Star Trek: Bridge Crew Delayed Again; TOS Enterprise Being Added

Star Trek’s virtual reality debut will have to wait a couple of months longer, as developers put the finishing touches on the game and create an additional experience that features a very famous starship from Trek’s history.

Bridge Crew has been having a bit of trouble getting out of drydock, having now been delayed twice. It’s new release date is May 30th.

While the news is disappointing, there is a potential silver lining: game publisher Ubisoft and developer Red Storm Entertainment announced that they’ve been busy crafting a full VR model of the original Enterprise bridge. It will be playable in the game’s Ongoing Missions mode, which creates randomized story missions. The core game, which takes place in the Kelvin Timeline and features a brand-new ship called the USS Aegis, will remain the same.


I played the game last September at Mission: New York and got to speak to Bridge Crew’s Senior Creative Director, David Votypka. At the time, I asked him if there were any plans to add bridges from TOS or TNG, and his cagey answer made me suspect something like this was in the works. You can read my brief interview with Mr. Votypka and get my (virtual) hands-on experience with the game by clicking here.

Votypka felt it was appropriate to include the original NCC-1701 in light of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary:

We felt it was important to include a part of classic Star Trek with this game…the original USS Enterprise is such an iconic part of the franchise–it’s the ship that started it all.

The adventures and relationships that took place on the ship are a special part of Star Trek history, so we were determined to give players the opportunity to create their own adventures and stories on this classic ship. We’re very excited to see player reactions when they step onto the USS Enterprise original bridge for the first time, and experience Star Trek: Bridge Crew in a whole new way.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available on the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, and HTC Vive platforms for $59.99.

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What about The USS TITAN Bridge

Yeah, in fifty years of Trek history I’m sure the one that everyone wants to see is one that has never been on screen…..

It’s really just a skin, no? I can’t imagine that they couldn’t add a module for every ship ever featured in Trek. Why limit it to just the BR films when most of those who are interested in immersing themselves into Trek gaming are likely the legacy fans of the Prime Universe series? And why aren’t they calling it the Enterprise?

The Enterprise D bridge is the one for me. Virtual reality is a very exciting medium, but its early days yet. When I can play a game which lets me litterly walk around the Enterprise and so forth, then I’ll be very happy.

me to,i am not even a gamer

Yeah I think for most people the Enterprise D is probably the one most people want to see because we seen so much of it given the number of episodes and its probably the one a lot of Trek fans today was introduced to first. Sure obviously TOS came first but it was literally 50 years ago now. Its not as many people around who watched it first run like a lot probably did TNG.

But I actually would love it if they can get them all there: KT, TOS, TNG, Voy, DS9, etc. In fact I think DS9 would be the most fun to roam around in. Its such a unique environment.

What does “first run” have to do with anything? Star Trek didn’t become a phenomena until it hit syndication a few years after it was cancelled. More people were introduced to Trek then than in first run, thanks to reruns airing daily.

I totally agree with you! I am 46 years old and Star Trek was a big part of my childhood. It was already reruns but I didn’t care one bit. I think TOS doesn’t get the recognition it should. It is what started it all! Captain Kirk (William Shatner) can never be replaced no matter how hard they try! He is the only true Captain Kirk in my book!

The most important part is this game is even being made. I can’t tell you how elated I was when I saw this was in production. Then to top it off, they introduced the ToS bridge which was a life Trekkers dream. You can bet that there will be either patches or DLC to give the experience of other bridge environments. I am myself 50 years old, just shy of the debut of the original series, but as a child to adult I grew up with all the Trek variations. Each has their own place in the timeline and their own followers. This game is just the first step in what will be a great ride for all of us fans.

@Disinvited, what does Brad Grey’s exit have to do with CC’s comment or this game? Seems like a weird reply to post…

How did I miss that!? Oh I know … The stormageddon that blew through LA on Friday evening.

Yup. Called this one, what, a year ago now?

This almost guarantees no Star Trek 4 with BR or Pine/Quinto. Anythings possible, but for sure no Abrams. Maybe the cast since they supposedly have a 4th film under contract, but it seems most likely that after the underperforming 3, they won’t want BR (who doesn’t seem to be able to control costs) involved, and any new producer is going to want to start fresh with an untarnished slate.

