Chris Pine Wants To Know What’s Going On With Next Star Trek Movie

Chis Pine seems just as frustrated as fans are about when he will be back as Captain James T. Kirk. Talking to MTV at this week’s Cinemcon (where he was promoting Wonder Woman), Pine was asked if he had seen a script or knew anything about the latest status on the previously announced follow-up to Star Trek Beyond. Just like the last time this came up, Pine is still in the dark, although there is an added sense of a growing frustration. Here is what he told MTV:

I am literally one of the last people to find out. Costume designers find out before me. Prop people find out before me. I can’t wait to make the film. I love everyone in the film. Know that. I love the world. I will be back as many times as they ask me. I love the tall man they call Thor. I’ll do this film. If you can talk to [Star Trek producer] J.J. [Abrams] for me. Let him tell me. I’d like to find out so I can plan my life.

Here is the full MTV interview with Pine at Cinemacon.


Logistics Are No Joke

While Pine didn’t provide any news on progress, the fact that he hasn’t heard anything yet is noteworthy; eight months after announcing the movie, the star remains in the dark. The comment about planning his life is actually important for in-demand actors who have to book their schedules well in advance. As we recently reported, Pine’s co-star Zoe Saldana looks like she’s going to be booked up through next year with Avatar sequels.

And then there is the issue of securing a director, something producer J.J. Abrams would need to lock down before getting a greenlight. Beyond director Justin Lin has seemed non-committal on the question of returning for another Trek, and even if he were interested he too has a very busy schedule, recently adding a Netflix film to his growing list of attached projects for the next couple of years.

Pine’s mention of “the tall man they call Thor” is, of course, actor Chris Hemsworth, who played George Kirk (Jim’s dad) in the 2009 Star Trek movie. The Thor actor, who is also very much in-demand, was mentioned in Paramount’s Star Trek announcement last summer, and as recently as January was talking about J.J. Abrams’ “amazing pitch” for his return to the Trek franchise.

For his part, the last we heard from Abrams was last summer during Comic-Con, when he hyped plans for his fourth Trek with :

So one of the reasons that I’m hoping [Star Trek Beyond] does well is so that we can, without question, get that movie made. It really is an amazing story. It’s really the reason we made the deal with Chris Hemsworth as soon as we could because we really wanted that story to be told, so fingers crossed.

Earlier this week Paramount Pictures finally found a new CEO, but Jim Gianopulos actually doesn’t start until Monday. So it looks like we, along with Abrams and Pine, will have some time to wait before the new boss decides what to do next with the Trek film franchise.

Pine explains his new lack of hair (twice)

It was hard to miss Pine’s shaved head at Cinemacon. Now compare that to Pine’s look just a week ago, when he was flying with the USAF Thunderbirds. You might think the new look is for a part, but the actor told E! News that he was home with the flu and “bored,” watching the Showtime series Homeland, and got “inspired” to shave his head.

But don’t carve that in stone. On Saturday afternoon, CBS aired a promo for the NCAA Final Four featuring Pine, where he said he shaved his head over the sheer excitement over the basketball tournament:

Pine does Lecter

In other Pine news, he will be appearing in the upcoming season the TBS police parody show Angie Tribeca. There is a new trailer featuring Pine–with a full head of hair–doing his take on Hannibal Lecter. Check him out as he channels Anthony Hopkins:

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Can’t tell you how much I hate that Cinema Sins guy’s voice.

All my life, every Star Trek film since 1979 has always been more an “if” then a “when.” Even when IV broke the bank, V came right along, sucked wind, and botched it all up.

He’s a fine actor and should move on to other things.

I don’t think people are getting what he’s saying. Pine has ALREADY signed for the fourth film. Its probably in his contract he can’t take on another film in a stipulated time until he knows if they will go forward with it or not. It doesn’t mean he can’t work obviously but it does mean there is probably a holding date Paramount has him on that he can’t sign on for other roles until then. So when he means he says he like to know to plan his life, I think he literally means it and if there will be another movie but if not, he can be released and take other work.

The last two films they were probably told a certain date and they could plan around it. But now to be under contract and 8 months have gone by without knowing while bigger roles are coming and going its probably frustrating.

And why I believe its going to be really hard to get a fourth film going because only he and Quinto are under contract. Once Avatar starts gearing up it could push Zoe Saldana out of doing the next one and honestly she’s the biggest start of the thing (due to things like Avatar).

