Shuttle Pod 34: There’s a New Star Trek Show? The Latest on “Discovery”, Star Trek 4, and More

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a number of announcements related to CBS’s newest Star Trek show, a lack of announcements related to Paramounts fourth Kelvinverse film, a new fanseries episode, and more. In Discovery news, our lead character is finally official (and has a name!), Harry Mudd will make an appearance played by comedy star Rainn Wilson (of The Office fame), and Michael Dorn does not have plans to appear on Discovery. In Paramount’s corner, we still don’t know whether a fourth Kelvin universe film will be happening (and neither does Chris Pine). Plus, Star Trek Continues released their latest episode, and Jared takes a trip to a fan convention in Dubai.

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Here is a quick recap of the stories in the last couple of weeks for those of you just tuning in:

Star Trek: Discovery News

More DSC news:

Star Trek 4 News (or lack thereof)


Dubai’s Comic-Con, Star Trek Continues, Emmy’s, and more

More news:

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Star Trek 4 Exclusive: Momentum for new movie stalls as whales hold out for more money!

You don’t want Star Trek to be Rawer and grittier you roll your eyes and Grit your teeth NERRRRRRRRRRRD get with the times bright happy people with a big smile on there face won’t work today.

I love both your sentiment and your name!

Did you guys record this podcast over this past weekend? The NYC subway was totally messed up this past weekend. Every, single line was screwed up in some form or manner.

It was recorded last Tuesday night. All the 6th avenue subways weren’t running south due to a “track condition”. I only had a very narrow window in which to record, so the delay ended any chance of me participating.

Ha, that comment at the end about copy/pasting something and passing it off as your own! Ar.. Are you guys programmers too?? I keed… about you being programmers:)

Unless Discovery actually gets on a real local or national or cable channel..I won’t be paying more to watch it on my tiny cell phone or pc. If I can’t view it on my UHD 65″ 4k tv with surround sound, then I’ await it’s release on home video whenever.

Another great ShuttlePod. While I missed the mellifluous voice and industry-savvy of Brian Drew, the sidetracking into total nerdocity among Kayla and Jared were delightful. Having two participants rather than three kept the overlapping and pauses to a minimum which was a nice change, but I’m so used to the 3-headed ShuttlePod that I did miss the usual ebb and flow of the conversation. Some ideas for future ShuttlePods:

Character Arc Focus – I love Kayla’s observation (or let’s just say it was hers) that there’s a TNG Picard and a Movie Picard. Why not follow character arcs of other beloved main and secondary characters and ask if they made sense or just suffered from the whims of varying TV writers (how did Worf go from “Always Wrong Worf” to eventual Ambassador to Kronos? How did Data go from Friendly Calculator to full on AstroBoy?) Who changed the most for the better in Treklore?

Build-a-Trek – We Trekkies love to nitpick and say “Worst. Episode. Ever.” How about our hosts, with write ins from your ShuttlePod Redshirts, create our idea of the ultimate Trek series. When will it be based? What’s the premise? Who are the antagonists? Is there an underlying arc (Future Man, I’m looking at you?)

Conventional Memories – Okay, admit it. We’ve all been to a convention or two (or three or, hey, whatever!). What makes for a good convention? What non-Trek conventions have you been to that outclassed our vessel and what can we learn from that? What’s your ideal Trek convention?

Mirror Episodes – No, not the Mirror Universe, but episodes across Trek that repeat the same themes. Which did it better: The Changeling or TMP. Naked Time (TOS) or Naked Time Now (TNG) or Singularity (ENT). Each host picks two sets of mirror episodes and discusses.

And of course, your episodes with guest voices always soar high. Would be great to get some actors and writers to join you.

Please keep up the good work. And, please, take these ideas for absolutely zero quatloos.