Shuttle Pod: Supplemental – Our First Reactions to Star Trek Beyond

Some of the TrekMovie team had the privilege of attending the world premiere of Star Trek Beyond at San Diego Comic Con on July 20th. We were treated to a one-of-a-kind outdoor IMAX experience, complete with laser light show, fireworks, Conan O’Brien, and the San Diego Symphony performing the score to the film. Immediately after the screening, we sat down to record our first thoughts just minutes after the end credits.

SPOILER WARNING: The majority of this podcast contains MAJOR SPOILERS. The first few minutes are safe – we talk about our general reactions an thoughts about the film. We announce the point at which you’ll need to duck out if you’re still avoiding spoilers. This post is spoiler-free.

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The Star Trek Beyond Comic Con premiere was one to remember. Conan O’Brien, in town for the con, took the stage as emcee and introduced each member of the Beyond cast, including newbie Sofia Boutella (Jaylah). The group laughed and joked, sharing the usual banter. Just before the orchestra kicked off the show, the crew of the Enterprise led the entire audience in a moment of silence for Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin (Chekov), who passed away just weeks before the movie’s premiere. It was a heartfelt and truly moving moment.

The tribute to Leonard followed by a moment of silence for Anton beings around 12:47

Image courtesy Paramount Pictures

The entire experience of seeing a movie in this unique outdoor IMAX format was really something else. Thought we were exaggerating about the laser light show? Check out this short video we grabbed during the opening act, which led into the film.

Image courtesy Paramount Pictures

After the conclusion of the night’s festivities, we booked it to our hotel to sit down and record our very first thoughts of Star Trek Beyond while it was still fresh in our minds after seeing it for the first time. Shuttle Pod host Kayla Iacovino was joined by TrekMovie writer Laurie Ulster and photographer Andrew Britton.

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Wow what a wonderful evening it must have been- Thanks for bringing this to the readers of TrekMovie and to the fans of the Star Trek Franchise. Beautifully done and touching.

Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed this movie immensely, but to be able to see it with a live orchestra, laser light show, and the cast and crew live must have been fantastic. I think too that it does the heart good to be able to see 5000 people gather together and not only have a good time, but to show respect. In a day and age when social media would have you believe that everyone hates everyone, it’s encouraging to see people gathered in peace. It may sound tacky, but it’s just nice.

On your criticism of Kirk saying “let’s make sure Krall is dead,” I think you missed the point that he didn’t mean, “let’s go kill him.” Rather he was saying that they need to confirm his death, because he was most likely dead from the crash.

Hear, hear. That’s how I took it too.
( LOVED the movie! )

Thanks for that you guys.
Great Movie.

Kirk was talking about CONFIRMING Kraals death.

Wow didnt know Conan O’Brien hosted it. Thats pretty cool. Looks like people got a great experience. Thats one of the coolest premieres I’ve ever seen.

Having now seen the movie three times ( and loving it that much more each time ), I think Jaylah would be a great addition to the crew ( in place on Anton Yelchin’s tragic loss ).
Though PLEASE get her to interact on some level with Uhura this time. Even Alice Eve’s Carol Marcus did not interact at all with Uhura.

Totally agree!!!

I personally loved the punching. Remember, Gene Roddenberry put a bare-knuckle fist fight into “Where no man has gone before” to appeal to the studio’s sensibilites for something more visceral/action-worthy than “The Cage”. The Trek movies also demand this.

Also, lots of punching in STAR TREK III betweeen Kirk and Kruge, so it’s consistent.

For me, the punching is one of the things Star Trek gets wrong. They put it in there for a certain audience, but it feels very primal and un-Trek to me … always has. To each their own!


I agree. And in STID I was really taken aback that the two heroes had occasion to keep throwing punches at Khan beyond any utility. Kirk after the first rounds landed and it was clear each and every one was and would be ineffectual (I kept wondering how the Metrons or the Organians would have evaluated that?) and Spock long after it was clear he had subdued his foe and each blow after was merely him going for judge, jury and executioner (And I kept wondering what had Surak’s teachings taught Spock about that and surely Spock didn’t think Admiral Marcus’ declaration of war on Harrison was in any way valid?) in a Federation that I was fairly certain didn’t have capital punishment for any crimes as Talos IV had yet to be discovered.

Well, “Kevin” simply joined Starfleet as a crewmember, and became Keenser’s little buddy (just like Keenser’s Scotty’s little buddy). After all, the Federation is an equal-opportunity employer.

Yeah, that’s exactly what it was. Kevin wasn’t being “domesticated”, he joined Starfleet. It was even around the same scene where Scotty is talking to Jaylah about joining. I thought the “still not wearing pants I see” line was hilarious.

Hahaha yeah I burst out laughing at that! Chris Pine’s delivery of the line was absolutely golden!

Good job on the podcast, enjoyed it! Thanks.