And this is a reality. Jeremy Renner has already dropped out of Mission Impossible Six because he’s shooting both Infinity War films. So hopefully they decide soon because my feeling is a lot will probably just move on if they can get good jobs within the next year.

Agree with Tiger, I think this crew will be moving on soon if they don’t commit to Trek 4 soon. Zoe had such a limited role in Beyond; honestly, I feel like most of the characters except Kirk Spock Bones and Scotty were background. She’s such a huge star now and should be treated as such in the films she’s in. But I also feel like Avatar isn’t gonna make it past 3 films anyway so I’m not sure how wise it would be to put all her eggs in that basket.

avatar should start filming this summer but I bet even the actors are losing hope because it keeps getting pushed back. I have a feeling if they don’t start to film soon, they’ll have to do new contracts for their actors all over again for the same reason Paramount had to do that for Beyond.

Avatar and Guardians are good roles but she’s mostly covered with make up, trek is the one franchise between these 3 big ones she’s in where she plays a character with her own face. She’s also proud of and knows the importance and talked about the privilege of playing an iconic character. Paramount will have to be truly unreasonable and suck big time to lose her because it’s more the dudes, not her, who seem to make ‘demands’ in spite of not really having a star power (e.g., Urban).
I honestly think trek is, all things considered, an important franchise to be in and a good opportunity for an actor. A lot of people would probably kill to play McCoy, Scotty etc etc, even if they were just a background decoration!

So like every other Trek movie?

how do you guys even know that only Pine and Quinto signed a contract for more movies? I know the ‘reports’ only mentioned them but I think that, realistically, they must have signed the rest of the cast too, just in case Beyond was successful, instead of having to do negotiations all over again after they already had to do it for Beyond. These two are represented by the same agency so probably that was part of the reason why we only heard about them. Coincidentally, Saldana who was represented by another agency at the time now is also represented by CAA.
Honestly, Pine and Quinto could never, alone, carry a whole movie. They aren’t big stars, and neither are Urban or Pegg. Paramount’s problem is exactly the fact that their ‘main guys’ didn’t become enough ‘big stars’ since the first movie so, unlike other franchises, they lack in this aspect and can’t really count on big fanbases. That’s why they try to cast for villain roles the more popular actors hoping to draw in more audience thank to those names (I have to say, though, that marketing for Beyond sucked in terms of cashing on Elba’s popularity. Even though the movie itself, perhaps, didn’t help using his image because he’s too much covered with make up.) The only one they already have with the most visibility is Zoe Saldana and they should take advantage of that and cash on that and, if anything, give HER, and not the secondary dudes, a bigger role (that she already had in the first two movies, anyway) Of course for some guys here it isn’t ‘convenient’ because they want everything to be about the boys so they will never push for Zoe to get a bigger role, but if Urban were at her level everyone here would absolutely use it for their own agenda and take for granted that paramount would give him more money and a bigger role to McCoy, no one would ‘concern’ about him getting fired because he’s too famous and expensive.

Well its not exactly a government secret. If more were contracted for the fourth film, they could all say so. No one has outside of those two actors. Of course it doesn’t mean they aren’t but since no one else say they have then they probably just haven’t.

And I think Pine and Quinto situation was different because they both wanted raises to do the third film because their contract had ran out. At least I remember reading that about Pine and so Paramount made a deal to give them raises for Beyond if they sealed their deal for the fourth film with around the same pay. Again how accurate this is, who knows, but it does sound like thats how they got them to sign on.

And no one is suggesting those two alone would carry the movie. I’m sure they plan to get the others back or replace whoever they have to if someone didn’t want to come back. But people have to remember all of this happened before Beyond bombed. Paramount thought they had a hit on their hands, or least what STID did so they probably had no problem making all these guarantees, including trying to get Hemsworth for the next one, etc. But once Beyond lost money, probably all of that ended up in the air. My guess is if Beyond went on to make $500 million, everything would be much farther along including script, short list of directors, contract negotiations with the other actors, etc.

The fact none of that is happening is telling. It doesn’t mean it won’t but my guess is they really have no idea what they are going to do with the franchise now. So it may not happen at all and Paramount could just go a very different way in terms of movies and casts.