Wishful thinking, much? Unless we read in the papers that Paramount will payout all the remaining contracts with BR and the actors associated with the production company, we’re just speculating at this point. Then again, having to pay out the remaining contracts, Paramount just might film a fourth film, then shelve the finished product as done, before going for a tax write-off. Anything is possible at this point.

@dswynne, this is not “wishful” thinking. It’s probable speculation, based on years in the entertainment business. I’d just as soon see a 4th Trek film as not, even a BR produced one, since any other will likely take more than 3-4 years to bring to the screen. As for paying out contracts, that’s not how it works. Paramount secured a 4th film in exchange for meeting the actors salary demands in the last negotiation. It’s entirely their option to exercise or not. There’s no pay out. And even if there were some option payouts, such option extensions occur all the time in the business to secure talent and resources until decisions can be made about committing the substantially greater resources to produce an actual film — and more projects are cancelled than green-lit despite this. So, no, that particular bit of gross speculation on your part is not only unfounded, but can’t even be considered in the current speculation. Further BR has no guarantee to make a 4th film either — they have the right of first refusal under a first-look deal. All Paramount has to do is drag their feet until that deal expires and then reboot Trek, free and clear of BR. Indeed, Paramount can likely take Trek away from BR at anytime for cause (such as for going grossly over budget in Trek 3), as long as BR is paid royalties per their contract should Paramount continue to make Trek films based on the Kelvin Universe.

Have no clue how you can just assume that CC. You act like they fired Abrams as well. Its not to say a sequel will still happen but you just can’t assume its all over now just because you don’t like these movies.

My guess is they probably will really analyze if going forward with a sequel is a good thing or not and definitely with a much smaller budget but nothing is certain until then.


Re: how you can just assume that

You have to understand the nature of regime changes. Bad Robot rode in on one, and will likely ride out on one if the new guy or gal thinks they have someone with a fresher vision who will do it for less and produce bigger returns. There’s usually a heaping dose of NIH to these things. The new person wants their stamp on things.

I understand that but you can’t just assume BR is automatically out on its butt over it. If that was the case wouldn’t everyone be? BR ALSO produces the MI films and the last one made $700 million. Do you think they are going to be cut lose from that too?

I’m only saying is nothing is guaranteed. I been saying for months that a new film more than likely not happen unless it sells well enough in DVDs and Blu Rays. And have no idea if it is. So yes one may not happen but if the film turns a profit at some point they will probably make one more at least, just on a smaller budget….which they should’ve done from the beginning.

But if these are done for good, I truly hope we can get a new series of films that goes back to the 24th century. Nothing will make me more happy. TOS is NOT a guarantee for success and I think Beyond taught them that.

Tiger – is JJ your Uncle or something?

@Curious – is there anything that prevents Paramount from having CBS produce a feature film?

No TUP but he’s clearly the bully you went to high school with who took your lunch money the way you pound on him here. ;)

My point is I don’t let my personal opinions of a film cloud my judgement as so many do here. CC is saying these things because he hates these films. If he loved them then he would be spinning why they would stay JUST like the people who do love them keep saying we are going to see a fourth film no matter what. It happens again and again on the internet and why you don’t get real debate.

I’ll SAY IT AGAIN, its probably more likely there WON’T be a KT fourth film at this point. I could’ve swore I said that already but I doubt they have made a hard decision on that yet for a number of factors. And if the film ends up earning a profit then they may do one but that probably have to happen first and why I’m not super confident they will make one either.

@Tiger – why do you speak in the 3rd person about yourself or did you sign in with the wrong name while defending yourself?

Here’s the issue. On one hand you have a well-reasoned explanation as to hwy a 4th KT film is not likely. On the other, you have you giving emotional speculation about a subject you clearly know nothing about while trying to project that same reality on the well-reasoned person.

You can LOVE the JJ films but if you dont agree a 4th is unlikely, you’re out to lunch. And that was BEFORE the upheaval at Paramount. Beyond was not a success and that was following STID which was such a rousing success they fired the writer and producer.


