down in my viewing of cinema, as one of the worst examples of deus ex machina, ever.

One of the prejudices I have noticed when reading reviews or opinions of films is when movies are judged along and against something else. This can especially be seen when Hollywood remakes a foreign film. Instead of judging the remake on its own merits and terms, it gets judged by comparing it to the original. This is why I think ST: ID takes such a beating. People, particularly fans, are judging it against ST: TWOK and not the film itself. I think this is unfair and prejudicial and not how a film should be judged. Of course, people are free to judge how, when, where and to what degree they want, but I find it disingenuous.

My bottomline is, the filmmakers erred on the conceptual level, not the cinematic level; they should have stayed as far away from Khan as they could because they should have seen, as many did, that it was gonna take a monumental stroke of luck and talent to compete with TWOK. That was the blunder. Many on this site warned the makers about going in this direction, but they did it anyway. A pity.

I agree, it is largely about personal taste; art is, almost by definition, experienced subjectively. That said, there are criteria, markers, and objective standards (like production values), that allow for a critical approach. That is one of my problems with what I called the “group-think” of Trek fans who actively disparaged or hated the movie; with a few rare exceptions, I read very few “critiques” (that’s a kindness) that addressed specifics, just generalities (not meaning to turn this on you as you treated my posting with legitimacy – – thanks!), but for me, blasting the picture for the creative decision to go with Khan as the antagonist – – Admiral Marcus is the true villain of the piece – – is meaningless in and of itself – – Cumberbatch gave an extremely strong performance and his identity gave the film’s modern political investigation deeper resonance as well as imaginatively exploring the possibilities of an “alternate reality” in which people, events, and the meanings of those events, are, at once, the same and unique. (That said, there is one change I’m surprised they didn’t make as it would have corresponded better with “Space Seed” and provided a definite challenge for Jim to enlist Khan’s help – – Kirk, clearly, should have recognized the name and when Cumberbatch announces “My name is Khan,” it cried out for recognition, rather than extended puzzlement to saddle Mr. Pine with. I still love that a woman sitting near me in the cinema openly and genuinely gasped in shock and recognition at that pronouncement.) I also disagree with your criticism of ’09s meeting of young Kirk and aged Spock in the cave (on a planet that should not have been called Delta Vega — HA! proof I don’t agree with all of Mr. Abrams’ and crew’s choices). There were lines cut that explained it, and perhaps they should be restored, but I understood inherently what was being communicated (I actually wanted them to have Spoke say what he told his reality’s Jim Kirk in “City…” about time having a backwash, currents and eddies that cause things to happen again and again).

Great photos and interesting, positive “not a review” from atexp80.

I am hoping that I and my family (*BH and three kids) will get to see the film on 21 July (NZ release date). For me, Star Trek has always been a family affair, with each member having their own particular preferences, as well as being keen to see the latest Star Trek iterations.

* better half

Nice to hear positives. Sounds like they went out of their way to be different than the awful STID.

Surprised no big surprise in the vein of a Nimoy cameo using archival footage or something to that effect. But perhaps they’d save that for insertion in the official North American debut if there was one

I rememeber talk of a montage scene at the end using TOS footage. Could be inserted post credits later. Or they simply have played it straight with no big 50th surprise.

@ TUP: Well, atexp80 has suggested that “there’s more” than just a dedication in the credits but that he wasn’t allowed to talk about it. So there might be surprises we don’t know about. However, I don’t expect a big in-movie acknowledgement of the 50th anniversary.

Has anyone who was at the Fan Event and e-mail Paramount regarding the SD ComicCon premiere received information about tickets yet? About 3 weeks after the event I received a response saying they’d have details in a few more weeks, but nothing since. It’s getting close so I am getting a little concerned.


You should have received a box from the studio, among the goodies was an e-mail contact that needed to be sent to them by June 20th. I have my passes, but found one of their replies in my spam filter. My only concern is that all I got was a letter that I could ‘will call’ two seats when I get there, so that does raise the possibility this could end up being an overbooked event….again.

Looks like now it’s an uphill battle for Paramount’s pictures:

“In film, Ryvicker[,Marci (Wells Fargo analyst)] says Paramount Pictures swung to a $30 million operating loss — from a $39 million operating profit — due to underperforming movies.” – ‘Wells Fargo slashes Viacom outlook’; By Claire Atkinson; NEW YORK POST; July 11, 2016 | 2:30pm |

Not surprising.
I hope things improve for them.
Paramount has always been one of my favorite studios.
I love so many of the films that they have produced over the years.

With the bad reviews and box office of recent summer movies the last month or two, I’m getting a feeling in my gut all this is going to continue with ST: Beyond. Although, there is some hope in the fact the movie has premiered in Australia–leading to the possibility of it being shown and available to critics before general release. That’s a good sign. When films are not available, expect something rotten.
But, the real fear in my stomach is coming from how the film buying public is going to respond to it. Will they go and see it? Do they desire to see it? Something tells me no. Just not feeling a buzz for this film. Man, do I hope I am wrong!

Competition at the box office is very weak this Summer, which should help STB. People invariably go to the movies in the Summer to see Summer tentpole movies. If there’s nothing better to see, they’ll see STB. I’m convinced this is the reason that the first “Spiderman”, certainly not an exceptional movie by any means, nonetheless broke the box office record for opening weekend gross. Box office winners are the best of the bunch for a limited time period. And if it’s a lame bunch, then a lame movie can gross well.

Good point. However, weak attendance at the box office can also be because audiences are simply not excited with the films available, and since there have been over a dozen TREK movies and audiences have never taken to the franchise in blockbuster numbers, I don’t see that happening, even with the good buzz from those who have seen it AND with lack of competition from weak films, but, hey, anything’s possible. Finger’s crossed.

So far I am really stoked for this film, but for one little issue: is Krall going to be yet another revenge-seeking bad guy? I mean, after we already had this in both previous “Nu Trek” films?