As far as your bizarre rant about Saldana, no one here seems to take her for granted. Yeah some people don’t like how she plays Uhura but no one has mentioned it here. And she may not even care about having a bigger role, just want to be involved. Of course she probably still wants to keep making them but my guess is if Avatar is going to start she would choose that in a heartbeat because the first film box office doubled more than the last three Trek films COMBINED! And since she is going to be the main star for literally 4 sequels I can only imagine the deal she would get playing that role vs Star Trek which is smaller profit wise and a much bigger ensemble. Even if Avatar 2 just make a ‘low’ billion dollars, she’ll probably make more from that film than all three Trek movies combined…and three more sequels after that one.

So if it came down to that or Trek, I don’t think she would blink. Especially since she’s already done three of those films and Avatar is just starting in terms of a franchise.

Star Trek made him a star. He probably feels an obligation to the franchise. I think they need to plan these films out in advance. I think Orci and Kurtzman had a plan. Since we don’t get the benefit of episodic television then plan it out. Beyond was cool but there were too many plot threads from Into Darkness that should have been wrapped up. i.e. attacking the Klingon Homeworld and there were no ramifications. Now with Anton Yelchin (RIP) gone, they indicated that they were not going to replace him with another Checkov so that means a new character or they use Jaylah or pull a character from the old animated series. Since this is another universe, I hope they send Checkov to be the first office of the Reliant or something.

I feel like Beyond paid off some of the threads from ST09 while still advancing the universe. It also felt like it was half fanservice, but it somehow managed to feel like the perfect bookend to a trilogy of films. I think it also left open a lot of threads from STID that now can be addressed if there is in fact a fourth film. It really just amazes me how completely they dropped the ball on Beyond in terms of its success. 50th anniversary and they made nothing out of it. It SHOULD’VE done better than it did. I’m mad at Paramount.

albatrosity, I’m mad at them too. Hope the new guy does a better job with Trek than did Brad Grey.

It’s the biggest thing he’s got going and likely the largest fan base …

Does he go to fan conventions? I feel like the new cast doesn’t interact with the fanbase as much

Just because Beyond didn’t make as much as the last two doesn’t mean you crash the program. You regroup with better people behind the scenes and do better the next time

Well these dvd & blueray sales aren’t going to help encourage another Pine-led film.

That’s just US alone…what about international markets and on demand plus digital download sales? Heck even TV sales to sky..Netflix etc?

You have to out it in relation to the other DVD/BlueRay sales, which is why I linked to that page, and not the Beyond page. The sales represent a percentage of the complete home video sales, and Beyonds stink compared to other more successful movies from the same period to present.

The actors were fine. Beyond was a good movie, not great but I don’t think that has anything to do with Pine. He’s a great Kirk, IMO. Beyond’s faults lie with the script and possibly director. The last thing that needs to be replaced going forward with these movies is replacing the stars. Another thing to consider, and I know this hurts – Star Trek isn’t nearly as popular as we would like to think. I love it, everyone here loves it, but lets admit that many fans stayed away from Beyond after Into Darkness disappointed them. I know there are a lot of fans here who would love Trek movies to die altogether. I don’t get that reasoning and I won’t pretend to understand this so-called logic but it exists and in great numbers.

Blaming Pine is silly- he led the first two films to huge success and both critics and audiences overwhelmingly like his take on Kirk. The rest of the cast is also very popular. Beyond was a good film and in many ways truer to Star Trek than Into Darkness, but there were 2 major things Paramount messed up.

The first is my only real criticism of the film itself- it didn’t make use of any recognizable Star Trek aliens or worlds. Fans want to see the Star Trek universe- show us the Gorn, Andorians, Tellarites….hell because the J.J. verse messed with time they have the perfect excuse to introduce popular species from other eras far earlier than the original timeline. Bring on the Ferengi, the Cardassians, the Q…if they want the next film to be successful with fans they have to fully embrace the fact it is Star Trek.

The second major criticism was promotion of the film. I remember my reaction to the trailer when I saw it in the theater was “Didn’t they just do one?” Granted, by the end of the trailer I was into it, but my initial reaction was the first few crucial moments of the trailer looked way too similar to Into Darkness, something that probably caused fans who didn’t like that movie to tune out. They also didn’t promote Idris Elba enough. They shouldn’t have bothered trying to hide the fact that he was once human- they should’ve played it up so audiences could see his real face AND his make-up covered face. Let the mystery be how he became what he became. They made a similar mistake with trying to hide Kahn’s identity (which everyone figured out way before the movie came out), but at least in his case it was still clearly Benedict Cumberbatch.