Speaking to people like you on the internet is just a waste of time. Yes or no, have they come out and said there won’t be another film? No, so NO ONE knows. Its speculation only. And what gets annoying is I argue with people on both of this. I told people who love these films that because Beyond flopped yes there is no guarantee another film will happen. It doesn’t mean it won’t but they constantly point to the fact Paramount announced a fourth one before Beyond opened and say over and over again thats all the proof needed even though no one from Paramount has said a word about it since which kind of proves they probably are reconsidering it. But they are desperate to want to see the film.

And then there are the haters like yourself who spends all their time here being negative over films you’re not forced to watch and yet find every negative angle you can on these films. And apparently I have to agree there is NO WAY another film will ever be made now because you so desperately want them to end.

Yeah man, I won’t. ;) It might be made, it might not. I have said more than likely not but its not some bizarre wish fulfillment like you and CC. I’ll just wait and see, thanks. I would like to see one more made for the record if for nothing else than closure. That said if they don’t make another one I won’t lose any sleep over it and as said I would like them to do something NEW and come up with a story line in the 24th century. And no I don’t want a TNG reboot because it will never be good enough for fanboys just like this TOS reboot was never good enough for you guys so don’t try to tempt faith, come up with something new and different for a change. Hopefully like Discovery will be.

The speculation is useless. Speaking from experience, when a CEO is let go, a re-organization is not far behind. The re-org process will review decisions and policies of the previous regime and may keep or discard as many as seems logical, within the context of the new business strategy. Until a successor is named and a strategy announced, there’s no way to know which way they’ll go.

However, I can say with some certainty that Paramount and Viacom both see the Star Trek property as one of Paramount’s more valuable assets, so my gut feeling is that something will be made in the next couple of years. I just have no idea if it will be Kelvin-universe with Bad Robot or some other approach.



MI is an example that proves my point – NOT negate it. It was already a cash cow before Grey and Paramount tore up the contract, dumped Cruise’s production company for no rational reason, and brought Abrams in.

Sure but that was a little different though because that was during Cruise’s scientology rants that got him into all kinds of hot water and they felt MI 3 made less money due to that and decided they wanted to disassociate themselves from him after his image took a dive overall. Once that finally started to go away they invited him back to make movies for the studio again.

Again I’m not saying it won’t happen but its really silly to just assume it will as well. Some people are just inching for these films to end and comes across more as wish fulfillment than anything. The fact it was brought up in an article about a video game says it all.


Re: … Cruise’s scientology rants

Skepticism about what’s offered from the boardroom is always recommended:

And you are a bit confused. It was actually MI 3 they dumped him in, the first film Abrams directed and BR helped produced. But yes to this day MI 3 is the lowest performing MI film in the series.

A wise decision, give that i suppose most buyers of the game are not that interested in the Kelvin timeline? It brings up one interesting question:does ubisoft have the license for the entire franchise then? I was under the impression that it just covers NuTrek.

The discovery and Bridge crew delays are not coincidence, but directives from Bannon sent to Moonves. They literally come from the top.

…now, you have my attention.

Add Star Trek II bridge and I’ll buy it

Voyager? Defiant? Enterprise D, E, or A? So many possibilities. Personally, I would play this non-stop on the bridge of Voyager or the Defiant. However, TOS will be my preferred mode for now, once I get my hands on it.

Yeah thats why I said, why not just make a game where you can be on all the Star Trek bridges from TOS to Enterprise? Thats only going to get them more players because even if you like just one of those options chances are you will buy it. I don’t even understand why the game just doesn’t take place on the actual Enterprise from the KT films? I guess it doesnt really matter since its literally the same bridge but seem like you will get way more fans if they were on the actual ship.

Alright, so that’s one bridge worth playing on this game (I played it last year and it would have been fun if it weren’t for how it didn’t look correct to me(not a fan of the Kelvin stuff)).

I wonder how long it will be until they realize the vast market for Prime universe bridges, ships, battles, and stories over the Kelvin timeline?

Why have one or the other? Like both aspects of the ‘Trek franchise, and since the Kelvin Timeline is within continuity, I like to explore both as VR environment.

Hopefully in the future a Klingon or Romulan bridge and head to head combat and live space like Eve. Wow. Exiting future ahead!