Cast and Crew of “Star Trek: Discovery” Tweet Production Updates, Declare Klingon Royalty

In our last Star Trek: Discovery update, we got a brief look at some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the newest Trek show. Since then, the production has been held tightly under wraps, with very little information trickling from Pinewood Studios in Toronto. Even so, tweets from the DSC cast and crew are giving us a glimpse into how things are going on the production, often through the eyes of a Gorn.

Showrunners depart Toronto as production on “102” continues

DSC showrunner Aaron Harberts (@AaronHarberts) and Gretchen Berg, who were picked to run Discovery after Bryan Fuller’s departure, have been in Toronto this month working hard on the show. Aaron’s latest tweets, including one with a picture of a very sad looking Gretchen, confirm that their work in Toronto is done for the time being as they head back to Los Angeles… and feel quite sad about it!

In another tweet, Aaron thanked Supervising Producer Ted Sullivan (@karterhol) for his work on “102”. In our last update, we learned that the various writers and producers will be taking turns on set in Toronto. For the last couple of weeks, Producer Ted Sullivan has been on hand supervising what we presume is the second episode of Discovery.

Shout out to Chris Obi, jokingly dubbed “King of the Klingons”

Aaron also praised Chris Obi (@obidon1) who plays T’Kuvma, currently billed as a “top leader of the Klingon forces,” dubbing him “the king of the Klingons.”

Chris Obi responded, loving his new psuedo-title as King and suggesting that it is revealing a bit about Discovery. He even teases, repeating a fan, that he could be Chancellor.

Klingon Commander L’Rell shows off her chops as a real Trek fan

Mary Chieffo, Discovery‘s Klingon Commander L’Rell, has taken to twitter to show off some of her Trekkie credentials. And, we must say, she’s doing a great job of it. Hats off to the actress, who not only plays a Klingon but actually speaks Klingon.

Producer Ted Sullivan replied to TrekMovie confirming Chieffo’s Trekkie cred.

Jason Gorn, the newest member of the Discovery crew?

While we are not getting any peaks at the sets, props, or makeup from the new Star Trek, one honorary member of the Discovery crew has been having his own adventures. We’re talking, of course, about Jason Gorn.

In our last Discovery tweets roundup, Jason Gorn was having fun in Los Angeles with Star Trek: Discovery writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt. Now we have an update on Jason’s whereabouts. He was shipped — er, he flew coach — to Toronto to join Producer Ted Sullivan for more adventures.

And, immediately, Jason was reminded not to tweet spoilers.

Check out the #jasongorn hashtag to follow his ongoing adventures.

Nick Meyer (and his dog) give show notes for 103

One other twitter account we’ve been watching is one run by none other than Nick Meyer’s dog, Stella. She is a sarcastic presence who has been pitching ideas in the writers room since the beginning. This week, Aaron Harberts thanked her and her human companion for his notes on episode 103 of Discovery.

But, Stella is lamenting that she will not get credit for all of her insightful contributions.

Discovery is very tightly under wraps, and so until any more official promotions of the show, we’ll have to settle for the cast and crew playing the role of the ultimate tease by posting pictures of Toronto.

See the TrekMovie Star Trek: Discovery category for all the news on the show, plus see our special Discovery page for all the details and trailers.

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I’m glad to see all involved are having fun with this. Sure, it’s a job, but few actors & crew get to work on a project that starts with a built-in audience. Glad to see they’re seizing the moment. Good luck to them all!

Totally agree, and this can only be a good thing. When cast and crew have good camaraderie and working relationships it usually translates well on screen too.

The best part of all that was Meyer giving script notes. Keep those notes coming!

I’m constantly driving by the studio on my way to work. There is nothing out on the lot ever. No one is slipping by accidentally in-costume. No Starfleet vessels being quietly offloaded from a tractor trailor. ;)

Lol! Chris Obi has got to be the most enthusiastic cast member! Hope everyone is having at least half as much fun.

comment image


Looks like it’s a klingon heavy show then.

Its been stated since the beginning when they through out the first details the first season would be a heavy Klingon story line. Now it doesn’t mean thats what the show in general will be but simply what the first season story line will revolve around.

But yes it could be a heavy Klingon show in general but we don’t know that yet.

What I really meant was that the leaked photos that have sparked fan outrage really do seem to be images of the new Klingons.

I honestly hope I am wrong but everything I have seen up to this point shows that it will be just like the reboots. DOA !. We shall see.

How were the reboots DOA?

“So-called Klingons. Not like our Klingons. We have the best Klingons. Tremendous. Just incredible. They’re warriors. I like warriors. I don’t like prisoners. Klingons don’t take prisoners. Rura Penthe: Fake news. SAD!”



I have a little more faith in DSC since Aaron Harberts and Chris Obi declared T’Kuvma only “king” (or maybe “chancellor”?) of the Klingons, since, as we all know, “there hasn’t been an emperor in [from this time period TWO] centuries!” LOL. Have fun, folks.

Chris Obi replyed to me in the video as i was teasing him about the Klingon King title,that he should be called Chancellor 😆 So your welcome for the entertaining video 😅

Why is it that it only seems like Star Trek productions are the only things tightly wrapped and guarded as opposed to OTHER productions out there? Was Enterprise ever this tightly guarded and secret? This is getting beyond ridiculous now. By this time they should at LEAST give us SOME official info….

I recall watching interviews with Scott Bakula showing the viewers his new chair and also the engine room. :)

Possibly to keep the hate mongers at bay. Those folks will find any little thing to whine about.

Personally, I don’t mind the mystery.