Anyways, Paramount would be making a huge mistake if it gave up on this version of Star Trek based just on Beyond’s lack of financial success. The first two films were absolutely huge, and I have no doubt that a fourth could be just as big, if the studio actually embraces it’s Star Trek roots.

The sad truth is that Paramount is in BIG, BIG trouble these days. Ghost in the Shell just crashed and burned in the worst way imaginable, making less than half of what Power Rangers cashed in on its first weekend.
There is only one big hit Paramount got left for this year and it’s Transformers 5. Facing heavy competition, it could underperform significantly as well, especially since the series has gone downhill since its commercial peek with part 2.
Xxx3, Monster Trucks and Rings have already burned more than 200 million dollars of budget, accumulating a return of lousy 100 million this year.
Does anybody believe an R-Rated Baywatch Reboob will make a difference?
I dunno… it seems Paramount won’t even be able to outgross Sony / Columbia this year, let alone the Blumhouse-invigorated Lionsgate branch. 2016 was bad for Paramount, but 2017 could be the end.

On the other hand, this only shows how much they need Star Trek as a tentpole! But what good is it when there is no studio anymore by 2018?

Sorry, my mistake, Blumhouse is with Universal! Lionsgate has got Power Rangers, La La Land and Saw 8… Doesn’t matter. The real story is whether Paramount’s new boss will stand a chance to turn this round.

Like Chris Pine too , Scarlett Johansson is an overexposed actress , or in Ghost In A Shell case , an underexposed actress in a silly body stocking ! And Baywatch Reboot will only attract a beach crowd on a cloudy day !

From what I heard last year,this new CEO is not a big Trek fan.My feeling is TOS is worn out.I still say it’s hard to reboot with a new cast.I think Pine and company did great.But for some reason with Star Trek replacing those original actors just is hard.I mean look how many James Bonds we have had.That doesn’t bother me.I think what Paramount should do is what Disney is doing with Star Wars.EP 8 and 9 with standalone stories on off years.I mean after ep 9 who knows what they will do,but for sure the Skywalkers won’t be in it.As much as I love the Kirk,Spock Mcoy thing I think it’s run it’s course,time for something new.What I like with Disney is they are willing to take big risk,Paramount likes to play it safe and they seem to fail every time.

Scrap the JJverse and have Captain Riker retiring and the USS Titan gets a new Captain and a WHOLE NEW CREW.

@myogb dog: I like the JJVerse and think they have done as nice a job as possible weaving it into the overall Trek canon (a few cringeworthy scenes from Into Darkness being the exception). But, what you suggest for a USS Titan movie series with a new crew sounds exciting. Frankly, I think Discovery should have done something like that as a series, but if CBS doesn’t want to do that, then let Paramount run with it as a movie.

The idea of a USS Titan series sounds SO boring to me omg. Just thinking about anything in the Nemesis era sounds like archetypal lame Star Trek to me. That entire era is old to me. Trek needs to evolve. I like that Discovery is going back to its “roots” in a completely new take. The JJ films were the blockbuster reimagining of TOS. Discovery will be the episodic reimagining of TOS. How many versions of DC stories are out there in how many different formats? They succeed because they evolve and reimagine themselves. And unlike what so many people on here are saying, Discovery isn’t for “TOS fanboys” any more than the JJ films are for “TOS fanboys.” It will be its own thing. And it will be awesome.

…and this whole new crew will do what, exactly? I know, they’ll save the universe again, with epic space battles again and the Kirk clone doing captain-y things on the bridge again…just like every other Trek movie. Again.

I was looking forward to Ghost in the Shell too. I don’t know anything about the property but the Blade Runner look and feel of the world appealed to me. I’ll catch it on streaming. And hey, Scarlett Johansson in a skin tight outfit ain’t a bad idea anyway ;)

Beyond was solid considering the limited pre production timeframe after Orci left the project. Paramount must be considering the next movie soon I hope. The biggest reason for the box office sagging is the lengthy gap between releases these should be out every 2 years not 3-4 years! Casual audiences move onto something else if Trek takes too long!!

