Shuttle Pod Podcast Episode 21 – STLV Recap, Mission NY Hopes + “Star Trek Beyond” and “Discovery” News

Fans gather for a 50th anniversary photo op at STLV 2016

The Shuttle Pod crew recap their favorite moments of the 2016 Star Trek Las Vegas convention (including Whoopi Goldberg, Kirstie Alley, DS9 documentary news, and Women in Trek), and talk about their hopes for the upcoming Mission NY convention. Plus, we discuss the latest news for Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek: Discovery.

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Brian, Jared, and Kayla talk about their favorite moments from STLV 2016, including the first ever (and hopefully not the last) convention appearances by Whoopi Goldberg and Kirstie Alley. Kayla talked about her experience on stage with fellow Women of Trek including Kate Mulgrew.

Whoopi invites Guinan cosplayers up on stage

The trio also discuss their hopes for the upcoming CBS/RedPOP convention in New York City: Mission New York. Will we get some big Star Trek: Discovery news?

Finally, lots has been going on in the world of Star Trek both on the silver screen with Star Trek Beyond and in the run-up to Trek’s return to TV via the upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery. The Shuttle Pod crew discuss the latest news.

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It seems that Enterprise may be having some kind of resurgence and garnering new respect among Star Trek fans. Beyond’s plot foundations were from Enterprise. I think CBS must know from Netflix and Amazon that Enterprise is doing very well on those services. I don’t think they’d have gone with another prequel if Enterprise was not being watched in significant numbers. I didn’t love it when it aired but as I watch now I am very fond of the show and its characters. It’s too bad CBS wouldn’t allow a couple of Star Trek series to run in this new on demand universe and bring Enterprise itself back for that fifth season.

But as for guest stars on Discovery– we could easily see T’Pol, her child, and Dr. Phlox (one of my favorite Star Trek characters of all time). I don’t know if Archer would still be alive but I love Scott Bakula and think he should someday find his way back to Star Trek. Could he be the admiral in command of Starfleet or the President of the UFP at this point?

I also hope it’s possible that Bruce Greenwood, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban or any of the reboot cast can make themselves available if their prime universe characters have any role in this new show’s stories. Recasting should always be kept to a minimal.

I have heard that “Number One” could potentially be the lead in this show. If so, having Bruce Greenwood as Pike sending her off to her next mission– from the Enterprise to Discovery would be appropriate.

Enterprise was and still is a hard pill to swallow through the first 3 seasons. But Season 4 redeemed itself, Kilingon ridge retconing and all, and could have had an amazing 5th season, and beyond. I don’t care for Scott Bakula in Trek and I won’t miss him at all. But I would definitely be open to cameos from other actors. However, take note that Supergirl has cast a different actor as Superman for the TV series than the Films. That’s likely to be the case here as well. Indeed, I’d like them to cast a new young Kirk that is more of a match to William Shatner and have a time travel story allowing Kirk to return from the future for the 50th Anniversary.

totally agree Curious, but I doubt we’ll get a new Shat- at least not in Season 1.

I never followed Enterprise for 3 reasons ( though I did give the 1st episode a shot)

1. ENTERPRISE??? Really? As if the Big E was not already enough of a star. Total overkill in my opinion and also way too small of a starship to be named this- especially such an early class experimental class. USS Franklin would have been MUCH better……hmmmmm……

Was the first US aircraft carrier named Enterprise? No. Was the next US carrier class named Enterprise? No.

2. Scott Bakula- nuff said.

3.No pre TOS feeling- it felt like the Voyager crew decided to chop their budget by 50%- not harken back to a pre-Kirk time.

Now that doesn’t mean I want beige turtlenecks and laser pistols and Number 1, and an Enterprise that belonged more with Forbidden planet than TOS.

But my gut tells me that Fuller will get this right- it WILL feel pre TOS and yet not be a copy of the “CAGE” by any means……

I would LOVE to see Bruce Greenwood back as PIKE. He’s my favourite and a wonderful Pike and I couldn’t imagine anyone else in that role. He’s to be at the Star Trek: Mission NY event Sept 2-4/16. Maybe someone will ask him if there’s any chance of Pike in the next movie? Or TV show? I hated what they did to him in STID.

thats me at the front on the floor!

The box office performance of Star Trek Beyond is pretty troublesome. Overall it was a very enjoyable film, the best out of the three in my opinion — I hope they another…

Now here is a fascinating development on the fan film lawsuit front:

After all sorts of wonks saying CBS shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, license a constucted without approval or license fan made STAR TREK sets, such as Peters, after the fact, CBS has in fact done just that:

” Though he was never sued, Cawley felt it was a good time to move on.

“I just thought at that point, ‘Why have I been making these films?'” he said. “Basically, I’d been making these films because I enjoy the people that come from all over the world that love the same thing that I do.”

Opening the sets to visitors became a way to keep the fans coming. He obtained a license from CBS Consumer Products and opened the doors of a former dollar store this month. Adult admission is $24.30.

Ticonderoga, near the Vermont border, is far from a big city. But Cawley hopes to benefit from seasonal tourism in the Adirondacks, historic Fort Ticonderoga and nearby Lake George.

Marybeth Ritkouski, a fan-film veteran working as a tour guide, said visitors have had emotional reactions after they walk through the sliding doors and onto the set. One man actually wept. She thinks people still connect so deeply with the show dating to 1966 because it was so hopeful.

“The appeal of Star Trek always was that it imagined a far, far better future than maybe what we’re actually building for ourselves,” she said “And I think it’s something people want to believe in and want to see come true.”” — ‘Fan-Made ‘Star Trek’ Sets Become Tourist Attraction in NY’; By michael hill, associated press; TICONDEROGA, N.Y. — Aug 25, 2016, 9:31 AM ET

So what’s the take away here? Sets can’t be built and used for fans for their benefit except as tourist attractions?