Nail on the head bro

Nope. Paramount can’t afford to have Bad Robot produce another over budget film for them, considering how much money Beyond lost. And they can’t offer it to anybody else until Abrams deal expires with Paramount. Trek is likely on the back burner until they can figure out how to make it profitable again. In the meantime they’ll focus on other properties like Mission Impossible.

Well, Mr. Pine, you’re not the only one thinking that Paramount has capped the Trek well for the time being.

Paramount used to be a powerhouse in the world of movies. They have really struggled in recent years with their batting average. Is it the lack of leadership, the senility of Summer Redstone, Viacom remorse, corporate issues, bad luck? The studio lost 445 million in fiscal 2016. Star Trek is one of the only reliable franchises Paramount has at this time. Beyond didn’t make as much money as STID but it didn’t lose money like so many of their other projects did. Maybe new studio head Jim Gianopulos will turn things around for Paramount. I know it will never happen but it would be good for Star Trek if another, more creative and successful studio could buy the rights to the film franchise. Look what Disney has done with the Star Wars franchise. Imagine if Star Trek had that kind of enthusiastic backing!!!

Star Trek will never go away. I think Paramount considers it way too valuable. It may be an issue in terms of if any of these films gets made but Paramount could start over, come up with a bigger cast of actors and really make a big plan around it.

Look at things like King Kong and the Mummy for example. These are basically new reboots using some pretty big names and trying to kick off a shared universe. King Kong has already made nearly $500 million and it will pair up with Godzilla in the sequel. Mummy has Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe and starting up a monster universe. Obviously the jury is still out on that but my point is studios think BIG today. Its not just a bunch of standalone sequels anymore, its taking a very well known brand and going bigger with it. Thinking ahead. Planning out the universe.

The Star Trek films have gotten bigger as far as budgets goes but as the big picture its amazing how small that universe still feels. These movies should be done like Star Wars, create a wide story that can continue through a set of them. Don’t just do a bunch of standalone films anymore. That style of filmmaking is just dying when it comes to franchises. Clearly they got the hint in the TV verse since Discovery will be serialized like every sci fi show out there today.

But guess what, movies are now moving more and more in this arena as well. The movies and sequels are being more connected than ever playing in this bigger universe. MCU has made it cool but its been happening awhile with Harry Potter, Twilight, LOTR series, etc. Sure those were all based on books but they were all successful because they were continuing stories that kept people coming back. Even once standalone action franchises like James Bond and Mission Impossible are heading this direction now. Both of their last films connected to their bigger universe. Fast and the Furious has become this weird hybrid of action films and soap opera building on their movies and characters. It works too because every film makes more than the last. Those movies haven’t been truly standalone since the fourth one.

Beyond was a good film, but it was simply too small. NOT in terms of budget, in terms of stakes. The same one note, kill off the super villain, save the universe trope and repeat in the next one is feeling old. DS9 got that message long ago. I think its time for the movie verse to get it too and make the Trek movies a bigger deal story wise and bring in actors that will get people to show up regardless.

SO well said Tiger! Beyond, while an emotionally warm and personal film, didn’t create the same sort of “forward” story as most franchise movies do today or even Treks 2-4 in the 80s. It was serialized then, so why isn’t it now? I think it’s because fans have been so fractured that studios can’t even be sure their core audience will keep coming back, so they have to try something new every time. I think Trek 4 as discussed so far will actually advance the story to the level I see when watching Star Wars or Game of Thrones.

Yeah exactly! All people have to do is think of every water cooler stuff today. It is stuff like GOT or Marvel or TWD. People just love that connectivity or serialization and they want to see stories build to a crescendo, both in TV and film. Its not to say there aren’t standalone movies or episodic TV. All that stuff still exists, and movies still try to at least present a single story inside a bigger canvas like most of Marvel films actually but no one is hyped for isolated stories unless its built as a standalone film and not a franchise. If you are watching La La Land or Beauty and the Beast, of course but if you are watching Batman or Star Wars, the expectations are very different today and they want a bigger narrative.

Thats what Trek needs to start doing. Build on a bigger story. Connect it to more than just one product. As you said they did that in the 80s with TOS films. And then with TNG they went back to the episodic stuff again. At the time that was fine but today it just isn’t. Audiences, especially young audiences, don’t get excited about isolated standalone stories like they use to. If you’re older its probably fine but these films have to be aimed at people under 40. It still works but it doesn’t keep people talking besides the hardcore fans. Even casual fans want stories as part of a bigger universe today.

Why, thankfully, they are making Discovery part of 21st century TV and not 1960s TV. The problem is the films themselves still act like that and its hard to compete that way when everyone else are doing shared universes or serialized stories.

Of course it lost money. The budget far outstripped its box office earnings, not including the marketing budget of over $100 million, that must also be recouped. The home video sales have been weak, and streaming/syndication money has yet to start coming in. I have no doubt that this film will recoup eventually, even as NEMESIS eventually did, but right now, all three movies are in the red for Paramount. That’s a huge deficit for a struggling studio to overcome, especially with a spendthrift production company like Bad Robot who can’t keep costs under control. First BR’s deal must expire, then Paramount can think about making a new movie before their deal with CBS likely expires. It will be a reboot with a new cast, most likely, perhaps with CBS exerting more marketing control, with an eye toward just what you propose — unifying a franchise that’s currently fractured. They won’t be doing that with BR at the helm.

Well, rats.

It’s really too bad Paramount’s “marketing” team screwed the pooch on “Beyond.”

I really like this cast and they deserve another Trek film!

They do and I still think they will ultimately get one more but I wouldn’t be shocked either if Beyond was the last one. The movies just don’t make enough for Paramount to really care. Luckily for them hardly any movie does for Paramount these days unless it has Transformers or Mission Impossible in the title but these KT films costs a lot. There are people arguing they should just make cheaper films, and they should but they the problem is you now have a more expensive cast and crew and you can only cut the budget so much without firing everyone and starting over.

Thats the problem. They may want another one but they may want it at a much less cost and if they are still going with BR and the original cast it might not be easy to get the films down to a reasonable level to make a big enough profit.

And these films haven’t even reached $500 million which is really the bare minimum of most films this size today. King Kong cost exactly what Beyond did and will hit that next week. Logan cost nearly half and passed that up awhile ago now.

Its hard to motivate a studio if their franchise can’t pull in more than $300-400 million.

You know what? they kind of did! The “Sabotage” song being used the trailers seemed so “the opposite of Trek” that it cut in half what were already low expectations for the movie. I was aware from the start that that song was what was playing the Corvette young Kirk took a ride in in Trek 2009, but the trailer + that song felt “not Trek” to me.

THEN I saw the movie. THEN I saw how Sabotage was used in the movie. THEN the connection to young Kirk’s joy ride made sense. THEN it jelled.

So they should NOT have ruined the inclusion of that song in Beyond by having it used on a hyperedited, action fueled trailer.

And surprisingly I liked the Rihanna song. Why didn’t they edit the trailer to that?

The Rhianna song is actually used in the third and final trailer, basically the same way the sabotage trailer was. My guess though that was made months later after the first trailer and more than likely it was a last minute decision to try and market the movie for another demographic. Sadly it didn’t seem to work.

But I agree if they actually thought ahead and had that song first, it would’ve been a better choice in the first trailer. But yeah they used sabotage because it was in the film, but it shouldn’t have had the dominance it did in the trailer. Certainly not the first one.

What shocked me was the near-total lack of advance marketing for Beyond. I guess they flubbed the first trailer so badly everybody thought, “meh, why bother doing anything” and then, WOW, gosh-golly, two weeks, count ’em, just TWO weeks, before the premiere I finally saw a lobby card, ferfecksakes.

I hope Gianopulos is a Trek fan, or has loved ones who are. I hope he sees the enormous potential and realizes that “Beyond” could have been a *much* bigger success with some flippin marketing.

Still SMDH.

Zoe Saldana made a live over her facebook page recently where she got asked about trek and she said she got contacted by JJ (she didn’t say when) and he asked her if she’d be willing to come back for another movie if they made it, and she said yes in every language she knows. So it seems JJ did at least ask the cast about their availability.

frankly, I’m conflicted because I desperately want to see more of these characters and the reboot had so much potential for me but, honestly, if they are going to make another movie that further distances itself from the first movie (especially the dynamics) to placate tos purists I’ll pass. The fear that they might only further ruin things and alienate the fans of this trek all the more makes me almost wish they are over because at least, that way, things won’t get ruined all the more. I liked Beyond but the new team made me honestly feel hopeless and deeply discouraged about the future of this trek. They went backwards and didn’t seem to really care about the people who already liked these movies and were still expecting a sequel of the thing they loved. They only cared about pleasing the haters (and it backfired because in the end it’s the least successful movie of the trilogy)

I’m sure JJ is trying to get the 4th movie made, and this call might have happened back when they announced Thor would be back, or it might have been last month. But trying to get something made doesn’t always translate to the studio cooperating. Try as he might, with a seemingly massive public relations campaign, and major support, Orci couldn’t get his movie made.

Remember the good old days when Trek actors didn’t have much else going on so filming schedules weren’t a problem? Lol

Sorry, but there will be no new Trek movie. JJPrise is dead.

Likely no new BR produced Trek, and probably not with the current cast, but there will be a new Trek movie in the not too distant future.

I too want to know if Kelvin Trek 4 will happen. But here’s the thing, I liked Trek 2009 a lot, hated Into Darkness and then liked Beyond a lot again. I think that part of why Beyond was as well made as it was is that we got a considerable number of fresh faces behind the cameras and in the production crew/writing team/etc areas. If Abrams comes back with his posse and brings back the decision makers that made Into Darkness the “gem” it was (seriously, my least favorite Trek movie) then I have concerns about a potential Kelvin Trek 4.

Even Abrams’ Star Wars outing, a franchise he’s admitted to being more of a fan of that he’s ever been of Trek was very bland and uninteresting to me. The Force Awakens was a plate of old, re-heated, bland leftovers compared to what Rogue One was. And no, I don’t consider Rogue One to be anywhere near perfect (lots of issues). I am excited for episode VII as it will give me a chance to see Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill in a Wars movie that is better than what VII was.

Into Darkness and Ep VII have VERY similar issues from my POV and it comes down to the decision makers behind the scenes, one of which is JJ Abrams who seems to have lost his interested in directing movies and is more focused on “making bank by tugging on nostalgia driven stuff in the most superficial, predictable and “common denominator” way”.

So, while I love the ENTIRE cast of Kelvin Trek, while I think there’s potential in this era of Trek movies to be really good, I want another movie that is at least as close to Trek (as a concept, not a specific show) as Beyond was and I don’t want another mashed up, messy, obnoxious, poorly written and directed movie that is not Trek at all to me like Into Darkness was.

In the end, I am happy if they take 1 more year off to get the ball rolling here and to come out with a properly good movie rather than moving quickly with a quick fire production to not lose “franchise momentum”.

Paramount is trying to figure out if there are any fans left, why they are fans, and how they can insult them. Once Paramount answers these questions Pine will get a script.

Trek always gets treated so poorly. These films should be released every two years….not 3 or 4 or 5. With Disney dominating the cinemas with their movies….WARS, MARVEL…ECT…its no wonder Trek continues to get the shaft.

“Chis Pine seems just as frustrated as fans are about when he will be back as Captain James T. Kirk.”

Um, what fans are frustrated? I am a Star Trek fan and I am still waiting for somebody to do actual Star Trek for the movies. None of the JJ Abrams movies qualify as actual Star Trek. How about they just stop where they are and don’t make any more of these Suck Trek movies.

Yeah, i agree, when I heard who was directing Reboot ST3, I knew it was going to be disappointing. Especially when the powers that be stated they wanted a movie that was less Star Trek and more Guardians of the Galaxy. Which dont get me wrong I love GoG both of them… but lets examine that statement shall we.
Personally I would like a bit of the book Martian infused into Trek. Some intelligence, some SCIENCE, some ACTING! I love the cast but all Spock did all thru Beyond was cry and whine. It was excruciating to watch. I remember watching Beyond thinking that A; it was really Bones’ movie and B; that it felt like an eposide of television. Why put people in charge of Trek who dont get it!
Make a Star Trek movie less like Stat Trek and more like…..insert latest dumb hit here.

I hope the new “Avatars” are not just long-drawn fights without any good stories behind them. Love X Pine, he makes a good Capt. Kirk. Now, if only JJ Abrahms could fix the timeline he messed up, by bringing Vulcan back and clarifying that Spock was Capt. Pike’s first officer for years, instead of Pike being replaced by Kirk right out of the academy.